Upcycling Clothes –10 DIY Ideas to Utilize your Old Clothes

Do you find it difficult to discard those old t-shirts you haven’t worn in ages? Or you don’t know what to do with that cool jumper you love but doesn’t fit anymore. Upcycling clothes is a great way to create something fun and exciting from those clothes that you don’t use anymore. When it comes … Read more

DIY Wooden Furniture Projects – Fun Repurposing

Tools for DIY wooden furniture projects

Welcome back for the second part of the most inspiring DIY furniture projects! This time, we are taking a look at DIY wooden furniture projects. It is fun and affordable to take old wooden furniture and repurpose it into something new, exciting and unique. From using old French doors to turning a bookcase upside down, … Read more

How To Design A Recycled Tiny House: 9 Projects

Tiny house from recycled materials in the woods

These days tiny houses are all the rage, as they provide affordable and sustainable ways for people to live. Everyone wants to know how to design a tiny house. And it’s par for the course to see tiny houses kitted out with solar panels and greywater systems as a means of living more efficiently and … Read more

The Most Inspiring DIY Furniture Projects – Our series on great DIY Furniture starts here!

Off-the-shelf furniture has its uses. You can walk into a shop today and have a new piece of furniture built within the hour. But they often have generic designs and they are not always as sturdy as you would like them to be. In fact, off-the-shelf furniture can be over-priced and not suit your needs … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring DIY Tech Gadgets

diy tech gadgets

There’s nothing wrong with those off-the-shelf gadgets. They’re easy to set up and extremely reliable in operation. You can also build some of them on your own as your DIY tech gadgets project. As you can see, so many people work on their DIY projects. Of course, making them on your own will be cost-effective … Read more