Do It Yourself Garage Storage Ideas for Organization

For a lot of homeowners, the garage turns into a dumping ground for everything. From bicycles and tools to general bric-a-brac that does not have a place in the house, the garage can be messy. But, instead of living with a disorganized space, you can try out some do it yourself garage storage ideas. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of money and you can free up some space.

If you are up for the task, let’s take a look at some awesome do it yourself garage storage ideas.

A Pool Noodle for Fishing Rods

 Are you an avid fisher and like to spend your weekends down by the lake? You are probably going to have a lot of fishing rods you need to store in your garage. Chances are, they are lying around in a pile. But, we have an easy and cheap way you can organize your fishing rods and make sure they are easy to find when you are going on a trip.

Fishing rod storage ideas

All you need for do it yourself garage storage ideas like this is a pool noodle. You can pick one up for a couple of dollars. You will also benefit from purchasing a PVC pipe. Again, this is something you can buy for not a lot of money at a local hardware store. All you have to do is drill holes in the PVC pipe that are going to be big enough to hold the handle to the fishing rod. You can make as many holes as you need. Then you are going to cut a slit into the pool noodle that is in line with the holes in the PVC pipe. The idea is, you can rest your fishing rod into the PVC pipe and the top is going to be held in place by the pool noodle. All that is left is to attach these to the wall.

Do It Yourself Garage Storage Ideas – Wired Shelving for Joist Spaces

Do you have a lot of joists in your garage? This is common and it is often space that ends up getting wasted. But, you no longer have to put up with this. One of our do it yourself garage storage ideas is going to solve this problem. In order to create more storage space above your head and in these joists, you are going to need some wired shelving, as well as some boxes. This is going to allow a lot more space to store items you do not use on a daily basis.

First of all, you will need to take the measurements of your garage. This can include the space between the joists. This is going to make sure that you purchase the right sizes of boxes. The idea is that the wired shelves are going to sit directly underneath the joists and are drilled to the wall. This way, the storage is going to be in between the joists. You can slide in and out the boxes you want to use. You can keep everything from old toys and tools in these boxes. But, just make sure that it is items you do not need down every day.

A PVC Pipe for Hoses

One thing that is always lying around in a garage is hoses and cords. When they are lying around on the floor, they easily get tangled and knots can form. This means that when you need to use them, you have to untangle and organise them. It is annoying and time-consuming. One of our do it yourself garage storage ideas involves using some PVC pipes. You can create your own hooks for the garage wall to solve this problem.

First of all, you are going to need a plank of wood. This is going to attach to the wall. Then you can take a PVC pipe and cut it into as many pieces as you need. Each piece is going to be used to hang up a hose or cord. Attach the PVC pipe to the plank of wood and you have simple but effective storage for your garage.

A Wooden Pallet for Lawn Tools

If you have a lot of lawn tools with long handles, you can end up leaving them all over the place in your garage. Not only does this look messy, but it also means that you cannot find them when you need to use them. So, we have some simple do it yourself garage storage ideas to combat this problem and bring some organization to your garage. All you are going to need is a wooden pallet.

To create your lawn tool storage, all you have to do is stand the pallet up on its side. You are going to be able to slide in all of your long-handled lawn tools and keep them organized. You can drill them to a wall so that the weight of the tools does not knock over the wooden pallet. Of course, you are free to paint the wood to match the décor of your garage space. Are you planning on doing some landscaping? Here is a guide you will find useful for your outdoor project.

Do It Yourself Garage Storage Ideas- Bookcase for Shoe Organization

A lot of people keep their shoes in the garage so they are ready to leave the house. But, this can mean trying to find them and then bringing dirty shoes into the home. Instead of doing this, it is time to create shoe organization. One of our do it yourself garage storage ideas is to use an old bookcase. You can lay it on its side and you are going to have a fantastic way to store shoes, as well as other small accessories.

Thus, lay the bookcase down horizontally. You can sand it down for a smooth texture and then you can paint it any color you like. Then you can add legs to the side of the bookcase to make it look more like a shoe bench. You will be able to use the shelves for storing shoes or you can purchase boxes to make it appear tidier. All that is left is to purchase a bench cushion and you can lay this on top of the bookcase. Now, you have somewhere to sit to put on your shoes, as well as more storage space.

Metal Pegboard for Tools

do it yourself storage ideas

Having a lot of tools lying around is common in garages. After all, this can be where you do a lot of work. Butt, it can also mean that you cannot find the tools you are looking for when you need them. To stop this from happening you can use a metal pegboard. This is something that you can purchase online or in a local hardware store. You can drill it to the wall in your garage and it is going to display all of your tools You will know where they are and you can find them quickly. What’s more, some people like the industrial style they create.

Do It Yourself Garage Storage Ideas – Slat Wall for General Storage

Have you ever heard of a slat wall before? This could be just what you need to tidy up your garage and to create storage space. Essentially, this is a material that is going to be attached to your wall and it has horizontal grooves. You will hear these grooves called slats, which is just what the name suggests. The purpose of these slats is so that you can easily click in attachments, such as shelves, as well as storage bins. This can stop you from having to drill a lot of holes into the wall of your garage. Instead, you have the flexibility to move around different fixtures on the slat wall.

What we love about the slat wall is that it is affordable and easy to do. You can create storage in your garage in under 10 minutes and you do not need a lot of tools. The slat all is often made from fiberboard, which keeps the price down but it is still durable. You can choose where you want to have hooks for outdoor jackets, shelving for tools and accessories or bins for small items.

Rack for Bikes

If you and your family are outdoor explorers, you are going to have a lot of bikes. When you keep them in your garage, you also know that they take up a lot of space. This can leave you with less storage space for other items. But, you can solve this with our do it yourself garage storage ideas. It is possible to make your own bike rack for the garage and to spend under $40.

To build this, you are going to need to purchase some large bike hooks. You can purchase as many as you need depending on how many bikes you have in your garage. They have screws on them that you can fix to the plank of wood. Then, you will need screws to attach the bike rack to your wall, as well as studs to handle the weight of the bikes. That is all you are going to need.

Then, your bikes are going to attach to the rack using the hooks on the wheels. Make sure that the bike rack is easy to reach so that the whole family can effortlessly get their bike down to go for a ride. What’s more, you can expand and customize this bike rack depending on your needs. For example, you could create two tiers or attach other items along the rack. You can also paint the wood to complement the décor in your garage and to add some color. All of this can be done on a small budget and will solve your storage problems in the garage.

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