Building Homes with SIP Building Kits for Do It Yourselfers

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are high-performing building systems for both light commercial and residential construction projects. These panels come with an insulating foam core that is sandwiched within 2 structural facings, usually oriented strand boards (OSBs).

Every small homeowner in the modern era is looking to use these SIPs. These offer sustainability, fast building, air quality, long-term value, and energy efficiency. They come in smaller pre-cuts and pre-measured panels, and there are a variety of floor plans to choose from.

As a do it yourself enthusiast, you can use your skills to create your own home and feel proud of it. And you will need no outside or professional assistance to get the job done.

Whether you have heard about SIPs previously or not, this guide will help you determine how much you can gain if you go for this installation for your next do it yourself home project.

We have also included some suitable SIP building kits for do it yourselfers to get you going!

Why Choose SIP Building Kits for Do It Yourselfers? 


Sustainable SIP Buildings

SIP building kits for do it yourselfers allow you to construct your home sustainably. These sustainable or green buildings consume less energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

These homes are LEED-certified which is a standard for energy and environmental design. These buildings have a shallow impact on the environment and human health. These are the most preferred choices for roofing and farming too. They reduce greenhouse gasses and don’t’ consume much energy to cool or heat.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient SIP Buildings

SIPS come with high energy efficiency and offer superior thermal resistance. They also ensure minimal air filtration. Energy efficiency can significantly increase from 50% to 70%. They don’t take much time to heat or cool and contain the air temperature pretty well for more extended periods.

Improved air quality

improved indoor air quality with SIP building kits

You have better control over your indoor air quality with SIP building kits for do it yourselfers. The airtight building envelope halts the incoming air for better ventilation. It means you won’ have to deal with any of those allergens and other contaminants.


Durable SIP building kits

SIP building kits for do it yourselfers are solid and durable. They are equivalent to those durable and sturdy steel I-beams. The outer layer of OSBs and the thick inner foam creates robust products. They can provide you with great weather resistance too. Plus, they are resistant to fires, also if you install them properly.

Fast and easy building

SIP building kits for do it yourselfers build your home faster and easier. These panels are pre-measured and cut according to the floor plans that you choose. So, you don’t have to spend much time in the design phase.

Even the custom home kits are pretty good time savers. These panels are self-contained and easy to install. You can easily erect an entire wall as they come already insulated, framed, and sheathed.

Best SIP Building Kits for Do It Yourselfers

1.   EZ SIPS

One of the best SIP building kits for do it yourselfers comes from the EZ SIPS. These SIP panels are highly affordable, which is one of the reasons why we have rated them as the best. These SIPS come at half the price of factory SIPs, and you are in for a lot of savings here.

These kits come with 4-foot cut panels that are made of R-25+ EPS. These panels are 6 ¾-inch thick and are wall high. These SIPs are engineered by channels routed within the foam, and they accommodate studs and are plated from top to bottom.

Wiring and plumbing become extremely easy because the inner sections come with all the studs and plates providing about half an inch from the insulation. You can build your home just the way you have always wanted to build it but in a better way.

2.   Thermo-Built

Thermo-Built wall panels come with an insulating power. They come with twice the insulation inside them at half the cost of conventional SIPs.

These panels are great for roofing and wall building and are extremely easy to assemble and handle. You won’t need any heavy machinery to erect them at all. Two adults can erect these walls on their own in no time.

These SIP building kits for do it yourselfers are great for anyone looking to get the best bang of their buck but with better and thicker insulation. With thicker insulation, these panels offer better weather resistance, self-ventilation, a radiant roof barrier, and exceptional air quality.

The entire electrical chase is exposed and straightforward to install your wiring as well boxes. These panels are pre-cut and pre-measured so that you can choose the floor plan according to your preferences.

3.   Ray-Core

The SIP building kits for do it yourselfers by Ray-Core are great for residential and commercial installations. The entire process is relatively straightforward and convenient to handle.

Otherwise, you will have to go through the instructional manual very carefully to get everything sorted out. Framing a roof or a wall is the most technical project of them all. And if you can do that on your own, installing these SIP building kits for do it yourselfers won’t be that difficult for you.

You can use these SIPs on your existing structures, new construction projects, remodeling, additions, retrofitting systems, floor systems basements walls, and so much more. These Panels come with quality polyurethane foam that can produce the highest R-values. They offer exceptional weather resistance and endurance.

4.   ValuBuild

If you are looking for a more customized SIP package, you can go for ValuBuild. These SIP building kits for do it yourselfers come pre-cut and pre-measured according to the floor pale of your choice.

It means you have complete freedom to design whatever you like for your new home. These panels are great for roofing and wall construction. So, you can use them for any floor plan of your choice.

Your entire home can be constructed within 10 weeks. Eventually, you will be able to save a lot of money on your project too. However, these panels are designed for slightly experienced do it yourselfers who have the basic know-how of buildings. You can choose different styles that can give a new look to your home according to your preferences.

5.   DIY-Pods

DIY-Pods has dedicated itself to offering highly affordable SIP building kits for doing it yourselfers. They specialize in pod-style units and tiny homes. You can choose from different styles according to your needs.

They use the highest quality materials to construct their SIPs. These SIPs are great for garden sheds, backyards, and studio sheds, and they offer tremendous weather resistance. You can compare these panels with stick frames or blocks or even EPS panels and see the difference yourself.

For one of the highest quality products for insulation values and weather protection, you should choose DIY-Pods. And you won’t have to break your wallet for that either. These are some of the most affordable SIPs available on the market.


How long do these SIP homes last?

The homes built with SIP panels can last for over 60 years if you have installed them properly.

How large SIP panels can I go for?

A single large piece of these SIP panels can span comfortably up to 20 feet. They will further reduce any need for internal support or columns. These panels are great for roofing. They meet the green roof standards for having fewer gaps. So, these can also handle larger loads comfortably.

Do these SIP panels need a frame for any support?

Most applications, no they don’t need a frame for additional support because they are self-reliant as far as structuring goes. These SIPs have OSB skins that work like steel I-beams. They have a thick foam inside that serves as a core. This design is robust and doesn’t require any extra framing.

How much a SIP building costs?

The cost depends on the building area. A basic design would cost you anything between $15-30 per sq. ft. This would include walls, exterior shells, and roof panels.

What tools do I need to get through my SIP project?

You will need standard carpentry tools to get through the project. These include but are not limited to carpenter’s square, contour gauge duplicator, carpenter pencil, work apron, knee pads, pliers, pull saw, and the hammer.


SIP building kits for do it yourselfers add significant value to your property if you add them as an upgrade to your current building. They save a lot when it comes to building new projects from scratch.

These buildings are green, and they provide excellent air quality and weather-resistive features. Installing them is not a big deal as long as you have some construction experience.

You won’t need any heavy equipment to erect the walls, and most of the projects can be completed by two adults. These panels are highly affordable and can bring down your energy consumption significantly.

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