Do It Yourself Freestanding House Number Sign – Making Your Property Stand Out

The Benefits of a Do It Yourself Freestanding House Number Sign

If you go to Google, there are a lot of house number signs you can purchase. In particular, you can get free-standing designs that you can place in your yard. But, there are a lot of benefits when you create your own. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a do it yourself freestanding house number sign.

No Drilling On to Your House

drill for house number

A lot of people have a house number sign on their front door or attached to the brick. But, this is not always a good idea. In fact, house numbers often cause damage when they are attached to the property because they have to be drilled into place. This is done for security so that it does not fall off during bad weather. However, it can damage the brick when it is being attached. It is also hard to remove without causing damage. So, when you create a do it yourself freestanding house number sign, there is going to be no drilling or permanent damage.

You Can Save Money

A lot of home décor and outdoor accessories are now becoming overpriced. A lot of families grudge having to pay a lot of money for a house number sign. Well, this is the great thing about a do it yourself freestanding house number sign. You are going to be able to make it yourself as a fun project, as well as save money. It is going to be a lot more affordable to buy some materials to make your house number sign than paying for the time of someone else. What’s more, it is going to be rewarding to create your own.

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Make Your Number Sign Unique

Do you like to be different and not just follow the crowd? When it comes to number signs, there are only really a few choices and the designs are limited. Everybody’s house sign looks similar to each other. But, this can be a problem of the past for you. When you create your own, you can ensure that it is unique and it is different from your neighbors. This can make you feel good about your property.

Freedom to Place Anywhere

An awesome element to a do it yourself freestanding house number sign is that you are free to place it wherever you want. Since the sign is freestanding, it is not going to require any fixings or other elements to keep it upright. So, you can place it near to your front door or choose to have it on a driveway or near to your yard. The choice is completely yourself and you are not controlled by the product design.

Design a Wooden Do It Yourself Freestanding House Number Sign

First of all, let’s start off by saying you can make your own house number sign out of wood. This is a strong and sturdy material you can use. All you are going to need for this design is a few plants of wood and two posts. You can choose to paint the wood and the number onto the planks or you can purchase numbers to attach to them.

wooden sign for house number

To start with, you are going to join all of the planks of wood together. Then, you are going to attach the posts to each side of the planks. This is going to create a sign. Next, you can attach your numbers or paint them on. In order to keep your house sign secure, you can attach or create stakes for the posts. This is going to allow you to put the sign onto your lawn or in to dirt.

What we like about this do it yourself freestanding house number sign is that it is simple and traditional. Plus, you can create it for under $50. You still have some freedom with the design and while there are families that like the look of wood, you can choose to paint it any color you wish. If you are renovating your whole yard, check out this link.

Being Creative with a Post

Next on the list if you are looking for a cool do it yourself freestanding house number sign is using a gate or fence wooden post. This is something that can be used to constructive a post planter, which is also going to clearly display the number of your house for deliveries and visitors.

All you have to do is find a post that you like. The most affordable material for this project is going to be wood. This is also a good material when it comes to durability and being able to deal with all weather conditions. It is recommended that you treat the wood annually to protect it from rain and winter weather.

When you have the post you like you can easily paint or stain the wood. Then, you are going to use a hanging basket bracket. This can be attached to the side of the post once it is in position. You can use this to hang a colorful hanging basket and to create some interest. Then, you can paint on or attach the numbers of your house onto the post. This is going to be down the post vertically, which will create a contemporary design. You can position the post at the start of your driveway and this can let everyone know the number of your home. Plus, everyone is going to love the style!

Repurpose a Vintage Milk Can for a Do It Yourself Freestanding House Number Sign

One of the fun things about taking on new projects is that you can take old and vintage items that you like and make them into anything you want. In particular, you can make this a decorative and freestanding house number sign. For example, you can use a vintage milk can. Perhaps you already have one and would like it to have a purpose. Alternatively, you can pick one up cheaply from a vintage store. The bigger the better for this type of project.

vintage milk can

So, how can you make it into a house number sign? This one is pretty easy since a vintage milk can is going to be able to stand by itself. You can position it at your door or somewhere in your yard that is going to be visible to passers-by. In particular, a vintage milk can is going to look good in a rural area and it may complement the style of your property.

You are going to have some freedom with this type of project. For example, you can choose to keep the original style of the milk can. Alternatively, you can paint the milk can so that it complements your home. Either way, you want to ensure that the color on the milk can is going to contrast with the numbers. So, you can paint on the numbers in a color that is going to stand out and be easy to read.

What’s more, this freestanding house number sign can be used for many things. For example, you can stand a plant on the lid of the milk can or use it as a table surface at your front door. You can also think of other ways you can accessorize the milk can and make it look good on your property. For example, some people may choose to have their house name printed onto it.

Creating Numbered Flower Pots

Do you love flower pots and like to ensure your house is colorful and welcoming to everyone? Well, we have a fantastic idea when it comes to creating your own free-standing house number sign. In order to do this, you can use flower pots.

Flower pots

To get started, you can use flower pots or planters that you already have or go out and purchase new ones. They should be flower pots that are heavy in design and that are going to be able to stand on their own and be able to withstand winds and bad weather. You can paint them any color you like or choose to keep the color they have. The main thing you should look for is a plain plant pot that is simply color and does not have a design. This will detract from your house number.

Then, you are going to display your house number on the plant pots. You can have each individual number on its own pot, which is going to make this highly visible and stand out. You can choose to paint on the numbers of your house or there are often number sticks you can attach. Just ensure that they are not going to come off easily from the plant pots or planters.

colorful flowers for pots

All you have to do is choose beautiful flowers to fill the pots. This is going to create a homely and unique house sign number that you can place anywhere, from at your front door to near the beginning of your yard.

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