DIY Knitted crafts to make and sell

DIY knitted crafts can seem intimidating if you have never done them before. However, it is a craft from which you can create a whole new business. It can be hard to find patterns suitable for beginners, but if you are ready to start your journey, there is a selection containing everything you need to produce perfect DIY knitted crafts.

It is your choice if you want to wear them or sell them for a pretty hefty profit. There are many simple DIY knitted crafts to start your journey without getting frustrated. Of course, some patterns are more complicated than others, but everything becomes possible with a bit of practice.

From simple baby blankets to knitted scarves to keep you warm on cold days, choose your project and start knitting.

Find below some of the most profitable ideas to start your online knitting business. Create your crafts at your own time and space! 

Confetti Scarf

Knitted colorful wool scarves

The most satisfying feeling is admiring your complete scarf at the end. When you start knitting, you feel addicted to knitting; it is like celebrating your yarn. A confetti scarf is unique and super warm. Women love wearing big and long scarves; they give style to every outfit. 

Confetti scarf is an easy knitted craft to make and maybe is the best choice for a last-minute present. 

If you want to start your yarn party, all you need is:

  • Seven skeins of lightweight yarn
  • Knitting needles (straight or circular)
  • Scissors 

Choose the colors you love wearing, or do some research, and learn what it is in fashion.

Some of the most fashionable color wear ideas for confetti scarves are:

  • Ocra Yellow and Super Pink with white
  • Grey, Sea Salt, and Yellow with white
  • Toasted Charcoal, Dark Loam, and Sea Salt with white 
  • Green Turquoise, Black Green, and Peacock Blue with white
  • Dragonfly Blue, Peacock Blue, and Super Pink with white 
  • Paprika Red, Red Zinnia, and Dragonfly Blue with white
  • Red Zinnia, Paprika Red, and Clementine Orange with white

The best size for your confetti scarf is 16 inches x 74 inches.

How to make it:

  1. Row 1: Purl
  2. Row 2: Knit
  3. Repeat your rows until you nearly run out of yarn. 
  4. Connect them loosely in knit stitch.
  5. Weave the ends, and your scarf is ready.

For this pattern, you will pull one strand from each of the seven skeins of yarn. The hard part is that you need to knit seven strands of yarn at once. However, you don’t need to feel stressed for organizing your thread; it doesn’t matter if they twist and cross. Just make sure that you have wrapped around your needle all the seven stands when you pull the stitch through. 

A small tip: Expect some kind of curving; it is a wide scarf, so it can’t be a tight tube. Actually, curving is a part of its beauty. 

DIY knitted headband 

woman wearing a grey headband and drinking a hot drink

One of the easiest DIY knitted crafts for beginners is a headband; it is a craft that requires no experience! It is a quick project, and all you need is a ball of yarn and garter stitch (you’ll knit every row, so you just need to know the knit stitch). One ball of yarn is enough for two headbands. 

No fear is needed, and if you want to know how to make your headband read below! 

  1. You need to cast on 12 stitches in order to cover your ears in full. The headband is usually 3inch/7.5mm wide, so every inch makes approximately four stitches. 
  2. Knit your garter stitch. That actually means that you need to knit every row. Continue until your piece is wide enough to cover all your head. 
  3. Once the headband is long enough, you bind off or cast off stitches. When you are casting off your last stitch, leave a yarn tail three times longer than your piece. (The tail is essential for seam your headband together).
  4.  Thread the tail of your cord through the needle. Push the needle’s eye down onto the folded yarn tail, pressed between your thumb and index finger.
  5. To finish off your DIY knitted craft, you need to seam the ends together by joining the bind-off edge and the cast-on edge of your knitted rectangle).

What is more beautiful than a knitted headband? It is a fashionable knitted accessory that women love to wear on cold, winter days. A headband is also helpful if you want to hide your hair; it always gives you a sense of elegance. 

DIY knitted necklace

knitted yellow necklace in making process

Have you ever thought of creating a knitted jewelry? I definitely don’t. However, it is a beautiful piece of art that women love. It is a fact that most people don’t waste their money on expensive jewelry, and everyone is looking for new innovative ideas. The knitted necklace is quick to make but also fashionable. 

If you want to create a business with knitted accessories, you absolutely need to include knitted necklaces in different colors and patterns!

How to make it

Step 1

Wrap the yarn around your fingers. Pull the cord through the loop and pull tightly.

Step 2

This loop is your first stitch. Place it on your left needle. Then insert the right needle into the stitch from left to right. 

Step 3

Scoop the needle towards you: you now have a stitch on the right needle. Pull the stitch to make it a little larger, and then transfer it into the left needle.

Step 4

Insert the needle between the two stitches. Scoop the right needle towards you, and you now have a new stitch on the right needle. Then transfer this stitch to the left needle. And now you have three stitches! 

Step 5

Cast on one more stitch so you can have four stitches. 

Step 6

Start knitting. Remember before you start that you need to transfer your stitched from one needle to the other. 

Step 7

Insert the tip of the left needle in the stitch from left to right. Slide the stitch onto the left needle.

Step 8

Repeat for all the remaining stitches.

Step 9

Bring the yarn on your right-hand-side. Insert the right needle into the new stitch from left to right. Wrap your string around the needle clockwise. Scoop the needle toward you, and you now have a new stitch on your right needle. 

Step 10

Release the old stitch from the left needle.

Step 11

Repeat for the remaining stitches.

Step 12

Transfer your stitches as before and knit another row.

Step 13

When your cord is long enough, it is time to cast off and knit two stitches.

Step 14

Lift this stitch over the stitch on the left and off the right needle. You have now cast off the stitch one. 

Step 15

Knit one stitch and then repeat the process.

Step 16

Cut the yarn about 30cm from the last stitch. Pull-on the last stitch until the end pops through. 

Simple knit pillow

modern armchair with cushions in minimal house

Knitted pillows usually cost around 50 dollars on the regular market. It is such a wonderful knitted piece but also expensive. However, how would you feel if those $50 get on your pocket? You only need to invest 4-5 dollars in order to create your own knitted pillow. It is apparent that it is one of the most profitable knitted crafts you can sell on your website.  


  • One skein at your desired color
  • Knitted needles
  • A pillow form
  • Yarn needle
  • Crochet hook 

How to make it:

Step 1

Cast on 60 stitches. Knit across all rows until you measure 60 centimeters from the cast-on edge.

Step 2

Fold your piece in half, but remember to have the cast on side and bind off side touching. Don’t leave the ugly side facing outward. 

Step 3

Stitch up both the right and left sides, and then secure the yarn. (You can either use a crochet hook and stitch the sides together or stitch up the sides with a yarn needle).

Step 4 

Don’t freak out if you see that your knitted pillow cover is a lot smaller than your pillow; it is pretty usual as it stretches a lot. Stuff the pillow into your knitted cover, and then hook again to stitch the pillow’s bottom sides together. It will be a bit visible, but it doesn’t matter because it is the bottom of your cushion. 

Step 5

Fluff up your pillow, place it on your favorite chair and enjoy your craft.

This project is super easy if you just start knitting. It is just one pattern, and if you try it with different colors, it will definitely sell a lot. People love all those comfortable home items that decorate their personal spaces; what’s better than relaxing on your sofa and cuddling your favorite knitted craft. 

Making some cute DIY knitted crafts with your own hands can be pretty rewarding, and learn how to knit can serve you for a lifetime. Let alone that a knitting craft can last forever. 

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