Best Portable Gas-Powered Generators

Having the best portable gas-powered generators can enhance your outdoor experience. You can run your RV lights, fridge, TV, and other electronic devices.

The market is overwhelmed with generators, and picking the best portable gas-powered generator might seem a bit of a cumbersome task. Therefore, this guide will sort things out for you.

We have scoured through the internet to compile the best portable gas-powered generators reviews and a brief buying guide.

So, read on to find all the information you need to buy the best gas-powered generators!

Best Portable Gas-Powered Generators Reviewed

1.   DuraMax XP5500E – Overall Best Portable Gas-Powered Generators

The DuraMax XP5500E is the overall best gas-powered generator that you will find on the market. It comes at a very reasonable price and packs a power punch. This 5500W unit has a portable design, and you can conveniently use it for camping and RVing as well.

The 7.5hp unit features an electric start and weighs around 127 lbs. These are the best generators when it comes to sound too. It only produces a 69 dB sound, and you will not notice it much during operation.

Its fuel tank can store up to 4 gallons of gasoline and start at 5500W, while during the operation, it will continue to produce 4400W of power. Therefore, if you are looking for a generator that can take heavy loads and comes at a reasonable price, you don’t need to look any further.

It can efficiently run your lights, a small fridge, and home AC and any of those high amperage tools. You can conveniently operate it at 120V as well as 240V simultaneously. You can also use 120V options with full power. 

It features a powerful 225cc engine and a surge arrest feature to prevent heavy loads. This generator also features all copper windings, so there are very few chances of burning or overheating. The generator and all its components are made of metal and are durable.


  • It features a 4-gal fuel tank.
  • Great for RVing and camping.
  • Full metal construction.
  • 225cc powerful engine.
  • Surge protection is there.


  • Few rattling noises.

2.   Durostar DS10000E – Best for Multiple Applications & Fuel Tank

If you’re looking for wattage and power, go for Durostar DS10000E. It’s a 10,000W generator that can easily take even heavier loads very comfortably. The generator features an electric start and can produce 8,000W during operation (10,000W at peak).

This generator weighs under 130 lbs, but you can move it around with those heavy wheels. It boasts an 18hp 440cc engine and can automatically shut off when the fuel is low. Plus, it can conveniently hold up to 8.3 gallons in its tank, so you won’t have to deal with frequent refills.

You will have to deal with a little noise because it comes with a noise level of 72 dB. As it can run at 8,000W, you can operate a variety of appliances and power tools.

It also comes with multiple application features. A couple of 120V household outlets, a 30A 120V twist-lock outlet, a 30A 120V/240V twisting lock outlet, and a 50A 120V/24V HD outlet.

Moreover, this generator comes with a voltmeter DC 12V charging posts if you are looking to charge external batteries. You can conveniently choose to run both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or you can run 120V at full power.


  • CARB and EPA certified.
  • Can handle all loads.
  • Peaks at 10,000W.
  • Multiple application outlets.
  • 440cc 18hp OHV engine.


  • No surge protection.
  • A little noisy.

3.   Champion Power Equipment 100519 – Best Inverter Generator

With a max power output of 6250W, this is the best gas-powered inverter generator that you can have to fulfill your electricity needs. It comes with its plug, and you won’t have to get one separately.

One of the best features of this generator is its Quite Technology. Therefore, this generator can keep operating without making much noise. These Champion portable gas-powered generators’ industrial-grade construction makes it robust, and it’ll continue to perform for a long time.

Moreover, it comes with clean power and economy mode. You can comfortably connect your electronic device, and it will immediately start saving fuel.

You might feel that the wheels on this generator are a bit on the weather side, but they will work fine for a good period. It features Quite Technology but still produces 69 dB, and you might notice the noise if the generator is located quite close.

Furthermore, it comes with Intelligauge to monitor the voltage, operating hours, and frequency quite comfortably. The plug that comes with it has a heavy-duty construction, and it’s suitable for home users. But due to its versatile construction, the plug can be used by professional contractors.


  • Features 6250 peak watts
  • 5000 running watts.
  • Comes with Quite Technology.
  • Economy and Clean Power Modes.
  • Comes with its power plug.


  • The wheels are not great.

4.   Wen 56200i – Best for Portability

If you are looking for an affordable and extremely lightweight design, this is the best gas-powered generator. However, you will have to keep in mind this generator is designed for being an easy-to-carry and light design; therefore, you cannot expect much from it in the power department.

Therefore, it can only produce 2000W and comes with a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon. But the best part is, it only weighs 50 lbs, and you can comfortably carry it around with you.

Additionally, it doesn’t make much noise, and its noise level is 53 dB. However, you can attribute it to its small design. This unit is CARB and EPA III certified and works best for construction sites and campgrounds. You can also use it for tailgating because of its compact design. 

It can produce clean power and safely operate without causing any damage to your electronics if you connect them to it. Your purchase will include a couple of 120V receptacles with 3-prongs and a DV 12V receptacle. Apart from that, you will get a USB port of 5V as well.


  • Operate quietly.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • CARB and EPA III certified.
  • 1-gal fuel tank.
  • Features economy mode.


  • Not for heavy use.

5.   Westinghouse WGen9500 – Best for Peak Wattage and Engine

When it comes to peak wattage, nothing gets over the WGen9500. This gas-powered heavy dirty unit comes to RV ready and features a transfer switch as well. Its robust unit, therefore it comes with a pair of durable wheels. Consequently, you can conveniently move it around.

This generator comes with a running wattage rating of 9500W and a peak wattage rating of 12500W.

Here’s the best part… You can run it remotely with the help of a key fob. It features both recoil and electric start and provides you with a runtime of 12 hours.

It only has 6.6 gallons of fuel capacity, and this might be a bit disappointing for a few people, especially if you compare it with the Durostar’s 8.3-gallon tank. Still, it can conveniently get you through a day without any refills.

What it does come with is a powerful 457cc 4-stroke engine that is behind this generator’s massive power generation capabilities. Its design makes it very simple to use, and you can operate it very efficiently too. You won’t have to do any installation at all, and it’s ready to be used right out of the box.

This generator is CARB and EPA certified. The only issue we think it has is the odor from the residual oil surrounding it continuously but that’s not a dealbreaker.


  • 9500 running capacity.
  • 12500 peak capacity.
  • 6.6-gallon fuel tank.
  • Features multiple applications.
  • Powerful 457cc engine.


  • Surrounding fuel odor.
  • Relatively small fuel tank.

6.   Briggs & Stratton P2200 – Best Value for Money

The P2200 Briggs & Stratton is one of the company’s units that belong to the Smart Series. This mini-inverter generator comes with Quite Technology. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sound during operation.

Apart from that, it comes with a portable design, and you can conveniently carry it wherever you go. With a 1700 running watt rating, you can easily connect all your electronic devices with it. Therefore, it is a top choice for worksites as well as campsites. But with a peak wattage of 2200W, you really can’t do much of anything else.

This generator has an OHV 111cc engine, and you will never run out of energy. You can keep your gadgets connected to it because it only generates about 3% of harmonic distortion.

This generator features a 1-gal tank for fuel due to its compact design and provides you with a backup of six and a half hours. At around 25% load, it can continue to perform at an optimal level, and the runtime increases to 8 hours.

Furthermore, this generator features a parallel connector, which will allow a connection between a couple of units for extra power.


  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Best for electronics.
  • Less than 3% harmonic distortion.
  • 1-gallon fuel tank.


  • Not for heavy loads.

7.   Pulsar G12KBN-SG – Best Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar’s gas-powered generator comes with a peak wattage of 12,000W and a running wattage of 9500 watts. It can run on both liquid propane and gasoline and also features electric ignition. This model is ready to be used with your recreational vehicle and is CARB certified.

If you are looking for the best dual fuel design, you don’t need to look any further. The unit weighs around 210 lbs, and it’s relatively heavy. The good thing is it comes with durable wheels so you can easily move it from one place to another.

You will get better results when you run it on gasoline as compared to LPG. It peaks out at 12000W and runs at 9500W with gasoline, while on LPS, it takes a maximum peak load of 10800W and runs at 8550W.

This generator also features a 457cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and is surrounded by a powder-coated frame. It has a robust construction and comes with an 8-gallon fuel tank. That can provide you with a backup time of 12 hours. So, in terms of specs, this generator is something. 

You’ll also get various connectivity features. There are four AC 20A 120V outlets, a 30A 120V/240V twisting-lock outlet, a 50A 120V/240V outlet, and a DC 12V outlet to simultaneously power multiple devices and tools.


  • Dual fuel generator.
  • 457cc OHV engine.
  • 12 hours of operation.
  • 8-gallon fuel tank.
  • Peaks out at 12000W (gas)


  • It’s quite heavy.

8.   Generac GP8000E – Best for Initial Power Boost

This generator is one of the premium models and features high-quality materials. It comes with a running wattage of 8000W and peaks out at 10,000W.

This heavy-duty, durable generator is an excellent choice to have in your RV endeavors. One of this generator’s unique features is that it comes with an initial power boost to get 30% additional wattage right in the beginning to do more with less.

It also means the generator can consume low fuel while you are getting things done. Fuel efficiency significantly improves this way. 

The heavy-duty generator weighs around 198 lbs and comes with a pair of robust wheels that allow you to drag it to wherever you want. It features electronic ignition, and the better is included in your purchase. So, getting it on the way is straightforward.

This generator features a powerful OHV engine that boats splash lubrication to increase the overall longevity. There is a fuel tank made of steel, and it comes with a large capacity that can provide you with power for up to 11 hours at 50% load.

Despite all the heavy specs, it has the backup time at full load capacity if this price generator is pretty much on the low side, which might tip you off. But if you are looking for a good quality generator with robust construction, this is it.


  • Large fuel tank.
  • Initial power boost.
  • Decent fuel efficiency.
  • Peaks out at 10,000W.
  • Quick electric ignition.


  • Backup time is low.

9.   Rainier R12000DF – Best for Backup Time

This generator can also run-on LPG apart from gas, and it speaks out at 12,000W on gas. On propane, it peaks out at 10,800W and runs at 8550W. This unit’s running wattage is 9500W, and you can get more things done with these numbers.

Thus, the unit is CARB certified, and it comes with a transfer switch as well. It weighs around 200 lbs and features durable wheels for you to move it around. The unit features an electric start, and you can comfortably use the single-touch power switch there on it. You can also get conventional with the recoil start if you want.

There is a VFT display on it, and it will tell you about the frequency, volts, and training hours of operation. This generator has a versatile design and provides you with multiple options. And speaking of numerous possibilities, it also comes with different connectivity options.

A couple of 20A 120V 5-20R GFCI outlets for households, a 30A 120V L5-30R outlet, a 30A 120V L14-30R outlet, and a 50A 120V/240V 14-50R outlet on it. Plus, there are a couple of grounding ports as well. This unit features a 457cc engine, and that provides you with a backup of 17 hours at 25% load.

The Rainier portable gas-powered generators is nothing but quality. If you are looking for a unit that continues performing for many years to come, you are looking right.


  • 72 dB noise level.
  • 17 hours backup.
  • 457cc OHV engine.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Dual fuel unit.


  • Slightly small fuel tank.

10.  Firman P08003 – Best for RVing and Camping

This portable generator also features a running wattage of 8,000W and peaks out at 10,000W. The unit comes with a fuel tank of 8 gallons, and it is ever-ready to perform.

You will find it most useful for RVing or various construction or farm applications. This CARB certified unit can provide you with a backup time of 12 hours, and it can provide you with true 50A and 30A power. Another excellent feature of this unit is that it features a remote start, so you don’t need to be around the unit to get it on the way.

However, this unit is the heaviest of all the units we have reviewed and turns out to be 221 lbs in weight. But you will notice the wheels on this generator are not of much good quality and could have been better for this weight rating. But that’s not a severe issue if you are not going to move it around much.

Due to this reason, we think you should use it for camping or RVing more because you won’t be needing to move it a lot. The generator is covered with a powder-coated frame, and it keeps the unit safe from any damage.


  • Solid construction.
  • Large fuel capacity.
  • Peaks out at 10,000W.
  • 50A and 30A compatible.
  • Remote ignition.


  • Quite a heavy unit.

Buying Guide

Here’s a list of key points to remember when buying the best portable gas-powered generator.


To assess a unit for its power, you need to look at its peak and running wattage rating. If you are looking to power your gadgets and electronic devices, you will need a 1600W to 1700W running wattage unit that peaks out at 2000W.

For heavier applications, you should consider anything over 6000W of running wattage and 8000W of peak wattage.

Fuel efficiency

Another vital point to keep in mind is fuel efficiency. Ensure that you consider a fuel-efficient unit because it will come in handy in case of any emergency. 


This is very closely linked with fuel efficiency and refers to how long a unit can work before a refill is needed. Tank capacity has a direct role to play here. Most portable gas generators have a runtime of 11 hours, and for such units, fuel tank capacity is over 6 gallons.

Conventional vs. inverter generators

Conventional generators can produce plenty of power, but inverter generators can have clean energy and are better suited for your gadgets and electronic devices. Furthermore, traditional units are better suited to run power tools and appliances.

Additional features

Some of the additional features that you can look for more convenience include built-in surge protectors, low-fuel auto shut off, inbuilt protection for circuit sensors, spark arrestors, multiple connectivity options. You can go for a unit with a display panel that shows about the current-voltage, frequency, and remaining backup time.

FAQ for the Best Portable Gas-Powered Generators

Can an inverter generator run a fridge?

These generators come with a device that converts DC power into AC 120V household power and can also run a fridge. Just make sure you go for a unit with the right wattage and capacity.

Is an inverter generator better than a conventional one?

They both serve different purposes. A conventional generator is good for running appliances and power tools, while an inverter generator can power your electronics and gadgets due to its clean energy. You can go for a more significant inverter generator to run everything on clean energy.


There you have it. The winner of this roundup of the top 10 portable gas-powered generators is the DuraMax XP5500E. It is a handy unit that can work for a variety of purposes. It has all the features that you need to have in a portable gas-powered generator.

Last but not least… It peaks out at 5500W, weighs only 127 lbs, features a 225cc engine, and can power anything. This is the best due to its versatility and affordability.

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