How Much Does it Cost to Build an Outdoor Patio?

An outdoor patio is an excellent investment for those who want to spend a little more time outdoors, no matter the season. However, if you are wondering how much does it cost to build an outdoor patio, you may want to hold back on making this commitment until you have all the information you need.

In the United States, the national average range of costs for installing a patio is $2000 to $8000, while the average cost to build an outdoor patio is close to $4000. Building an outdoor patio entails excavating the site, cost of materials, delivery, and labor. Generally speaking, $8 to $20 per square foot is the cost you should expect for complete patio installation.

If you want to know everything about how much does it cost to build an outdoor patio, stick around as we discuss material options, pricing averages, additional costs, and money-saving considerations.

Outdoor Patio Cost by Size

When building your outdoor patio, size is the first crucial factor that you must consider. Alongside materials uses and labor, the size of your patio will be the most significant determinant of your overall cost.

Notably, you don’t want to build an outdoor patio that is too small, especially if you plan on entertaining friends and family there. However, more extensive square footage can quickly add a sufficient amount to the overall cost of building an outdoor patio.

If we take our national average of $8 to $20 per square foot, we can apply it to small, medium, and large patio sizes to better estimate the average cost by size.

Patio Size

Average Cost

Small – 8’ x 10’ (80 square feet)


Medium – 12’ x 12’ (144 square feet)


Large – 20’ x 20’ (400 square feet)


Factors that Affect the Cost of an Outdoor Patio

Although we now understand the average cost of an outdoor patio by size, we still do not have a comprehensive answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to build an outdoor patio?’ The reason for this is that several other factors affect the overall cost of an outdoor patio. These factors are as follows:

Patio Materials

It goes without saying that different materials have different costs. Depending on the material used to landscape your outdoor patio, the overall cost of building the patio will vary. The table below lists the average price per square foot of some of the most common outdoor patio materials.

Type of Material

Cost per Square Foot


$0.81 – $2.85

Concrete Pavers

$2.67 – $6.00

Poured Concrete

$3.38 – $8.12

Brick Pavers

$6.75 – $10.00


$8.65 – $20.65

Stamped Concrete

$9.15 – $16.30

Notably, the table above contains average costs, and there may be instances in which the cost of a specific material falls out of the range listed above. More importantly, the prices above are for the cost of the materials and do not include excavation, installation, labor, and additional charges.

Moreover, remember that the delivery cost is also something you need to consider when choosing the materials for your outdoor patio. Local stone and reclaimed brick, for example, will run you very low on delivery costs, while materials that are not locally found will be more expensive to have delivered.

Patio Maintenance

The overall cost of building an outdoor patio does not only include the cost of installing it. Patio maintenance is also a factor you will need to consider. While you thankfully don’t need to spend money on maintaining your patio every few weeks or months, you will undoubtedly want to undergo patio maintenance once or twice a year.

Depending on the materials you have chosen for your outdoor patio, the type of maintenance you will have to undergo will vary. For example, if you have used pavers, you will need to maintain them by keeping sand between the pavers at a low level.

Alternatively, if you have gone for sealed pavers, as many experts recommend you do, you will have to pay for sealing every 2 to 5 years. Notably, a single gallon of sealant costs around $30 and covers an area of 125 square feet.

While these costs aren’t a part of your patio installation, they are certainly part of the overall cost to build an outdoor patio. During installation, talk to your contractor to understand how your outdoor patio needs to be maintained, how often, and at what cost.

Patio Accessories

So, let’s say your patio installation is complete, and you’ve even marked the date for your first dinner outdoor patio dinner party on your calendar. However, where will everyone sit? Seating is an essential part of your patio and must be considered part of the overall cost of building an outdoor patio.

A very basic two-chair table costs around $100. However, if you plan on fitting your patio with a full dining set with chairs and sectionals, prepare to spend at least $1000 on it.

Alternatively, if you want your patio to be a space for lone relaxation rather than a space for entertainment, a regular-sized, free-standing hammock costs around $100.

Extra Outdoor Patio Services

Building an outdoor patio seldom only includes the cost of excavating the site and installing the pavers. Most people desire a few other accessories in their outdoor patio to truly create the outdoor living space they have always dreamed of.

Below are a few extra services that you might want to consider when building your outdoor patio.

Fire Pit Installation

Fire pits have a way of bringing an outdoor patio space to life and provide a great gathering space for friends and family. If you have a fire pit installed in your outdoor patio, expect to pay a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $7500. Notably, the average cost for fire pit installation is around $750.


If you want to enjoy your outdoor patio at night and during the day, you will need to install adequate lighting to make that happen. If you’re going to get your contractor to install the lighting in your outdoor patio, expect to pay a minimum of $188 per light and a maximum of $325 per light.

The average cost per light is approximately $260, while the average total cost of installing lighting in your outdoor patio is between $1833 and $5333.


If you want to surround the hardscaped outdoor patio space with some landscaping, such as flower beds, shrubs, or perennials, you will likely be able to get your contractor to do it for you. However, expect to pay a minimum of $4 per square foot and a maximum of $14 per square foot on landscaping.

Cost of a DIY Patio

If you’re still feeling iffy about hiring a contractor for your outdoor patio installation, you can control the costs by turning it into a DIY project. In doing so, you will be able to eliminate labor and equipment costs right off the bat, which happen to be some of the most significant costs of any professional patio installation project.

For example’s sake, let’s say that you want to build a 12′ x 20′ concrete paver patio and already have all the necessary tools available. If we take the average cost of a concrete paver to be $4.34 per square foot, the breakdown of the cost of a DIY outdoor patio installation project is as follows:



Gravel (4 to 5 tons needed)

$17.69/ton x 4 – 5

Landscape fabric


Edging and Steel Spikes


Concrete Pavers


Sand (1 ton needed)


Delivery Costs (if applicable)



$1235.01 – $1250.05

While these are the costs you will incur for the materials required; you will need to spend quite a bit of money on the necessary equipment to build a DIY outdoor patio. This includes eye and ear protection, tape measure, hammer, rubber mallet, level, gloves, garden hose, diamond blade, plate compactor, bobcat, a circular saw, and more.

Therefore, keep in mind that the $1235.01 – $1250.05 range for a DIY patio only includes the materials needed and the delivery cost. If you need to buy most of the equipment listed above for your DIY outdoor patio project, the price will inch closer to the $1500 mark. Notably, this is still less than the total average cost of a professionally installed outdoor patio, which starts from around $2000.

Cost of an Outdoor Patio by Location

The final factor worth mentioning regarding the question ‘how much does it cost to build an outdoor patio’ is your location. Building materials tend to be very heavy, and hence materials sourced from far away will cost you more in terms of delivery.

Therefore, one great way to cut costs is to ask your contractor only to use locally sourced materials so that you don’t have to pay too much in delivery costs.

Final Words

An outdoor patio is a great and affordable way to add extra living space to your home where you can enjoy more sunshine and entertain family and friends.

While the DIY option to install an outdoor patio comes with savings, a professional contractor will help you find the right materials and excavate the site correctly, thereby resulting in a more reliable patio installation.

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