Do It Yourself Garden Pathways – Easy Yet Stylish Ideas

Is it about time you worked on the yard? This is something that is easy to neglect during the winter months of the year. But, there is still time to get your yard ready for visitors. For example, a good way to transform your outdoor space is by adding do it yourself garden pathways. This is a good way to save money, as well as add an attractive and functional space to your yard.

So, if you are feeling motivated, let’s get started and take a look at do it yourself garden pathways.

What are the Benefits of Do It Yourself Garden Pathways?

Are you thinking about creating do it yourself garden pathways? There are a lot of advantages to this that you want to consider. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

Access All Your Yard

Of course, one of the obvious advantages of do it yourself garden pathways is that you can access all of your yard. It makes it simple to move around and avoid walking on grass or across other areas. This can keep your yard tidy and guide guests through your garden if they are there for the first time.

Allow Your Lawn to Prosper

One of the reasons why lawns can get worn is because there is constant foot traffic. This can lead to it getting muddy in the winter too. But, the good thing about do it yourself garden pathways is that it can stop this from happening. When the foot traffic is directed away from the lawn, it can grow undisturbed. This can mean that it grows stronger and appears greener all year round.

Define Flower Beds and Borders with Do It Yourself Garden Pathways

Let’s not forget that do it yourself garden pathways can be attractive for your yard. In particular, it can help to define flower beds and borders. This introduces another material into the garden for you to look at. You can get creative with your yard and have some fun with the design.

Save Money with Do It Yourself Garden Pathways

To bring in a professional company to lay a garden path, you are talking about spending a lot of money. If you are trying to renovate your yard on a budget, this is just not going to work. But, this does not mean that you have to give up. Instead, you are able to save money by creating your own pathways. There are a variety of ways you can do this and it will mean that you do not spend as much cash. What’s more, it can be a fun project to work on for the summer.

Considerations to Make for Do It Yourself Garden Pathways

It can be exciting to start on a new project. But, we all know that the planning stage is very important to ensure the best result. So, before you get started, there are some considerations that you are going to have to make first. Here are some things you should think about.

The Design

Ultimately, the beauty of creating your own pathway is that you can decide on the design. But, this is not as easy as it sounds and you will have to put a lot of thought into it. For example, you may want to have a lot of straight lines or add modern curves to complement other areas of your yard. Take your time to draw out the design you like first.

The Width of the Path

width of a garden path

Again, you have the freedom to decide on the width of your garden pathway. After all, it is going to be you walking on it. If you have a large yard, you might decide to make your pathway wider than normal. Alternatively, if you have a small garden or a space with a lot of plants and borders, it can be beneficial to make the path narrow. Just ensure that you can comfortably walk on it.

The Need for Stabilization

Unfortunately, some ground is better than others when it comes to do it yourself garden pathways. For instance, if you have mud ground or soil that stays damp for a long time, you might have to stabilize the ground before you create your pathway. This is particularly true if there is going to be a lot of foot traffic.

A good way to stabilize the ground can be to add a subbase before you begin. In addition, there are paving grids you can add that will mean that no gravel or other materials sink into the soil with bad weather.

Keeping Away Weeds

It does not matter what type of pathway you create for your yard, there is always going to be the rest of the weeds popping up. Since this is not something you want, you will need to think of ways you can minimize this and the weeding you will have to do during the warmer months of the year.

Using gravel for no weeds

One of the best ways to keep weeds away is by laying down a weed membrane. This is like a large plastic sheet and it stops weeds from coming up through the gravel and other stones. It is cheap to purchase and you can simply cut it to the size you need. This is going to solve your weed problem.

Some Ideas for Do It Yourself Garden Pathways

Now is the moment you have all been waiting for. It is time to look at some ideas for do it yourself garden pathways. All of them are going to be easy to do on your own even if minimal skills and experience. What’s more, most of them are going to be suitable for those that are on a budget.

Using Ornamental Bark

First of all, let’s keep it simple and cheap. If you are looking for a quick way to creating a pathway for your yard, consider using ornamental bark. You can purchase this in large bags from your local garden store. It is going to create an attractive and soft surface for your yard. This is often used for playgrounds because it is comfortable to walk. What’s more, there are a range of colors you can choose from. Most people choose the brown bark if you want to keep your yard simple and natural.

In order to put down ornamental bark, dig up any turf or other materials where you want your pathway to go. You can lay down a weed membrane for minimal maintenance later on. Then you want to use an edging so that your bark does not move. Then, simply lay down your bark and spread it out so that it is flat.

Laying Gravel for Do It Yourself Garden Pathways

Another option you have for do it yourself garden pathways is laying gravel. Again, this is a simple way to add a pathway that is going to offer a clean and easy way to cross your yard. Often, gravel is cheap to purchase and is going to be cheaper than chippings. It can consist of different colors of stones that add a natural style to your yard.

In order to lay gravel, you want there to be no turf underneath. You will have to dig up some of the ground where you are going to have your pathway. It is best to lay the weed membrane down so that no weeds grow up through the gravel. Then, you can lay down your gravel and rake it until it is evenly spread out. You now have an attractive and affordable pathway.

Consider Slate Chippings

If you do not like the look of gravel, you can upgrade your style with slate chippings. This is going to cost slightly more but it can be worth it. Of course, a lot of homeowners love slate because it has a lot of style and it looks good. It is available in a variety of colors. But, it is also important to know that slate is durable and this is what makes it a good choice for a garden pathway.

It is easy to create a pathway in your yard from slate chippings. All you have to do is dig out the area where you want the path to go. It is also recommended that you use edging so that none of your chippings move or go onto your lawn. Then you can simply put down the slate chippings and rake them until they are flat. This is going to create a simple yet attractive pathway you can use for getting from one side of your yard to the next.

Use Old Pallets

pallets for a garden path

Do you have some old pallets lying around that you are not going to use? Well, this can be exactly what you need for do it yourself pathways. You can use the planks from this pallet to make your pathway. Simply, dig up the area you want to create a pathway on. You can lay each pallet plank down in the direction you want to go in. It is that simple to create this path. It will have a rustic vibe and a natural one that a lot of people like.

Of course, you want to protect the wood from the elements. This is especially true when it is in direct contact with the soil. So, it may be best to treat the wood before using it for a pathway. You also have the freedom to paint the pallet wood whatever color you want.

Make Crosscut Logs

If you want to add a rustic design to your yard, we have a fantastic idea. We are talking about do it yourself garden pathways made from crosscut logs. You cannot replace the look of real wood and it is easy to create it into a pathway to guide you are around the yard. All you are going to need is some wooden logs and a saw. You will be creating wooden slices that you are able to lay on the ground. You can add them into bark or even place them on the lawn. Ensure that they are thick enough to create a sturdy pathway. All you have to do is group the crosscut logs together for a space to walk over.

Lay Concrete

If you are looking for a sturdy and hardwearing pathway that is going to last for many years, why not make one from concrete? This is something that anyone can do and it is great if you are on a budget. To get started, dig up and level the space where you want to have the pathway. You are also going to want to use some edging or planks or wood to make your pathway. This is going to keep the concrete from moving too.

concrete that looks like stone

The best thing you can do is purchase concrete bags from your local hardware store. This is going to mean that you have to just mix it with water. It is the easy way to make concrete. Ensure that you mix it well together and you can pour it into your pathway space. You want to level the concrete and make sure that it is smooth. Note that you should always have on safety goggles, gloves and protective clothing when working with concrete.

Do not forget that concrete does not have to be boring. You can always use a mold to create a brick pattern in the concrete. You can also get a broom and drag it over the surface of the concrete to create some traction for walking on. There are even colors that you can add to concrete when you have mixed it that will create a unique style. Do you want to make some outdoor furniture for your yard? Check out this article here.

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