Do It Yourself Dog Leash – Fun Ideas for Walkies!

You can spend a fortune on dog accessories. While some of them are luxurious, there are others that are necessary in order to care for your dog. For example, you are going to need a leash in order to walk your canine. The problem is, a lot of them are expensive and this is especially true if you like to have a few. But, this is where a do it yourself dog leash comes in. You can make your own, which is a fun project, as well as being cost-effective.

Do you want to make your own leash? In this guide, we talk a look at some do it your dog leash ideas to get you started.

Why Make A Do It Yourself Dog Leash?

There are some people that wonder you should make your own dog leash when you can easily purchase one. Well, there are a number of good reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Save Money

There is no doubt that over the years, the price of dog accessories has gone up. This is due to demand by dog owners. It can mean that you are paying out a lot of money for basic leashes. The great thing about a do it yourself dog leash is that you can make your own and save a lot of money. You are only going to be paying for the materials and not profiting stores. What’s more, you can actually get more for your money by choosing certain materials.

Use Strong Materials

You want to feel safe when you are walking your dog. Unfortunately, a lot of leashes are decorative and do not take into account the strength of a dog. But, when you make your own dog leash, you can choose strong materials that you like. This is going to give you peace of mind when you are walking your pooch. You will know that if they start to pull, this material is going to be strong enough.

Make it Unique

A lot of the leashes you can buy in the store look the same. Sometimes, you want your furry friend to look different. The great thing about a do it yourself dog leash is that you can create something that is unique. This is going to make your furry friend stand out and everyone will be asking you where you got the leash from.

Elements to Think About with a Do It Yourself Dog Leash

Having a project to work on is a lot of fun. But there is some planning that goes into a do it yourself dog leash. Think about these elements first to ensure you are happy with the finished product.

The Thickness

dog on a walk

The size of your dog, as well as their strength, is going to dictate the thickness of their leash. For example, smaller dogs are going to be able to have thinner leashes with slightly weaker materials. This is due to being small and easier to handle. But, larger breeds and those that pull on the leash are going to need thicker material. After all, you do not want the leash to snap on a walk.

The Length of the Do It Yourself Dog Leash

Everybody is different when it comes to choosing the length of a dog leash. For instance, in city settings, it is going to be better to have a shorter leash. This is for safety and to make sure that you have control in a busy setting. Alternatively, you might be looking for a longer leash if you want your furry friend to explore in a park. The great thing about a do it yourself dog leash is that you have the freedom to create the length that you want.

The Material

Of course, you want to select a durable material for a dog leash. After all, your dog is going to create tension on the leash at some point. You want to ensure that it is up for the job. But, you also want to think about if the material is chew-proof. This is going to be a particular consideration for puppies and canines that have a habit of chewing their leash. In other words, you want to select a material that is going to withstand some chewing and biting.

The Clasp

One of the most important parts of a do it yourself dog leash is the clasp. This is the part that is going to connect to your canine’s collar and keep them safe. The best material for this job is going to be metal. This is going to ensure that it does not break if your dog pulls on the leash. In addition, a carabiner is going to be the safest since this can be locked and it is solid in construction.

Do It Yourself Dog Leash Ideas

Would you like to make your own dog leash? If you are not sure how to get started, we have some fantastic ideas that you are going to love. Let’s check them out.

Use Paracord

There are a lot of fantastic materials you can use for a do it yourself dog leash. In particular, you can use a climbing rope or paracord. This is going to create a really strong and durable leash, which is going to be suitable for dogs that get excited and pull, as well as larger and stronger canines. After all, aa climbing rope is used outdoors and for scaling rocks and other steep elements. It is designed to be able to deal with the weight of a person. Other create features about climbing rope is that it is able to deal with water and dirt, plus it is available in a variety of colors.

paracord for a leash

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make a do it yourself dog leash from climbing rope. This is a cheap material, as well as adding a locking carabiner to attach to your pup’s collar. So, you are looking at making a leash for under $30. To begin, choose two types of paracord. You can choose a color combination that you like. Melt the ends with a lighter. This is going to stop them from fraying after a few uses. Loop the paracord through the carabiner. Now, you can start braiding the paracord. This is going to create the do it yourself dog leash. Ensure that the weaving is tight to create a good rope. You can also try to make a handle.

Choose Colorful Fabric

There are a lot of colorful and cool fabrics out there that are going to make the perfect leash for your canine. What we like about this do it yourself dog leash is that you have the freedom to choose what fabric you like and you can use it as a leash. All you are going to need for this one is some nylon webbing strap, a metal bolt snap and the fabric of your choice.

To begin this project, you want to cut the nylon webbing strap to the length you want the leash to be. This is going to vary depending on what length you want, as well as the size of your pooch. Then, you are going to cover this strap with the fabric. You can sow it on so that the fabric stays tight. Pull one side through the bolt snap and sow the fabric so that the bolt strap stays there. You can also make a handle with the other side, sowing it into place too.

Select Rope

rope for a leash

Another strong material that is popular for dog leashes is rope. But, instead of spending a lot of money on one from the store, you can make your own do it yourself dog leash. This is going to be strong and durable, as well as stylish for walking your canine. Start by cutting the rope to the length that you need. Then you can create the handle. In order to do this, split the end of the rope. You can then braid this to create your comfortable handle. For the clasp, you can use a metal bolt snap. This is going to offer peace of mind. You can simply split the rope again and hook them through it. Then you can secure the different strands together.

An Important Point on a Do It Yourself Dog Leash

We love this project, which allows you to have fun and save money at the same time. But, do not forget that it should be safety first. In other words, ensure that you are happy with the leash you have made before using it outdoors. You want to test it out prior to use. This is going to make sure that it is strong enough and it is going to offer the durability that you are looking for. You can enjoy peace of mind when you are out and you can concentrate on having fun with your furry friend on an adventure! Do you want to make dog toys next? Check out this article.

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