Inspiring DIY Flower Wall To Make

A DIY flower wall seem like a huge craft, but actually, it is not! Restaurants, beauty salons, and many public places choose a DIY flower wall for decoration. Apart from that, a DIY flower wall is a perfect choice for events, weddings, and parties; but why giving a vast amount of money to decoration companies and professionals when you can do it yourself?

DIY white wedding flower wall

A DIY faux flower wall can decorate any place, even your house. Flower panels create a romantic and fanciful backdrop. To make a DIY flower wall yourself, all you need is a pack of materials and tools. You can make it as professional as an experienced decorator. It is a craft that doesn’t require any experience and skills.

Building a reusable flower wall is quite straightforward. Whether you are preparing an event or a party or just want to create a romantic corner at your house, start crafting your personalized DIY flower wall. 

Go for an affordable and achievable version, and you won’t regret it. 

Do not get stressed; follow the steps below, and you can totally handle this. 

However, remember that you are not going to do a quick job, so the first thing you need is patience.

What materials you need to make a DIY flower wall

  • Two pieces of plywood
  • A green hobby wire
  • A metallic wire
  • Microtip scissors
  • Power drill fitted with a screwdriver bit
  • Staple gun
  • Floral snips
  • Wired flowers of your choice

I would go for pink wired roses, cream tea bunch of roses, flocked Philo garland, lilac berry bush, lilac flocked eryngium spray, Olivia rose, and lavender rose stem. 

However, you can go for any combination of your choice; just make sure that it will become a wonderful DIY flower wall that matches the colors of your house or party.

The number of flowers and the size of plywood depends on the wall you want to create. So, firstly, you need to take proper measurements and then buy your materials. 

Guide to follow in order to create a perfect DIY flower wall

Step 1

Collect everything you need from a convenience store. Amazon is a perfect choice to buy almost everything you need at affordable prices.

Step 2

Choose the size that you want to go with. That specific DIY flower wall craft is 1m x 60cm, but it entirely depends on what you need and what you want to achieve. So, 2 x plastic mesh canvas work perfectly for this project. 

Step 3

Attach the two mesh canvas pieces together with the green hobby wire. Remember that this type of wire is really strong, so don’t think that the mesh canvas pieces will fall apart. It is about a simple and straightforward process; overlap the mesh canvas and then lace the wire through. Keep doing that until you feel that the two mesh canvas pieces are entirely secured and shielded. Apply this simple process all the way across to create a solid and stable background. 

Tip: Do not worry if the cable looks messy because you will soon cover it completely with flowers and other materials.

Step 4

It is time to start the real challenge. Start placing the flowers. The best option is to start with the bigger flowers you bought and cut the stem to have 1.5cm of the stem left. However, keep the rest of the stems because you will find them useful later. Then you have the head of the flowers cut 20cm of the silver metallic wire and wrap one end around the flower stem, so it is tightly attached. (Wire it at the exact point that the stem touches the flower’s head). Then grab the other end of the wire and weave it through your mesh canvas. Continue weaving across the surface until it is completely secure and stable. 

If you see that the stem that is left is thin, you can easily pass it through the mesh canvas back holes and bend its end at the right angle.

Tip: If you find it hard to cut the stems, use your scissors by cutting through the plastic stem, and then turn the stem back and forth until the metal inside is snapped. 

Step 5

Repeat the process with all your big flowers. However, remember that you need to place them in the exact place you want them to be. Do not mess it up. Add them one color at a time to create the perfect random feeling. Do not place all the big flowers together because you need to see some mesh in order to add the rest of the flowers correctly. 

Step 6
beautiful flower greenery

It is time the time of the foliage. Trailing foliage is what you need for around the edges because it will hang off nicely and give an authentic look to the completed DIY flower wall. Use some green foliage to cover some space in the middle of the mesh. You can also fill some space in the middle with flowers, but it is easiest with the foliage; let alone that you will need many flowers to cover the rest of the wall. The silver metallic wire is what you need to add the greenery to the mesh. 

Step 7 

Once you have done with the foliage, it is time to add more flowers to the wall. Before you do that, make sure that you have already placed all the big flowers. Leaving the smaller flowers for last will make your life easier, as you can fill any gaps and create the shapes and colors you like. The smaller flowers tend to have thinner stems, so it will be easy for you to cut and weave them around the mesh in order to tie it tightly and secure the mesh canvas. 

Tip: Do not be afraid to bend the stem as it is stronger than it seems; it will definitely not break. 

Step 8 
green plastic leaves

You are now pretty much done. Only one last thing left. Pull out the green leaves from any stems you cut off earlier off. Then use the leaves to cover the frame of the mesh, as it will make it look more natural and less artificial square. You can either stick them to the mesh with some glue or wire them with the same metallic silver wire or even weave them under existing flower heads. 

Step 9

Find a wall to hang it and secure it. That DIY flower wall is not heavy, so you can easily secure it by attaching some nails to the wall and then hang your new craft by the mesh canvas top holes. 

Remember that it is always good to sanitize the flowers and the foliage before placing it on the wall. Sanitizing will give a more glowing look on the wall, and it will make it more natural.

Your craft is now ready to admire! As you see on the steps above, it is not a craft that needs money or skills; you only need time. It will take much time from your life in order to create a DIY flower wall. Imagine that you need to attach and weave every single flower in the mesh canvas and secure them tightly. 

Adding you Special Words

If you want to create this flower wall for a special event, like a wedding, you can easily find some words or letters in some colors and hang them at the top or in the middle of the wall. It is the best way to mark the occasion and create the perfect environment for the special people. You can go with a “Mr and Mrs” or “Just married” for the wedding, a “Happy Birthday” for birthday occasions or a “Baby is loading” for a baby shower. However, you can try anything that you like! The words and the letters can be attached to the wall by using the same silver metallic wire.

DIY Natural Flower Wall 

The truth is that all the processes above can even be done with natural flowers from the ground. However, it is a lot harder and time-consuming. Natural flowers are sensitive to any kind of touching and wiring. The most common is to break a lot of flowers until you manage to complete the wall. That will lead to spending more money on a craft that does not last to the time. 

A DIY flower wall with natural flowers can last a maximum of a month if you protect it a lot with proper products. After that, you need to start all the building from scratch in order to create a new one. However, if the wall is for one specific event, it is better to go for the natural one as it will give much more decoration to the place and create the most pleasant atmosphere. 

A natural DIY flower wall except for the flowers and the foliage will also need a smart water removal system. You can not leave wild flowers without water for long. 

Whichever DIY flower wall you decide to create, make sure you’ll enjoy it and have fun during the building time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and try to create a DIY wall hanging, and if you are a DIYer, why don’t you read “Do It Yourself Raised Garden Beds” and learn how to create your own garden?

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