DIY wall-hanging ideas: Decorate your home or sell them for profit!

There are tons of DIY wall-hanging ideas that are easy to make. Wall-hangings are among the most profitable crafts to sell. Who doesn’t want to feel cozy? Paintings are an ordinary way to décor the walls of your room. However, people want to stand out from the crowd. 

DIY wall hangings create a unique and cozy environment that catches the eye. It is a great way to bring new life at home and change the whole décor. Who could resist on buying a handmade wall hanging? 

Easy DIY wall hangings make a transformative difference on the whole house without hard effort or money. No one wants to live on plain white walls. However, the solution is easy and quick. Make yourself DIY wall hangings to decorate your own house or to sell them for profit

No one wants to live on plain white walls.

The truth is that there are tons of creative and even designer-inspired DIY wall hanging arts to sell or hang on your wall. Think of a dip-dyed wooden stick heart hanging, a DIY macramé plant holder wall hanging, a paper wall art, a round floral wall hanging, or simply hanging selves with triangle shapes. 

Read below and find a list of DIY wall-hanging ideas you can make and sell.

Yarn-made wall hangings.

DIY white macramé wall hanging in patterns

Yarn-made DIY wall hangings are back in trend. People love to hang on their walls colorful or more elegant yarn hangings. Yarn wall hangings are not creating much distraction but decorate the wall in the best possible way.

Yarn-made wall art is an easy DIY craft to make, and you can choose the shape, the colors, and even the size. 

All you need is:

  • A stick or a twig of some sort (you can even find it in your yard)
  • Scissors to cut your yarn
  • Buy multiple colors or simple yarn (your decision to make), twice the length you want it to be.

How to make it? Easily!

  • Cut your rounded yarn in the middle.
  • Grab three strands, and tie the loops onto the stick. Place your yarn under, grab it over, open up the loop and pull all the strands through.
  • Then cinch it up nice and tightly.
  • Pull up the strand and make a knot. (Remember to keep them loose!)
  • If you like; you could make a braid in the middle (especially if you have separate strands with different colors). 
  • One more designing option is to twist some of the braids and wrap them around.

It is absolutely up to you what shapes you want to give on your yarn. Yarn-made DIY wall hanging crafts are easy to make, cheap and can be proven profitable enough. 

Macramé Feather wall hanging.

If you want to go rustic, grab a stick and add some feathers to it. Otherwise, instead of choosing natural feathers, try to make handmade macramé feathers.


  • Craft Scissors
  • Wire Bristle Brush
  • Cotton Macramé Rope at any color you like
  • Stick or Dowel

How to make:

  1. Cut one length of rope twice the size you want your feather.
  2. Fold the long rope in half and tie knots around the stick; this is your holding rope.
  3. Fold the rope in half, and lay it under the holding rope.

Macrame Feather Wall Decor DIY Tutorial – Lia Griffith

Quilt Square Artwork

Square wall hanging art pieces

A large-scale piece of painted plywood gives a graphic/designer stigma in any house. It is easy enough to make a wall hanging art from plywood. It is about a craft that will change the look and environment of the whole room. Most important? Pieces of painted plywood sell like crazy online. People enjoy the modern look that they offer in their spaces. 

How to make?

1. Cut a piece of plywood to the desired size

2. Draw a quilt block on the wood with a pencil. 

3. Use a ruler to make straight lines.

4. Paint with acrylic dye. 

5. Nail strips of 1/2-inch trim along the edges to finish

6. Hang on your wall or sell it.

As you can see the process is pretty simple. Search online and see how many people are looking to buy art pieces at low price. You will be amazed by the demand.

Beaded wall hanging

Create easily your own wall hanging by using some beads and a natural branch or a stick.

By creating a beading wall hanging, you give a bohemian look to your room. You can keep it or sell it to make a profit.

How to make an easy beaded wall hanging?

  • Choose your beads (usually it costs $3/4)
  • Put the beads on a strand (make them similar to bracelets or leave them as straight lines. It is more beautiful to keep them on different lengths)
  • Tie your bracelets in your branch.
  • Add some glue on your branch and stick a piece of dried flowers or dried branches of eucalyptus. (optional)

It is about an easy craft that requires no money and a small amount of time.

Grid of Clipboard Frames

Vintage clipboard hanged in the wall

An easy wall-hanging to make is a grid of clipboard frames. You can use your old vintage grid clipboard or go with a more modern approach.

The steps are easy and quick! 

  • Print your designs, 
  • Attach the designs to the clipboard. 
  • Thread a piece of leather jewelry cord under the clip.
  • Knot the thread at the top.
  • Hang with a pushpin

Do you think that there is any other easier craft to make and sell? 

DIY hanging triangle shelves

DIY triangle wood self hanged in the wall

Geometric designs are very popular for interior design. Triangle shelves are a simple and chic way of giving a more eccentric and modern look to your room. 

Triangle selves are super profitable as people are looking for ways to transform their spaces into something more contemporary. The most affordable wood is enough to create a quality and beautiful piece of art. You don’t need to invest that much!

  • Cut the wood to the preferable width
  • Clean the edges with a planer
  • Cut a 30-degree angle on the end
  •  Flip the wood 180 degrees and measure the length you’ll want the shelf pieces
  • Cut at the desired length at 30-degree angle again
  • Add wood glue to the edges, and glue the two pieces together
  • Let them sit for 2 minutes, and then nail them together.

You can always customize your shape and style requirements. You can even choose to go with a square shape or any other shape you imagine; it is up to you! 

Transform items you already have into decorative objects or buy cheap objects that you can turn into your own pieces of art to display on your wall or even sell them for profit.  Try all the DIY wall-hanging ideas and choose which one suits you the best!

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