DIY Phone Case Ideas to Make and Sell

DIY phone cases are a low-budget craft that can be proved quite profitable. People use their mobile phones all day and every day. That’s the reason that cell phone protection is a must. 

Nowadays, mobile phones cost a fortune, and we can not let them scratch or fall on the floor unprotected. That’s why the phone case market is one of the biggest markets in the world. According to a survey in 2018, it is estimated that the market costs around 2.53 billion dollars. 

Not only smartphone users multiply each day, but also people upgrade their phones regularly. A DIY phone case business is easy to be handled, as it only needs one easy product or craft to run. You can start your DIY phone case store or business from the comfort of your home. 

DIY phone cases are not only for protection but also for fashion and fun. Who doesn’t love to change to regularly look at his/her cell phone without spending a fortune on buying a new one? What if someone could give your personal style to your phone by creating personalized DIY phone cases?

Below you will find some DIY phone case designs to start or add to your business. 

DIY washi stripes phone case

DIY phone case with blue and red geometrical pattern in colorful background

A bright graphic herringbone pattern out of washi tape is what a phone needs in order to take a different and more fashionable look. It is not difficult or expensive to create a DIY phone case with washi stripes, and it is considered a great add-in to your business. People love colors and geometric patterns.

Tools you need

  • Silicon transparent phone case
  • Washi Stripes in different fun patterns and colors
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 

You don’t need to have a specific pattern on your mind; just be a bit inspired. Do some experiments before gluing any pattern on your case; you don’t want to destroy it!

Step 2 

Position one washi tape at the left angle of the case and then position the other tape at a right angle. A ruler will help you create straight lines and patterns. 

Step 3 

Cut another piece of washi tape. Try to attach the same colors right next to each other. If you want to create a more playful look, you can choose the same shades instead of the exact same color.

Step 4

Add a different color washi tape right next to the other tape. Usually, it is a smaller size, but it depends on the case’s size.

Step 5

Continue until the case is covered with washi stripes in full.

Step 6

Trim away all the excess edges with your scissors. That’s the step that needs your attention, as it needs to seem professional in order to sell it. 

Step 7

To create the hole in the camera, turn the thumb case over and use your scissors to cut the edges. In the end, fold the edges inside of the camera hole.

Step 8

Lastly, using the grip of your scissors, smooth out the bubbles and the washi tape, so you have a great result. 

This DIY phone case with washi tape stripes is one of the easiest crafts that can add plenty of extra cash to your pocket. It requires less than 30 minutes and not more than 4 dollars.

Padded phone pouch

DIY padded pouch from twine

Sometimes it is hard to carry your phone the whole time, and our pockets are too small. A padded phone pouch is suitable for clipping it to your handbag, and you can have easy access when you are out. 

Tip: if you want to create a suitably padded phone pouch, you need to take actual phone measurements that you want to fit inside.

Supplies you need

  • Fabric for the outside
  • Fabric for the pouch pocket 
  • Fabrics for the lining and quilt 
  • 3″ of elastic
  • One small button
  • One snap clip
  • Quarter-inch presser foot
  • Free-motion sewing foot

Detailed guide to follow 

Step 1

Seam the central part of the pouch. Use the free motion sewing foot and create the patterns that you like. If you don’t have a free-motion sewing foot, you can try the traditional way with thread and needle.

You can go for a random pattern or a desired shape. 

Step 2

Create clip tab. Fold the clip tab fabric lengthwise in half, attach the right sides together and press them with an iron to stabilize the shape. 

Then open the fabric from the wrong side up, fold each long raw edge into the center crumple, and press. Continue by folding the piece in half again, press the pocket tightly and stitch the sides together. 

Step 3

Slip the tab through the clip ring and then place it along the right side of the pouch, aligning the raw edges. Stich about 1/8 from the edge and keep the stitched line inside so that you can hide it later. 

Step 4 

Create the closure of the padded phone pouch. Stitch a button to the pocket’s front, right in the middle of the fabric. Pin an elastic to the other short edge of the pouch, and secure it with stitches.

Step 5

Make the pocket by using double fabric to make it more stable. Fuse on the wrong side of the pocket and let it cool down. Then fold the fabric in half and press it with a hot iron.

Step 6

Fold the edges and press with a hot iron. Fold down another piece of fabric to enclose the raw edge and again press the folds well. Lastly, stitch all the folded sides to offer stability. 

Step 7 

Centralize the pocket between the short edges and sew it together. Then fold the right sides together and sew along the two long edges.

Step 8

Construct the lining. Sew two lines on each side by leaving a 3″ opening.

Step 9

Slip the pouch into the lining and align the top raw edges. Stitch the pouch to the lining along the top edge. 

Step 10 

Pull the pouch through your opening, stitch the opening closed and then pleat the lining into the pocket. 

Remember to secure the opening by slipping the elastic over the button!

The padded phone pouch is ready to clip it in your bag and go for a walk. Do you think that you can find a more suitable carrier for mobile phones? Their size makes them really hard to fit in any pocket.

Nowadays, people definitely look for ways to make their life easier, and by using a DIY phone case padded pouch, you manage it! With the same steps and technique, you can also create a leather pouch.

DIY Glitter phone case

gold glitter in a box

Who doesn’t love sparkling glitter items? Glitter is exciting and can change the whole look of a product. Creating a DIY phone case with glitter is quick, easy, and beautiful. 

Supplies you need

  • Box with glitter
  • Paintbrush (medium size) 
  • Clear, transparent silicone phone case
  • Mod podge

Steps to create the glitter phone case

Step 1

Add a layer of mod podge on the back of the case by using the paintbrush. Create a thin layer like a coat

Step 2

Add a small amount of glitter onto the glue. Remember to add the glitter sparingly as it can’t be spread when it is stuck on the glue. 

Step 3

Once you covered the entire case with glitter, let it dry out for 10 minutes. Usually, after drying out, you will notice that the glitter is not appropriately spread. That’s why you need to add a second layer of glue and glitter and let it dry again.

Step 4

If the glitter is still uneven, take pink acrylic paint and mixed it with a shimmery medium to make it iridescent. This step is not always required but sometimes can save your craft. 

Step 5 

Let the case dry out for a couple of hours to ensure that the glue dried completely and the glitter is secured.

The glitter’s color is up to you and your customers. Usually, gold and pink colors sell more than any other. The preparation takes less than 15 minutes, and the results are lovely. Glitter cases are the easiest way to create different phone cases, and you’ll never be bored with your mobile phone.

The total cost of the glitter phone case is less than 10 dollars and, of course, can sell for a lot more. A glitter phone case seems like a luxury item if it is constructed with if constructed with care and professionalism. 

Creating a DIY phone case business is easy and cheap. It is a product that can be shipped easily as it is lightweight and doesn’t break. Each phone case can be sold at least 50% more of its construction cost.

Using platforms like eBay, Shopify, Etsy, etc., it is easy to create your business at no investment. An eCommerce website is all you need to become visible in the world and start selling your products with low fees. 

Create innovative designs and use your imagination in order to make DIT phone cases that will attract dozens of new customers.

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