DIY Wooden Furniture Projects – Fun Repurposing

Welcome back for the second part of the most inspiring DIY furniture projects! This time, we are taking a look at DIY wooden furniture projects. It is fun and affordable to take old wooden furniture and repurpose it into something new, exciting and unique. From using old French doors to turning a bookcase upside down, here are six DIY wooden furniture projects to get you started.

DIY Wooden Furniture Projects Door Photo Frame

Do you have a lot of family photographs you want to display in your home? Instead of purchasing generic frames that anybody can buy in stores, there are plenty of DIY wooden furniture projects you can try. For example, you can make an attractive and affordable photo frame from an old wooden door. This is going to work well if it has several glass panels and it is a French door.

This project is fun and a lot easier than it may sound. You will have to saw some of the door to get it even on all sides to look like a photo frame. You can also paint the wood any color that you desire and to complement your home décor. Then all you have to do is print out some photographs and you can attach them behind the glass. Now, your old French door is ready to attach to any wall and look like a photo frame!

Street Sign Stools

Are you looking for a fun way to jazz up the stools in your home? While not a lot of people think about it, stools can be a fun way to personalize a space. This is particularly true if you have a breakfast bar. So, if you have old wooden stools that you can change up, we have great DIY wooden furniture projects for you.

Have you ever thought about using street signs for your furniture? Well, with not a lot of tools or effort, you can enjoy street sign stools. You can make them the seat part of the stool and this is going to add cool and imagination to your dining space.

Common street signs for a wooden stool

So, how do you get started? Well, let’s begin by getting your hands on a street sign. At no point should you try to take one. This can be criminal damage and it can become dangerous for road users. The best way to get one is to purchase one online, such as on eBay. You can also get one from a junkyard. You can choose any design that you like and even have different road signs if you are making several stools.

Then, you are going to have to bend the street sign to fit the stool. This might be able to be done with manual pressure. If not, you could use a mallet to carefully bend the sign. Then it will be a case of using a drill to make holes in the sign and attach it to the stool. You can also use a strong glue if you believe this is going to hold. It will depend on the weight of the sign and how flat your stools are.

Bookcase Shoe Bench

If you are looking for easy DIY wooden furniture projects then we have the perfect one for you. Think about your shoe storage right now. Are there shoes lying everywhere? Would you like somewhere where you can sit down and get ready to leave the house? Well, you can try out this easy shoe bench.

In order to get started on this shoe bench, all you are going to need is one or two wooden bookcases. Perhaps you are looking to get rid of some old ones or you can get your hands on one from a flea market.

Either way, you are going to turn the bookcase onto its side. The shelves are going to act as dividers to put your shoes in and keep them organized. Then the side of the bookcase is going to be where your bench is. You can purchase a bench cushion, which is going to add color and comfort to it. Just make sure that the bookcase you choose has a solid and sturdy construction. This is essential to hold your weight as a bench.

Wooden Table Lamp

It can be hard to find unique table lamps these days. Instead of settling for a generic one, why not make your own? This can be a simple task even for a beginner DIY enthusiast. The first step is going to be finding some piece of wood that you love. Perhaps you have some left over from a project that you have not used. Alternatively, you can find some online and choose it for your table lamp project.

Once you have your wood, all you are going to need is a lamp kit. This is something that you can purchase from a local hardware store. Then get the appropriate bulb for the wattage on the kit. Then it will be a case of drilling holes into the bottom of your wood and connecting your lamp kit. Ensure that you are careful during this process and do not connect your table lamp to an outlet until you have followed all of the instructions. What you will have at the end is a personalized DIY table lamp!

For this project, you can get creative with the shape and design you create. You can get inspiration for these types of DIY wooden furniture projects online too. For example, you can check out this YouTube video for some good inspiration:

Potting Bench Outdoor Bar

Do you love to host and have friends and family around for barbecues? Would you love a bar where you can conjure up some fantastic drinks for your guests? Well, you need an outdoor bar. If this something that you have already looked into then you will realize that outdoor bars can be quite expensive. They can also be very large and this might not suit the size of your yard.

But we have fantastic DIY wooden furniture projects to solve these problems. You can build your own bar out of a potting bench. If you are not much of a gardener, you can reuse this outdoor wooden furniture in a way you might not have thought about before. For example, The Creativity Exchange demonstrates how you can use the sink part of the potting bench for an ice bucket, as well as the surface for mixing drinks. The shelves can be used to showcase your drinks.

You can enjoy making some additions to really make it into a cool bar. For example, you can add a towel bar to clean up any spillages. You can also add hooks so that you can hang glasses underneath the shelves. Not only does this look good, but it also maximizes space. Do not forget that you can add a bottle opener simply by drilling it into the wooden potting bench. You can create this bar for under $150 and really make it your own.

DIY Wooden Furniture Projects Bed Outdoor Bench

Do you have an old wooden bed frame that you no longer need? You may be looking for ways to discard this piece of furniture. But DIY wooden furniture projects are going to be a lot of fun when you have something like this lying around. You can repurpose your wooden bedframe and piece an entirely new piece of furniture. In particular, you can make a garden bench.

If you find it hard to imagine how this project works, the head board is going to be the back of the bench and the part that you lean on. The slats of the bed frame are also going to be the part of the bench that you sit on. It is simply the case of shortening and reshaping the bed frame to make an outdoor bench. Then you are free to sand and paint the wood the color you want for your yard.

Wooden outdoor bench

This project is going to require a few more tools than the rest. For example, you are going to need a saw to cut through wood, as well as a drill. It is helpful to have a sander, as well as wood paint at the ready. It can be helpful to have two pairs of hands for this one. So, grab your partner and a loved one to get started.

To Summarize DIY Wooden Furniture Projects

Furniture for your home does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are many pieces of furniture you can make with your family using wood you have lying around or that you find in junkyards. You can enjoy a fun project and enjoy the furniture you create at the end.

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