Do It Yourself Grass Seed Spreader – Achieve a Luscious Lawn

Are you planning on growing a new lawn or do you want to reseed your existing lawn? This is a job that a lot of garden enthusiasts do themselves. It is a way to save money and get the job done quickly. But, did you realize that there is a specific way you should lay the grass seeds onto the ground? This is when you are going to benefit from a do it yourself grass seed spreader. Let’s take a closer look and gain a better understand of this topic before you start on your Lawn.

Why Use a Do It Yourself Grass Seed Spreader?

A lot of people think that they can simply purchase a bag of grass seeds and start throwing them all over their lawn. But, this is actually an inefficient way to do it and it will not achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at why you should consider a do it yourself grass seed spreader.

Save Time

enjoying the lawn

You may be surprised by how much time it can take to throw grass seeds all over your lawn. This is particularly true if you are starting from scratch. So, creating your own do it yourself grass seed spreader is actually going to save you a lot of time. It is going to be able to distribute the seeds all over the ground and save you a lot of effort too. This sounds great, right?

Spread Seeds Evenly

A lot of people assume that if they simply drop a lot of grass seeds in one area, it is going to grow into a thick and beautiful lawn. But, gardeners know that there is a lot more to the job than that. In particular, you want to spread the seeds evenly. This is going to prevent a patchy lawn that is better in some areas than others. A do it yourself grass seed spreader ensures that seeds are scattered on the ground evenly so that they can all get sunlight and water to grow. So, not only do you enjoy a wider coverage with a spreader. But, you also enjoy a better coverage too.

Save Money with a Do It Yourself Grass Seed Spreader

If you are an avid gardener then you will know that tools and accessories for your yard can be expensive. In particular, something as simple as a grass seed spreader can cost a lot of money. But, the good news is that you no longer have to pay this. Instead, you can make your own. This can be a satisfying project and it will mean that you can save money at the same time. It will work just as well as one that you purchase online or from a local store.

Some Do It Yourself Grass Seed Spreader Ideas

Now, it is time to look at some ideas when it comes to making a do it yourself grass seed spreader. Let’s check them out so that you can choose the right one for your yard.

Use an Old Milk Jug

For this one, you can use a lot of items you already have in your home. To start with, you will need an old milk jug, water bottle, tape, scissors, mesh screening and grass seeds. Then, you are ready to begin with your do it yourself grass seed spreader.

Take your scissors and cut the water bottle in half. You want to have the top of the water bottle and place it on top of the milk jug. This will act as a funnel. You can use the tape to secure the water bottle to the milk jug. Then, you are going to pour some grass seed into it and they will fall into the bottom of the milk jug. Place the mesh screening on the top of the water bottle to stop the seeds from pouring out all at once onto your lawn. Again, cut it to the right size and secure it with the duct tape. This does not have to be a perfect job and you can simply throw away this do it yourself grass seed spreader once you are done. This is all without spending a lot of money.

Grab a Used Coffee Can

You do not have to run off to the store every time you want to reseed your lawn. Instead, you can repurpose items that you already have at home. In particular, there are things that you would just throw in the trash, such as a used coffee can. But, this is something that you can keep and use a do it yourself grass seed spreader.

coffee can for seed spreader

So, grab a used coffee can. Turn it upside down and make holes in the bottom of it. You may be able to use scissors for this task or a sharp nail. Either way, ensure that you are safe during this task by wearing safety glasses. You want to make a few rows of holes. Then you want to fill the can with some grass seeds and put on the lid. Now, your do it yourself grass seed spreader is going to be ready to use. You will just have to shake the can to be able to use it.

Repurpose a Plastic Trash Can

Do you have an indoor trash can that you do not use? Well, this is definitely something that you can use for creating your own do it yourself grass seed spreader. This is going to work well for large areas and you are going to be able to distribute the seeds evenly over the ground. It will allow you to achieve a lush and even lawn that you are proud of.

In order to repurpose your plastic trash can, first, you want to clean it. Rinse out the bin with soap water. This will get rid of any germs and dirt that might be present in the trash can. Then you want to use a drill to create holes in the base of the trash can. This is where the seeds are going to come out from. You want to create rows of holes with around 1 inch between them. This will be good for distribution.

Tips for Successfully Using a Do It Yourself Grass Seed Spreader

Of course, it is best if you use a do it yourself grass seed spreader when you are growing or reseeding a lawn. But, there are also some other things that you will need to do in order to grow the lawn you want. Namely, this is going to concern the ground itself, as well as paying attention to the weather.

Ensure the Right Soil

First of all, the grass seeds that you spread out are only going to germinate if they have the perfect growing conditions. Namely, they have to have good soil in order for them to grow. For example, you want to ensure that your ground is level and well-draining. If you are not convinced you have great soil to scatter the grass seeds on, you can always lay down from topsoil. This is going to act as a good base for your lawn.

Watching the Date

Let’s not forget that there are better times of the year for sowing seeds than others. During these times, the temperatures are going to provide the right growing condition for a lawn. In particular, spring and the fall are good months. There is enough sun and heat in order to encourage germination. There is also some moisture to allow for growth.

It is possible to grow a new lawn during the summer. But, you have to ensure that you keep watering the grass seeds every day. If they do not get enough water, the seeds will not grow and instead, they will dry out.

Stay Off the Lawn

We know it can be tempting to get onto the new lawn straight away. But, you want to leave it for a while to grow. This is going to ensure that the grass is strong and as established as it can be. Leave your lawn for at least a month before you use it. It would be better if you could leave it for longer than this. But, if you have pets and children, this might be hard.

mowing the lawn

In addition, you want to hold off mowing your lawn until it is around three to four inches long. When you are giving your lawn its first cut, ensure that you do not cut it too short. You want to allow the lawn to become established before it is cut short. We know that it can be exciting to see what your lawn turns out like. But, you have to be patient and allow the lawn to become more established. This is particularly true from seeds that can take longer to become strong than rolls of turf. Do you need a new mower? Check out this article.

To Summarize

There is no doubt that a do it yourself grass seed spreader can be exactly what you need to grow a new lawn. It is going to save to a lot of time, make sure seeds are spread out evenly and it will save you money. There are several do it yourself grass seed spreader ideas you can try, such as using an old milk jug or using a plastic trash can. These are simple and affordable ways to achieve your end goal of having a luscious and green lawn. Just make sure that you prepare the soil before you sow the seeds, ensure they have sufficient water at the right times of the year and that you stay off the lawn for a while.

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