Top 10 Best Cordless Polishers

Cordless polishers take away all the hassle of taking your car to a detailing center and make your car polishing fun part. Due to their cordless nature, you can easily maneuver them on surfaces with different angles. If you love your car maintenance DIY projects, then you will need to have the best cordless polishers in your arsenal for finishing touches.

These polishers come in all shapes and sizes. You need to pick one based on your needs and requirements associated with the most frequent of the projects.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the best cordless polisher reviews that boast a variety of features. We have also listed down important features that you must consider before buying these tools.

Read on to find everything you need to know about these cordless polishers.

Best Cordless Polishers Reviewed

1.   Dewalt DCM849P2 Cordless Polisher – Best Overall

The best cordless polisher that you can use for your car maintenance comes from Dewalt. The package includes a 20V battery, so it’s a heavy-duty cordless polisher.

These machines make a lot of noise, but this one doesn’t make much of it because it comes equipped with a brushless motor. Another positive aspect of this brushless motor is that it is highly efficient in terms of performance as well as runtime.

The tool features a 7-inch wide backing plate which is the size recommended for most buffing and finishing applications. It rotates on average around 800 RPM to 2200 RPM without any load. With this RPM, this tool is a good choice for various applications.

And that’s not it! It also features variable speeds that you can control with a trigger. Whereas the dial further assists in maintaining better control. You can go conveniently up the ante whenever you need to.

Your tool’s mold comes in a rubber casing that can significantly reduce surface imperfections. Moreover, you can control and grip the tool in a better manner. You will also get the convenience of using this tool with the side handle or the bail handle according to the requirements of your project.

The tool only weighs just over 13 pounds, and its dimensions are 20.49-inch x 12.57-inch x 7.38-inch. The battery that it runs on is lithium-ion and provides a good backup time to complete your project with ease. Plus, its battery can also run with your other power tools by Dewalt.


  • Lithium-ion battery and a carrying case included.
  • Very versatile and ergonomic design.
  • 7-inch backing plate.
  • Features variable speed.
  • 800 RPM to 2200 RPM rotating speed.


  • Maybe overkill for small projects.

2.   Milwaukee Cordless Polisher – Best for Variable Speeds

This Milwaukee cordless polisher is powered by an 18V battery and runs on a brushless motor. So, you won’t have to worry about any noise here.

One of the best features of this tool is that it can rotate the plate conveniently from 0 to 2200 RPM. with the variable speed feature, you can easily apply it on delicate surfaces as well. And for an added feature, you can also lock the switch for conveniently handling.

It comes with Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel technology, which guarantees a highly efficient runtime and performance. It only weighs just over 7 lbs, so you will feel very comfortable working it around on surfaces with different angles. The mold of the machine is covered with ABS materials, so you can have a good grip on it while using it.

It has been designed to keep most of its weight on the plate for better handling with less effort. It ensures natural pressure on the surface and further improves your buffing and cleaning efficiency.

However, you will have to purchase the battery separately. If you already own a Milwaukee kit, then you can use one of the batteries from your power tools to run it. The backing pad works the best with hook-and-loop pads and delivers exceptional results.


  • Rotating power of 0 to 2200 RPM.
  • Features a 7-inch backing plate.
  • Runs on a brushless motor
  • Doesn’t create much sound.
  • Handling and maneuvering is extremely easy.
  • Lightweight construction with morse weight towards the plate.


  • It doesn’t come with any accessories.
  • No batteries are included either; it’s just the tool.

3.   SPTA Cordless Polisher – Best Lightweight Design and RPM

If you take care of your car with no exceptions, you need a versatile cordless polisher. A kit that has it all!

Here’s the cordless polisher kit by SPTA that comes with a 12V polisher too. It can deliver the results that you have always wanted.

This will allow you to do sanding, cleaning, and buffing without any issues. You can conveniently polish your entire car with it, even in those tight corners and crevices. The tool only weighs just over 14 ounces. So, this is one tool that you will find very convenient to handle.

You can easily use it with one hand and finish doing your entire car. But don’t underestimate the compact size of this tool. With the help of its variable speed controller, you can conveniently use its rotating power of 6000 RPM for quick results.

It can conveniently complete the entire project of cleaning a single car on its single battery, and your vehicle will start looking new again.

The rotation can be reversed as well, so you can use it with both hands and can reach out to places where no other buffing or polishing tools can reach. However, you might need to work a little faster with it because the 80W battery only lasts for about an hour.


  • Spare pads included.
  • Features an 80W battery.
  • Best suited for small cars.
  • Free-rotating motion can produce 6000 RPMs.
  • Extremely lightweight to carry and easy to maneuver.
  • Comes with a carrying case.


  • Battery only lasts for about an hour.

4.   Dewalt Cordless Polisher – Best 5-inch Plate Cordless Polisher

This DeWalt cordless polisher also comes with a brushless motor that not only delivers highly efficient runtime and performance but also keeps the noise down.

However, here you’ll get a smaller backing plate of 5 inches as opposed to the 7-inch backing plate in the previous model. Its rotating speed ranges from 2000 RPM to 5500 RPM, so it is much faster as well. And due to that, the model can be used for a variety of applications.

The variable speeds are there on the trigger and are very easy to access. Plus, there is a dial that allows you to control the tool more accurately.

The tool comes with a rubber casing over the mold, so you won’t have to worry about slipping grips while you are working on your project. There is a side handle along with a front grip area, and you can hold it in either way for better control.

It runs on a battery that can also be used with other power tools by Dewalt. This machine also weighs around 13 pounds, and its dimensions are 20.6-inch x 12.6-inch x 7.4-inch. And it runs on a 20V battery, so it will provide you with a long-lasting backup time too.


  • It comes with a 5-inch backing plate.
  • An excellent choice for smaller applications.
  • Runs on a 20V Dewalt battery that can run your other Power tools by Dewalt as well.
  • Its rotations can range from 2000 RPM to 5500 RPM.
  • Variable speed options.
  • Rubber casing on the mold to ensure a good grip.


  • The backing plate is small, but the tool size is still big.

5.   Adam’s Cordless Polisher – Best for Scratch Removing

Cleaning, buffing, and polishing won’t mean anything if you have that dang scratch on your vehicle’s surface. And to sort that problem out, you will not only need a polisher but a scratch remover too, and a good one.

Adam’s has got you covered. It’s a complete kit that will allow you to first remove the scratch and then buff and polish your car to make it look new. It can effectively get rid of swirls, or scratches, or any other effects on your paint.

It has a cordless design that allows you to comfortably move your hand at different angles, and you won’t have to deal with the hassles of those cables. You can easily access those complex curves on your vehicle and go as high as you want.

The best part…

You can conveniently use it to scrub the carpets as well as upholstery and also apply your wax, sealants, and glazes. The only issue is that you will have to work with the total backup time of 45 minutes.

This might not be that much, but if you know what you are doing, then you can quickly get to the application and start working on it. That’s the only way you can manage it if you are looking to finish up in a single charge.

The motor inside this tool can easily regenerate an oscillating power that ranges from 0 to 6000 RPMs. You can speed up your work while the tool is charged. The variable speeds allow you to work on a variety of detailing projects.

Moreover, you can conveniently use it with any microfiber or foam pads by Adam’s. The tools feature a 5.5-inch backing plate for a swift cleaning job.


  • Gets rid of the scratches before buffing or polishing.
  • Features a clay bar, wax, and ceramic coating.
  • Conveniently works with various backing pads by Adam’s.
  • Features variable speed function with 0 to 6000 RPM oscillation speeds.
  • Comes with a 5.5-inch backing plate.


  • Its battery can only last up to 45 minutes.

6.   Makita Cordless Polisher – Best Battery Backup

As you are taking care of your beloved vehicle, you shouldn’t use ordinary tools for cleaning and polishing it. If you think the same way, then you need to bring in the premium quality Makita cordless polisher.

The best part about working with this machine is that you get to choose the backing plate size. You can either go for a 5-inch backing plate or a 6-inch backing plate.

It’s an ideal solution for a variety of cleaning, polishing applications. And with its cordless design, you can conveniently maneuver it on different surfaces and can get your entire care done. Its motor can produce an oscillating power of up to 780 RPMs.

But that’s not it! This tool comes with a dual-action motion. It means that you can either force the rotation or go with the free spring with the random selectable orbit rotation. It means that you can use this tool on a variety of surfaces without a problem.

You can either go for high power for correcting, and it roughly equates to corded power of any unit. You can also go for low power to extend the battery time. This tool also comes with a brushless motor to make sure that you can conveniently use the tool with high performance and efficiency but with low noise.


  • Dual power action including free-spin rotation and forced rotation.
  • Brushless motor for higher efficiency and performance.
  • Comes with a kit bag.
  • Runs on an 18V battery.
  • You can conserve power by using the low power mode and extend the battery time.


  • The maximum oscillating capacity of 780 RPMs is low.

7.   ACDelco Cordless Polisher – Best Budget Pick

Want to buy a budget-friendly cordless polisher, you should consider ACDelco. You can use this cordless polisher as a ratchet wrench and a drill. This multifunctional tool kit is an excellent choice for any DIYer.

However, you will have to be a little more careful while using this because suits are not a specialized polishing kit, and you will have to focus on the edges of the bed instead of using the entire surface of the pad. It also will take a lot more time for you to get your entire car done. So, it’s better to use it for smaller applications.

The machine itself runs on a 12V battery, and you will notice that it doesn’t take much time to charge either. Plus, it is an essential kit to have with your car maintenance kit because it also includes an impact wrench, impact driver, drill driver, and ratchet wrench.

It runs on a 12V lithium-ion battery, and it only weighs six and a half lbs. The tool can generate up to 170 RPMs, so clearly, it is ideal for smaller polishing applications because it can reach those tight corners pretty well.


  • An excellent choice for DIYers.
  • Effortless tool to use.
  • Pretty versatile to use for car maintenance and polishing.
  • Very compact and lightweight construction.
  • It’s extremely user-friendly.


  • It is only suitable for small-scale finishing projects.
  • This tool can only generate a maximum of 780 RPMs for polishing.

8.   RBL Cordless Polisher – Best Value for Money

Want to go for the best bang for the buck, then bring in the RBL cordless polisher. It comes with very user-friendly control features, and due to its cordless design, you want to have to deal with any cables. If you are looking for a consistently performing tool, then you don’t need to look any further.

It’s not only the right option for your vehicle but for your lifestyle as well. This polisher is made with high-quality materials to make sure that it can stand the test of time. RBL has maintained high-quality standards to make sure that you won’t have to deal with any issues later on.

This machine only weighs a couple of pounds, and you can easily go for this one-hand operation. Maneuvering is pretty simple and allows you to cover your entire vehicle in no time

But you will have to make sure that you fully charge its battery before you plug it out, or the battery is going to discharge pretty quickly over time. Your package will also include a couple of batteries, and the tool runs a 6-inch backing plate very conveniently. So, it covers a lot of area in one go and will allow you to cover your entire vehicle in not time


  • Runs 6-inch backing plate.
  • Comes with two batteries.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight construction for easy maneuverability.
  • User-friendly controls to get you started in no time.
  • Quality assurance guaranteed.


  • Battery needs to be fully charged before you start using the tool.
  • Cannot use it for smaller corners and crevices due to a huge backing plate.

9.   Clean Garage Cordless Polisher– Best for Backing Plate Options

This kit includes three different adapters along with three different backing plates. Your package will also include two batteries along with a charger. And there is a carrying case also included.

This kit also features a couple of three-inch yellow pads along with 2 three-inch cutting pads and 6 one-inch polishing pads. It also includes a finished polish by Sonax. So, it’s a complete finishing kit for your vehicle that you can conveniently use to detail your car and give it a new look.

The tool itself has a very lightweight design, and it will allow you to conveniently maneuver it on the surface. It is also one of the best options for you to consider if you are looking for a flexible polishing kit.

The tool is also equipped with a smart battery system that will not overcharge due to any reason. This means that these batteries can last longer than average. The tool also features a battery indicator light to tell you about the current status of the battery. It will allow you to keep track of your progress.

You can either use it on the road or at home and can easily store it anywhere you like. It’s a pretty flexible kit that will allow you to keep your car well maintained at all times.


  • It’s a pretty versatile kit that allows you to complete a variety of jobs.
  • There are three different adapters included in it.
  • Three different packing plates.
  • A lot of polishing accessories.
  • The package also includes a finish polish.
  • The tool itself is pretty lightweight.


  • Its motor doesn’t generate enough RPMs to complete a cleaning project quickly.
  • There are no variable speed modes as well.

10.   Kimo Cordless Polisher – Best for Professional-Grade Quality

The professional-grade quality construction of this cordless polisher is unmatched. It has a robust design and features a powerful motor to provide you with an exceptional oscillation speed of up to 3000 RPMs.

The tool itself is not going to feel that light because it weighs just over 1.7 lbs, but it is still pretty easy to maneuver due to this cordless design. It essentially a complete kit that includes a variety of other accessories.

The tool runs on a 2-Amp lithium-ion battery, and the kit includes a fast charger to get you back on your track in no time. Moreover, you will get a carrying bag in which you can place your microfiber polishing pad, flat foam and a wave foam, car polisher, and a 4-inch backing plate.

Here’s the best part…. This polisher also comes with a ratchet wrench for tightening those bolts, so it’s a complete kit for your car’s cleaning and maintenance.

The battery can be charged within an hour, and you can carry on what you were working on. The ratchet wrench also comes with seven different sockets for you to work on various applications. So, it’s a pretty versatile professional quality kit that will last for a long time to come.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Durable performance.
  • Various accessories included.
  • The polisher also comes with a ratchet wrench.
  • Fast charging capabilities.


  • The backing plate is only 4-inch in size.

Buying Guide

As there are different types of cordless polishers available on the market, this guide will help you in making the right decision by reducing your buying options.

Corded vs. cordless

This is a never-ending debate, and there are supporters for both sides. Of course, corded units can produce more power, while cordless units keep you free from cables. But cordless polishers are extremely convenient to operate and maneuver.

You can also work higher on your car and can even go through those tight crevices and corners. Cables can generate more power, but that is a hindrance as well.

They can be a useful tool at a professional level where you might have to do multiple polishing jobs. For handling DIY work, it’s better and more practical to go for cordless units.

Controlling handles

This is a very important feature, but it gets ignored quite frequently. It would be better for you to go with handles that allow you to control and guide the tool in the right direction with precision. This is especially the case with heavier polishing tools.

Always look for different positioned handles to make sure that you can conveniently control your polishing tools with ease.


Some tools are heavy because they are designed for bigger projects, and they come with a bigger motor as well as a larger backing plate. But they are also very difficult to maneuver.

Therefore, you can go for a unit that only weighs around 4 to 5 pounds. But of course, if you have more vehicles to handle and you want to get the job done quickly, then you can go for a powerful tool as well.

Variable speeds

Variable speeds are available in revolutions per minute or RPM, or they are available in operations per minute or OPM. But the thing is not about RPM or OPM because there is only a minor difference between them based on the orbit and shaft center.

With variable speeds, you can make your tool pretty effective. You can use different speeds based on the area that you intend to polish. With variable speeds, you can also protect yourself from overheating. So, it’s a pretty useful feature to have in your polishing tool, and it not only improves the overall efficiency but also improves the lifespan of your tool.

Orbital vs. rotary

There are two different types of operations of these polishing tools: one is orbital, and the other one is rotary. The difference between the two is due to the spinning operation and the motor. Rotary is much more powerful and spins clockwise. This is the recommended type for the professionals.

The orbital movement has dual action polishers. It can generate less power and is better suited for beginners. It completes its oscillations in very small circles and can be random, which is useful for removing defects effectively.

Safety features

These polishing tools don’t come with many safety features, but if you are a first-time user or a DIYer, then you might need these features on your tool. And the most common of all the safety features is the safety lock. It prevents any accidental start of your polishing tool. Some tools also come with an automatic shutdown feature to reduce power consumption.


This might not be the most important feature of a polishing tool. Most of the modes don’t even require you to regularly take care of them. The cordless ones are even better, and you will only have to charge the battery regularly, and that’s all about it. It’s pretty convenient!

FAQ for the Best Cordless Polishers

Polisher vs. buffer: what’s the difference?

There is a slight difference between these two tools. A polisher requires a polishing compound, while a buffer requires a waxing compound. With polishing, you can stabilize the imperfections like swirls and scratches. Buffering clears out the paint coating and further smoothes up the surface after you have done polishing on it.

Do these cordless polishers work?

Yes, cordless polishers are extremely convenient to use, and you won’t have to deal with any cables at all. For longer usage time in a single charge, you have to make sure that you have some extra batteries available. It’s pretty much the only limitation you have to deal with when using these cordless polishers.

How should I use a car polisher?

A cordless polisher operates effortlessly after you have applied the compound or wax on the surface. After that, you will have to insert the battery and choose the maximum RPM. Turn the tool on and start using it. Make sure to keep the motion consistent and slow for maximum effect. It’s better to run a test before you start working on your assignment. Also, remember to use the correct polish as well as the pad.


The winner of this roundup of best cordless polishers is the Dewalt DCM849P2 Cordless Polisher. It comes with a powerful battery of 20V and features a 7-inch backing plate. It’s a heavyweight unit, but you can conveniently get your entire care done in one go. It can conveniently produce up to 2200 RPMs and can handle a variety of polishing jobs.

If you are a DIYer, it’s better to go for a lightweight machine. For professionals, the heavier units are better. But cordless polishers can be extremely convenient because you don’t have to deal with any cables. The only issue you have is arranging multiple charged batteries if you want to extend the backup time.

Some of them are pretty versatile, and some of them focus on the basics. It is crucial that you emphasize your needs and requirements and finalize your purchase decision accordingly.

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