3 Easy DIY Outdoor Furniture to build

There is plenty of easy DIY outdoor furniture to build and create a wonderful space in the backyard, while summer is approaching. Who doesn’t love spending time outside on a sunny day? 

However, sometimes backyard furniture is quite expensive, and it doesn’t seem like a realistic choice to buy something beautiful for the outdoor space. Although, there are easy DIY outdoor furniture projects that can help you make the most of your outdoor space. Transform your patio into an expansion of your house with your own hands or transform your yard into a small paradise with colors; create a relaxing sense that will lead you during the sunny summer days.

DIY crafts are quite a fashion, so why don’t you try to use this trend to save money and customize your outdoor space? Check out below, 

and you’ll find some easy DIY furniture projects that will set the tone for the perfect summer home paradise. 

DIY outdoor Sit on Storage

reusable wooden pallets stored inside

There is never enough storage space in the backyard. To add more functionality, you can create this DIY bench with hidden storage. Τhis sit-on storage is an easy DIY outdoor furniture project that will definitely help you organize the outdoor space. It may seem complicated, but actually, you can create a 10 feet long bench by following some simple steps. 

Tools you need

  • Saw
  • Drill driver combo
  • Orbital sander
  • Speed square 
  • Clotting sponge
  • Wood

However, because you never know what may go wrong, it is always good to have for your own protection:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Respirator Mask 
  • First aid kit

Guide to follow to create the DIY sit on storage

Step 1

Cut down all the 2x4s woods to their final length to make a couple of frames. You’ll create a frame that goes on the top and a second that goes on the bottom. Put those woods together with butt joints and stabilize them with decking screws that are resilient and not rusty.

Step 2

Add a supportive piece of wood across the center and cut more 2x4s woods to connect the two frames from the bottom to the top. If you want them to have a little foot underneath, cut 1-inch scraps to use as an offset to hold the bottom frame of the ground. Then put the leg on the ground and drive in screws from all three sides to tie them tightly together. 

Step 3

Lay the frame down, place it above the rest of your construction and connect the top uprights to the bottom of the top frame. If you go for the 10 feet sit-on bench, you don’t need to cut the long 2x4s wooden pieces. However, you need to cut some 1x4s wooden pieces to cover the sides of the bench and screw them on the frame. Do the same procedure for the front and back sides of your bench and cover it all. 

Step 4

After it is completely wrapped up, use 2x4s to span all four pieces together. Make sure you drive in the screws from both the bottom and the top side, or else they will separate. Clean up the end of each of those pieces with a circular saw so that it is nice and straight.

Step 5

To close the bottom of it, use some wire mesh. If you want to fit it perfectly, buy two half pieces and use a staple gun to attach it in every couple of inches. Add some large galvanized hinges; screw them right on the inside and then into the back of the box. 

Step 6

Before using the chain to connect them, add some eyes, both into the inside and outside of the box.

Step 7 

You can now add all your stuff in there and tidy up the mess. If you want to make it even fancier, screw a pallet as a backside and place some colorful pillows above. 

This easy DIY outdoor furniture project will take only two hours to be completed, and it will last for years. Are you ready to decorate your yard and also create hidden storage? Try it out, and you won’t regret it.

 Leaning Ladder Shelf

leaning DIY wooden ladder with flower pots on a wooden wall

This kind of selves usually cost between 100 to 200 dollars. It seems beautiful, but it is too expensive to place it on the outside and leave it exposed to the weather conditions. However, you can make your own leaning ladder shelf to put it outside in the yard and create a space for placing the dishes and drinks while barbequing or just for creating a decorative corner. 

Tools you will need

  • Plywood
  • Long wooden pieces
  • Glue suitable for wood
  • Nails
  • Saw

Guide to build your DIY leaning ladder shelf

Step 1

Cut your plywood in the desired size, and then cut the pieces that will be used as the trim on the shelves. You can cut the back piece to go across the whole length of the ladder, and then the side pieces start in front of that.

Step 2

Use some rapid glue to the plywood and cut your 1x4s on the bottom at a 10 degrees angle. When the shelves dry out, attach them to the structure and nail them on both sides. That is actually a step that you need a second person for help, so make sure you have this required help. Then, measure the shelves with a level to ensure that the shelves are straight. 

Step 3

Add the side trim pieces on each shelf’s corner. Mark the right places with a pencil, make your cut, and glue them down. 

Step 4
woman renovates DIY outdoor furniture

Now it’s time for polishing and painting and let it dry overnight; add some small nails on each shelf to ensure that the shelves are firmly attached to the whole structure. 

When you finish your craft, you will be super happy with the outcome. It is an easy and super fun project to build. Place it in your fence or on a large wall. Don’t forget to attach it with some nails and keep it secure in case of bad weather conditions. 

DIY Recycled Rug Ottoman

beige pouf from reusable material in living room area

Who doesn’t love to relax on a pouf and drink a glass of wine or reading a book? However, buying a pouf of the desired size and suitable material for the outdoor space is expensive. That’s why the best thing to do is create a pouf yourself from an old rug. If you search on your storage, you will definitely find an old carpet or rug suitable for this easy DIY outdoor furniture project

Guide to create the DIY recycled Rug Ottoman

Step 1

Start by cutting five square pieces about 1 inch bigger than your final ottoman. Those pieces will be great for the top and the four sides of the pouf. 19″X19″ is excellent for a large, 18″X18″X18″, ottoman. You will also need two extra pieces for the bottom.

Step 2

Lay the pieces in a cross shape on the floor. The cross is three square pieces across. The top should be the smaller piece and then the rest three square pieces. The bottom should also be a smaller piece. 

Step 3

Sew the pieces of the cross together with a heavy-duty needle. Make sure the seams are on the same side of your piece all the way around. For a little extra detail, you can leave the fringe on a piece.

Step 4

Turn your cross over, so the seams are on the bottom, then lift its sides and sew them up where the edges are met. Make sure the seams are at the same size on all the sides. 

Step 5

Firstly, sew the short pieces that lay on the bottom. Align the edges of each side piece to the cube. Overlap the pieces, attach them with pins and then sew them together. 

Step 6

Turn your cube on the right and start filling the space between the flaps. Make the top of your cube softer to create a relaxing feeling when lying down on it. You can fill the ottoman with the rest of your rug, or a couple of blankets or some old pillows. 

Step 7

Sew the last side, and your DIY recycled rug ottoman is ready to use. Place your new pouf on the porch and be prepared for relaxing nights under the moonlight.

What’s more relaxing than lying on a soft pouf? The best part of this project is that you can easily use it both inside and outside. When it is cold, the DIY ottoman in the living room and relax by the fireplace. 

There are definitely many easy DIY outdoor furniture to build and make your yard functional and suitable for the warm summer days. The decision lies in you. Measure your space and choose the most suitable project. Create relaxing corners or an outdoor kitchen ready for plenty of barbeques with friends and family.

So why don’t you have fun, enjoy your accomplishment and save some money? If you love reading this article, don’t forget to check out our earlier article, “Easy DIY Furniture Projects -The Most Inspiring DIY Furniture Projects,” and take more ideas for inspiring furniture projects. 

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