Best Metal Deck Railings Do It Yourself Projects

Are you thinking about installing metal deck railings in your yard? This is can seem like a huge project that needs professional installation. But, we have some good news. This is actually a project you can take on and complete successfully yourself. Are you unsure whether you need railings or how you can get started? We have some awesome tips for you and metal deck railings do it yourself instructions. So, let’s begin.

The Benefits of Deck Railings

A lot of people go back and forth when it comes to deck railings. They are unsure if they are really necessary and this is particularly true if they are on a budget. Here are some benefits of deck railings so that you can make up your mind.

Provide Safety

Do you have a young family or aging loved ones? Either way, deck railings are going to provide safety. Of course, they are going to provide people with something to grab onto and to help with balance. This is particularly true if someone is unsteady on their feet or has a disability, as well as keeping young children from slipping off the deck when they are outside.

Enlarges a Space

You may be surprised to hear about the psychology of deck railings. Imagine that you have a deck without them. You will find that you will put most of your outdoor furniture in the middle and people tend to stay away from the edges. This is due to feeling safer in the middle. Often, this means that a lot of your deck does not get used and you are not utilizing the whole space.

But, if you have deck railings, you provide some security. You are more likely to use every inch of the deck and this is an easy way to enlarge a space. So, railings make enclose a deck, but it can actually create the illusion of space.

Enhance the Design

Iron deck railings in the yard

Let’s not forget that metal deck railings simply look good. They can create a seating area in your yard and enhance the overall design of your outdoor space. There are a lot of different designs that you can choose from, which allows you to show off your personality and create the style you want for your property.

Choosing Metal Over Wooden Deck Railings

When you are looking at metal deck railings do it yourself projects, you will soon realize how many options you have. Of course, there are a lot of different designs. But, you first have to choose from several materials. In particular, metal and wood are the two main options you have.

A lot of people are opting for metal over wooden deck railing and there are many reasons for this. Namely, it is down to durability and strength. Metal is a very sturdy and strong material with a longer duration than wood. It can also have a powder coating, which can ensure longevity. Elements like rainwater and UV rays are not going to affect this material like they would with natural wood.

In addition, metal is low maintenance compared to wood. Since it has a powder coating, there is no need to apply protective coatings every year like you have to do with wooden deck railings. All of the hard work is already done and metal is able to cope with changing outdoor conditions.

Take All of Your Measurements

You will be excited to get started on the manual work of creating a metal deck railing. But, the hard work in this project is all of the small details. For example, you have to be patient and start by taking all of the measures. You need to know what size your decking area is so that you can purchase the right materials.

So, get a notepad and go around your deck getting all of the measurements. It can be useful to create a drawing of the area. This is going to allow you to explore the best metal deck railings do it yourself projects for your outdoor space.

You are also going to need all of the measurements first so that you can make all of the appropriate cuts when you purchase all of the materials. You also want to ensure you have all of the right tools for cutting metal cleanly.

Familiarize Yourself with the Materials

The great thing about metal deck railings do it yourself projects is that it is easy to buy all of the materials you need. But, instead of rushing into the building process, you want to familiarize yourself with all of the parts. The best thing you can do it lay them all out and put them into groups. For example, you can lay all of the posts together, as well as the fixings. This is going to allow you to see everything you need and find them quickly.

Here is a video that outlines some of the materials you might need for your project.

Start with the Posts For Metal Deck Railings Do It Yourself Project

The first part of manual work for your project is installing the posts. This is going to be what supports the whole structure and you want to ensure they are safely secured to the decking.

The general rule is that you should have a post in each corner of the decking, as well as having a post around 4 to 5 feet apart. If you have a small space, you can use your common sense to figure out what is going to be supportive and what will look good. You want them to be spaced equally. It is beneficial to make a marking for where the post is going to go first.

Begin by predrilling the holes for the post into the decking. Lag bolts will be necessary to secure the posts in place. Thankfully, metal kits are going to have pre-drilled holes in the metal posts that will make this process easier. Ensure that the posts are flush with the decking and that bolts are secure. It should not move rock when it is touched. Instead, you want it to feel solid.

Move onto the Top and Bottom Rails

Next on the agenda is attaching the top and bottom rails. There can be mounting brackets to make this step easy, as well as slots for the rails. You can find more detailed instructions on the metal deck railings do it yourself parts as they can all be slightly different. Again, they will be securely attached with bolts.

One tip is that it can be best to start this process after you have secured the first post. You can then start securing the top and bottom rails before you secured the second post. This can be a lot easier and allow for a secure design.

Insert the Pickets or Secure the Wires

Traditional metal deck railings

The next step is going to depend on the design you have chosen for your outdoor space. Namely, the most popular metal deck railings do it yourself ideas are having pickets or wires. The building process is going to be slightly different depending on the design you pick.

Often, pickets are going to be easy to attach to your metal deck railings do it yourself design. But, the exact details will depend on the kit you order. For example, you may have to simply insert them into the top and bottom rails and use spacers for an equal design. For some, you may have to drill them into place.

When it comes to wires, you are going to have to a bit more drilling. You are going to need to make holes through the posts. This is where the wire is going to go through. You can decide how many rows you want to create. Then you are going to feed the cable wire through each of these holes on the posts. Then, there is hardware available that is going to allow you to stop the cable wire at the end post.

Are there differences between picket and wire deck railings? Mostly, it is going to be down to your personal preference and the style you want to create. For example, people like that pickets can have a contemporary or traditional look, as well as acting as a type of screening for a patio or balcony area. Alternatively, you may prefer the look of a wire deck railing since this will not obscure your views and it can make a space look larger than it actually is. Both are possible to install on your own.

Use Wall Brackets for Metal Deck Railings Do It Yourself Project

Metal deck railings do it yourself kits can work well with wall brackets. This is going to be a bracket that is going to fix your railings to an existing wall. If your decking is near to your building, you can use this bracket instead of end posts. It can create a tidier look. Ensure that you are comfortable joining the brackets to the wall since you do not want to damage the bricks.

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