DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas

DIY Backyard furniture can be a life savior during summer. Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. The weather is warm, and we can spend time outside with friends and family. Who doesn’t love to spend time in the backyard during a warm day? That’s why it is the most suitable time to think of DIY backyard furniture projects to create a relaxing and welcoming space. 

There are many easy DIY Backyard furniture projects, from chairs, tables, rugs to even kid furniture for the young outdoor lovers. The sun, the fresh air, and the smell of the flowers are something that everyone enjoys. That’s why creating an outdoor “living room” space is a must. Even if the outdoor space is limited, you can still create cozy corners that will help you enjoy the nice weather. 

Another good reason to create DIY backyard furniture is that you can use materials that you otherwise throw away. Repurposing projects are unique and planet-wise. It is great to reuse; you can give life to old staff and create some fantastic DIY backyard furniture.

Take a look below, and you will find a list with some backyard furnishing ideas that you can build before the weather warms up.

DIY Simple outdoor bench

concrete bench in a park

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to create an outdoor haven. If you have some space in your garden, the best thing is to create a simple bench for you and your visitors. Some concrete blocks and wood posts are enough to build a beautiful simple bench and decorate your outdoor space. 

What you’ll need

  • 14 concrete cinder blocks
  • Wood post, four by four
  • Drop cloth
  • Concrete glue
  • Wet cloth
  • Exterior painter, suitable for concrete
  • Paintbrush 
  • Sawhorses
  • Sandpaper
  • Waterproofer and wood stain

Guide to build your simple bench 

Step 1

Take the solid concrete cinder block and apply some concrete adhesive. Create an ”X” shape in the center with your adhesive. Then create an outline with the glue for about 1/2 inch from the edge. 

Step 2

Take another concrete cinder block and stack it on the top of the first block. Remember to match up the edges in order to create a solid rock! Repeat the first two steps until you have a pile of 4 concrete cinder blocks. 

Tip: If the adhesive spills out of the structure, clean it as fast as you can with a cloth

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 in order to build the second side of the bench.

Step 4

Turn your piles on the side and leave them on the ground. Then add some concrete glue to the top of the four-block base. Add a small amount of glue to another concrete cinder block.

Step 5

Leave the block on the top of your base. The short side with the adhesive needs to face the base. Then, place the long side of a new cinder block and attach it to the block with the glue. Push the two cinder blocks in order to glue tightly.

Step 6

Apply some glue on a new cinder block. Align the bock with the end of the base and leave it down. Repeat the process for the second side of your structure. 

Tip: Before you place it down, clean all the visible adhesive.

Step 7

It’s time for drawing. Paint all the sides of your structure with the outdoor painter by using a quality brush. Remember to apply a large amount of painter, as the concrete easily absorbs anything liquid. Then brush away all the excess paint and remove any drips with your brush.

Step 8

Sand off the rough edges of your wood posts by using sandpaper. Then sand every side of the posts to remove any rough edges. 

Step 9 

Seal the wood posts with a coat of wood stain and waterproofer. A wide brush is the most suitable for this job. Do long strokes to avoid any brush marks. Then turn the post to paint every side. Allow it to dry out for approximately one hour. Finally, check the edges of your wooden posts and remove any drips before it dries out.

Step 10

Assemble your bench. Move your cinder bench 5 feet apart and insert the wood posts through the holes of the cinder blocks. Four wood posts will make the seat of your bench and two the backside. Move the cinder block structures closer together until the posts stick out for about 3 inches at the end.

Tip: Before assembling, allow the wood posts to dry out overnight.

Your simple concrete bench is ready to use it. Add some pillows above and plant on the side in order to create a cozy corner in your garden. Concrete cinder blocks make a simple seating arrangement that you will definitely love during warm days.

Outdoor pallet swing

DIY backyard swing in grass with purple flowers

An outdoor pallet swing will fulfill all the summer relaxation goals. A swing is something that everyone wants in the backyard. It is the most relaxing thing and super easy to make. All you need to do is joining the pallet together and secure them to a large tree.

Guide to make the DIY backyard furniture swing

Step 1

Start by taking two shipping pallets and cut the first in half to create your back support.

Step 2 

Use sandpaper to take away the dirt and give a smoother texture to the wood. Once they are both completely sanded, front and back, wipe them off well to get rid of all the dust. 

Step 3

Lay down a drop cloth and paint your pallets by using exterior paint in any color you like. Use a brush for tighter spots and a paint roller for large areas. When it dries out, paint it a second time to cover all the spots and give a vivid color to your swing.

Step 4

Once both pieces are completely dry, line up the half piece behind the whole pallet, and by using some wood screws, drill into the vertical boards of the short piece and into the long back piece of the large pallet. The screws will hold well, but for extra support, you can add some rope.

Step 5

It’s time for the cushions. Two large patio cushions of any color will work perfectly for your outdoor swing. Add a cushion cover for security.

Step 6
DIY backyard wooden swing hang in tree in beach

To hang your swing:

  1. Set it on something at the height you want it to sit so that you don’t need to hold it up the entire time.
  2. Loop the rope around a big branch.
  3. For the knot, wrap the loose rope around the tight rope twice and then bring the end through the top and out the bottom. (This will stop your rope from sliding along the branch)
  4. Repeat the steps for the second side of the swing.
  5. Once on the ground, lace the ends of the rope through the hole you created on the pallet. Make sure to pull it super tightly and tie a knot
  6. Repeat the same process for all the sides.

Now the swing is ready, and it is time to bring the chill accessories and dress your unique DIY backyard furniture swing. The DIY outdoor swing is the most amazing craft to build during summer! It’s a comfortable craft that you’ll love! 

Simple DIY backyard concrete table 

A little concrete side table is what you need to put between the two chairs on your outside patio. It is one of the easiest projects you can make, and of course, it could be used for various uses. In the same way, you can also build small concrete stools.

This project is effortless and inexpensive. 

Guide to create the concrete side table

To start the project, you need a five-gallon bucket and a concrete form tube to use as molds.

Step 1

Cut the tube in the height of the bucket and seal it with thick plastic and tape.

Step 2

Mix the concrete until it has a nice consistency. Once it’s done, add it to the bucket, but make sure to get it down to all the corners. 

Step 3

Rub some cooking oil on the exterior of the tube and then push it a couple of inches down into the concrete. Then continue by filling the rest of the sides with concrete.

Step 4

Use a rubber mallet to help vibrate out all the air bubbles.

Step 5 

Leave it dry for 48 hours. Pull off the inner tube, turn the bucket on the side, and cut it down with a hacksaw.

Tip: Be careful not to cut the concrete!

Step 6

Leave it dry out for a couple of days, and then add feet and seal. Use some glue and attach the feet.

Step 7

Finish the project by adding a waterproofing sealer.

Your side table is ready to use it! If you want you can paint it or leave it in the beautiful natural, grey color. You can use this table to leave your coffee and dishes. You can also go with a bigger bucket if you want to build a bigger table. It is about a super easy project that will definitely decorate your outdoor patio.

Do some of your DIY Backyard furniture before the weather warms up in order to be prepared for summer. You will love all this outdoor furniture. Those three projects are super easy and inexpensive, and they will help you take advantage of all the free outdoor space.

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