Do It Yourself Artificial Turf – Always Have a Fabulous Lawn

A lot of homeowners love the look at a green and healthy lawn, especially during the summer. But, it is a lot of work and not every yard is built for a beautiful lawn. So, are there any alternatives? It is becoming popular to have artificial grass installed in the yard. The problem is, it can be very expensive, particularly if you have a large property. The good news is, you can try do it yourself artificial turf on a budget and to solve all of your problems.

What are the Benefits of Do It Yourself Artificial Turf?

There are a lot of advantages to having do it yourself artificial turf over real grass. Let’s take a look at them so you can decide if this is something you want for your yard.

There is no Maintenance

First of all, if you have had a real lawn before, you will know all of the work that goes into maintaining it. From having sprinklers installed to mowing the lawn every week, if you are not a gardener, it is a hassle and very time-consuming. You are really going to benefit from switching to artificial grass.

Unlike the real stuff, do it yourself artificial turf requires minimal maintenance. Since it is made from synthetic materials, you do not have to cut it or use fertilizers. Instead, you can simply wash it down every once in a while. You will save a lot of time and effort.

Enjoy All-Year-Round Green Lawn

Does your lawn flood during the winter and get muddy? This can be a pain and mean that you have to reseed every summer. When you choose do it yourself artificial turf, you are going to avoid puddling and the damage that is caused during the winter. The synthetic materials still allow water to drain through and instead, it avoids any mud and mess. So, you can look forward to having a lawn that is always green no matter what the weather is like or what the season is.

You Can Save Money with Do It Yourself Artificial Turf

Do it yourself artificial turf is a great investment for your home. You can avoid the fees of hiring a company when you take on this project yourself. You can save money on materials, as well as know that you are not going to have any other expenses in the future. Having a real lawn can be a lot of work and money every year. Once you have paid out the initial money for this project, you will not have to spend any more.

Resilient for Children Playing

Children love to play outside. But, over time, they can damage the lawn. This can be caused by playing soccer to having a climbing frame. Do it yourself artificial turf is going to be a lot better for children playing and running around. It is durable and resilient, which means your kids can have a lot of fun while keeping the yard looking good. It can deal with a lot of foot traffic. What’s more, your children will not be exposed to any harsh chemicals or toxic fertilizers that can be used on real lawns.

Resistant to Pets

do it yourself artificial turf

We all know that pets can make a mess of the lawn. In particular, dogs use the lawn as a toilet and this can cause yellow patches of dead grass. This means you are constantly having to reseed the lawn. Well, this is going to be a problem of the past thanks to do it yourself artificial turf. Made from synthetic materials, this turf is pet resistant, which means that it will not show signs of wear when it is used by your pets.

The Materials You Need for Do It Yourself Artificial Turf

There are several materials you are going to need to purchase for this project. Let’s take a look at them in advance so that you can shop around for the best deals.

Artificial Turf Roll

Spend some time finding the best artificial turf roll for your yard. You will soon find out that there are a lot of different styles to choose from. This includes different colors and pile lengths. While the choice is yours, you will probably want to make sure it looks as real as possible. It can help to take samples and compare them to the lawn you already have. This way, you can color match. There are also different lengths of rolls and you will need to measure your lawn carefully too.

Crushed Rocks

You need to have good drainage under your artificial turf. This is going to stop it from flooding when there is bad weather. If you are planning on laying your grass on an existing lawn, you are going to want to add crushed rock as an aggregate. This is going to create a durable subbase that helps take water away from the surface.

Sharp Sand

Another subbase that people like to use underneath artificial turf is sharp sand. Again, this is going to help with drainage and to make sure that no water pools on the top of the grass. You can purchase large bags of sharp sand from a local building store. You are also going to need this to level out the ground in preparation for the roll of artificial turf.

A Compactor or Tamper

For this project, you will need a compactor or tamper. This is going to allow all of the materials to be compacted together underneath the artificial turf and to ensure that they are level. This is probably not a tool you have lying around in your shed. Instead, this is something that you can hire for the day to fit the do it yourself artificial turf.

Weed Membrane

Next, you are going to need a roll of weed membrane. Just as the name suggests, this is a material that you lay down on the ground and that is going to prevent weed growth. This is something that you do not want growing up through your artificial turf and it can create bumps that you do not want either.

Artificial Grass Pegs

Artificial turf has to be secured to the ground. There are a lot of pegs you can purchase that are going to do this. All you will have to do is hammer them into the ground. Often, they are the same color as the grass so that they are invisible. But, they do a great job of keeping the roll of turf in place in your yard.

Do It Yourself Artificial Turf Adhesive Glue

For using more than one roll of grass, you will need adhesive glue. This is going to join the rolls together and hold them in place. It is best to use adhesive glue for this task so that you cannot see the joints. After all, you want your turf to look real.

How to Lay Do It Yourself Artificial Turf

Now that you know all of the materials you need to gather for this project, it is time to get into how you lay do it yourself artificial turf. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Measure the Area

The preparation work is always key to a successful result. So, start by measuring the area where you want to lay the artificial grass. Some people benefit from drawing a diagram and noting down all of the measures. You are going to need these measures in order to purchase artificial turf and to know where to cut it. It is possible that you might need more than one roll depending on how large the area is.

Do the Ground Preparation

Now, it is time for some hard labor. If you have an existing lawn, it is time to dig it all up and prepare the ground for the do it yourself artificial turf. This includes removing the grass, as well as digging down around 12 cm.

Digging to put down turf

For good drainage, you want to add a layer of crushed rocks. This is going to act as a subbase and make sure that the artificial grass is able to drain away rain water. On top of this, you are going to spread of sharp sand too. Together, these two materials will really help drainage and make sure you enjoy the best results. Make sure that the subbases are compacted using a tamper and level for the artificial grass.

Lay Down the Weed Membrane

Next, you are going to lay out the weed membrane. This is going to cover the whole ground and you want to secure it down. You can use nails to do this or some of the artificial grass pegs to hold it in place before you roll out the turf.

Fit the Do It Yourself Artificial Turf

This is the part you have been waiting for. It is time to lay out the do it yourself artificial turf and start making the final adjustments. The first thing to do is roll out your artificial grass. With your measurements, you show know how to cut it. It is always best to leave around 10 cm more than you need. This way, you have more to play with if something goes wrong and you can cut it off later.

Once the do it yourself artificial turf is down, it will be time to secure it. You can use your pegs for this task. Make sure that a sufficient number of pegs are hammered into the ground around the edges. This is going to stop the roll from moving.

If have a large yard and you are having to use more than one roll of artificial grass, your process is going to be slightly different. You are going to have to join them together. Lay them down on the ground in the same direction for the pile. You want the seams to line up so that they become invisible. You can use pegs to hold it down or you can use artificial turf glue so that there are no bumps on the lawn.

Spread Sand Over the Lawn

You want to ensure that your artificial turf sets in place. The best way to do this is to spread sand on top of it. This is going to weigh it down. Thus, take your sand and use a brush to spread it around. You should work it into the pile of the grass so that you cannot see it. It will also help the fibers of the turf stand up and look like a real lawn.

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