Do it Yourself Ferret Cage

How do you make a do it yourself ferret cage? You will have to give it a bit of thought when building your ferret cage. It’s a bit different compared to other animal habitats. Ferrets are pretty sneaky critters. They can escape from cages and sneak into other cages.

If you use suitable materials and construction methods, you can make a safe and jailbreak-proof do it yourself ferret cage. But you have to make sure that your state allows keeping ferrets as pets.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and discuss building a do it yourself ferret cage. So, carry on reading.

Building Do it yourself Ferret Cage

Now where to begin? Here are all the steps of building your do it yourself ferret cage. Make sure not to skip any of these steps.

Choose your location

Choose the cage location carefully

What’s the best place for my ferret cage? This is the first question that you need to ask. Before you start dealing with the measurements, purchasing the materials, and putting your cage together, you have to pick the right location for it.

Do you need to consider the weather and love the cage indoors or outdoors? How will external elements like rain, wind, and sun affect it? Can you easily get your forearms and hands in and out of the cage?

Based on all that, some locations might be better than others. If you want to place the cage with sunlight most of the day, you have to construct a sleeping enclosure for your pet to allow it to sleep in comfort in the darkness. They do the same in their natural habitat.

Assess the required dimensions

And what should be the size of my ferret cage? These critters spend most of the day sleeping and can sleep up to 16 to 18 hours. And when they awake, they want to go and want to play. So, the cage needs to incorporate a playing area too.

They need to have enough room to turn around, climb, jump, and run. Therefore, the smallest ferret cage should be about a couple of feet high, a couple of feet wide, and at least three feet long.

As you begin to work on the do it yourself ferret cage, make the cage taller, not more comprehensive if you have decided to make more space. Ferrets love to climb, and they will have different levels to work with.

Most cage materials allow you to conveniently snap or hook panels and other materials to create different platforms that these pets can jump on or climb.

However, these critters normally weigh from 1.4 pounds and can be up to 2 feet in length. Hence, you need to create items that can support the weight of these ferrets.

Ferret cage amenities

What amenities you provide in ferret cage

What kind of amenities do you want to equip the cage with? Will you place any toys, or will the bedding area be separate? Have you given any thought to how the ferret will drink and feed?

You must lay out your design on paper using the dimensions to see how your cage will end up? It will enable you to build and size it and make any alterations accordingly.

You can litter train ferrets, so have a bedding area and a small litter pan. Also, decide where you want to palace the water source and the food bowl for your ferret. Various ferret habitats have hammocks that allow these animals to lounge off the ground comfortably.

Choosing the materials

But what should I use to make the cage? The fastest way to make a ferret cage is to use readymade cage panels. You only have to put them together to create the right size you need.

Then, you can buy a floor, a top with a door, and sides. Make sure not to use a dog crate alone because these ferrets can conveniently squeeze through that grate.

You can also attach a rabbit wire instead of a chicken wire to constrict your ferret’s home. It is important because the chicken wire is not durable or sturdy enough to handle ferret chewing.

You will also have to staple the rabbit wire close together to prevent your ferret from raising it between the staples and escaping out.

Putting the do it yourself ferret cage together

You need to follow the directions on the cage materials you have bought. If you have bought stand-alone materials, here are the steps that you need to follow. This process is to make a basic do it yourself ferret cage. We will share some ideas to add a few amenities in the later text.

Step 1 – Begin with the floor

Place the floor panel first and begin attaching a wall to this floor. Begin attaching the other three walls and then the top. Make sure to include a door on the top. It will allow you to reach into the cage conveniently.

Step 2 – Covering with wire

Cover the wire to protect ferret

Keep in mind that looping or taping wire around two pieces will not work because ferrets can unloop and unwind these materials pretty comfortably. If you can flip open a latch on the door, your ferret will be able to learn and do that too. Purchase cage pieces that you can conveniently snap or hook together. Ensure that you leave no gaps.

Step 3 – Using rabbit wire

Use the rabbit wire and cover the cage with it. Use a pair of wire clippers to cut the right pieces according to size. Also, make sure to cut a piece that you can use separately for the door.

Step 4 – Equipping the floor

You can place a small piece of nontoxic plaster or any other similar material on the inside of the cage at the bottom. It will allow your ferret to walk and relax on the floor. Ensure not to use wood flooring because it becomes contaminated due to ferret excrement.

Step 5 – Making the bedding area

Make a comfortable bed

Build that sleeping area with five small pieces of wood that you should screw into a small bottom piece. Make sure that three of the side pieces are the same size.

Whereas the fourth space should create by joining two small epics to make an exit hole for your ferret. Make sure to place atop cover in this sleeping area. Now take a step back and admire your masterpiece.

Do it yourself Ferret Cage Ideas

Need some ferret cage ideas? Ferret cages are pretty simple to make. But you might have to be a bit more creative if you are looking to utilize your resources or add some amenities to your ferret’s cage.

If you have enough DIY experience, you can think about making a ferret cage out of a bookshelf. But we are sharing some ideas that are much easier to make. So, here are some ideas that you can use to build your do it yourself ferret cage and add some amenities.

Indoor ferret cage

You can use a rabbit cage and convert it into your ferret cage pretty conveniently. Rabbit cages are available in different sizes, and some of them even come with separate compartments. Make sure these compartments are on top of one another because ferrets love to climb. Even if you have two ferrets, such a cage will work just fine.

You can use plywood to construct the base of the ferret cage. Also, make sure you use a ramp inside for your ferret to move up and down between floors conveniently. If you have two ferrets, ensure that you provide them with their separate sleeping areas.

Ferret travel cage

How to make Ferret travel cage

If you do a lot of traveling or you tend to go on long trips, it’s better to take your ferret with you. For convenient storage, you can construct a foldable cage or one that stays up all the time. This cage requires some design innovation, so you will have to make it from scratch.

You will need 2-foot 1.5-inch x 3-foot 1.5-inch of ¼-inch plywood. Moreover, you will need six different pieces that are 1-foot in size of vinyl for floor covering. Moreover, you will need eight different 1.25-inch long wood screws and some tools to work with.

You can begin working on the base of your cage and start attaching the walls. In the end, attach the top with the lift or a door. And make sure that you cover the entire age with rabbit wire.

You will need to use wire clippers properly to prevent any shape wire points. Make sure to include a ramp and add a hammock tied to top the cage with the wires.

DIY ferret mansion

Want to build an entire mansion for your little friend. You will have to keep in mind that you will need plenty of space for this one. The best part is that if you have more than one ferret, this project will work out pretty well. Moreover, you will not need many tools to work on this DIY project.

However, you will have to order at least a dozen wire cube storages to build this mansion. Use zip ties to connect this storage. You can use connectors for this purpose too.

Moreover, use binder clips to create doors. Your little friend will love this unique cage, and you will not need much technical expertise to finish it either.

Ferret cage using pallet wood

Ferret cage using pallet wood

So, how to make a ferret cage out of wood? Pallet wood is fun to work with, and you can create a sliding cage using it. You will not need a lot of wood for this project, and there are no special tools you need either. Just get a measuring tape, a marker, a screwdriver, and a ruler.

Once you build the base, those inner walls together are pretty much like what you do in all these cages. This pet cage has wire mesh, and your ferret might be able to rip it apart. Therefore, go for the rabbit wire fence.

They won’t be able to damage it. But make sure that you staple the mesh to the wood, or they will pick it up and escape, and then you can uninstall a sliding mechanism or a ramp for your ferrets to play.

A cage full of accessories

So, what do ferrets need in their cage? You have to make sure that you make your ferret comfortable in his new home. Therefore, you can build a cage with plenty of accessories or make a cage with a separate portion featuring different accessories.

The design is completely up to you according to the side and space you want to consider. The entire focus to include this point here is to add some accessories to the cage.

There are different types of accessories that you can add to your do it yourself ferret cage.

Make sure to include a cage blanket for your ferret. You can use this blanket to conceive a part or entirely. Moreover, you can also include a nest box in the sleeping area for your ferret because they love sleeping in it.

Another thing you can add to your cage is play tubes because ferrets love them, whether they are of paper, metal, cloth, or plastic.

You can also add an exploration plastic tub with leaves, scented clothes, paper balls, toys, or rattle balls to spark some curiosity in your little friend.

If you are looking to reduce odor, you can add a small fan to keep the cage cool when the temperatures are high. And don’t forget to place multiple chew toys and prevent them from chewing on the cage and other items that might damage their teeth.


What is the best size for a ferret cage?

Ferrets are pretty good at escaping. Therefore, you should house them in a closed and locked enclosure. The recommended minimum size of a ferret cage is 24-inch x 24-inch x 18-inch, and it should be adequately ventilated.

Can I keep my ferret without a cage?

Ferrets are pretty good at escaping. Therefore, you will have to cage them when you are not supervising them. They need a large-sized cage, and they also need a lot of time outside the cage to socialize with you. But when you are not around, it is better to put them in a cage.

How can I make a ferret habitat in the cage?

You can make ferret habitat in the cage pretty easily. You will have to add hammocks, soft bedding using towels, ball tubes, and chew toys, a sipper water bottle, a litter box, and a small space with a wooden hut as a bedding area.

What toys do ferrets love playing with?

Ferrets love playing with some cat toys made of hard sturdy plastic. You can give them hard plastic balls. You can also provide them with larger ferret balls with holes so ferrets can climb in and out of them. They also love playing with paper bags and cardboard boxes. PVC pipes or ferret tubes also work pretty well.

Can I keep a single ferret?

Ferrets are sociable, but you can keep a single ferret. But you will have to give them plenty of attention and playtime. But if that is not possible, you need to provide it with a playmate.

Final Word

A do it yourself ferret cage is pretty simple to make. You need suitable materials, and you will not need much DIY expertise. However, the important thing is to accessorize the cage properly, so your little friend has enough amenities to have a relaxing time.

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