Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal – Restore Your Lawn

Do you think that you might have moles? These small creates might seem cute when you see them on television. But, they can be a real pest for your yard. In fact, they can cause a lot of damage to your lawn in very little time. The good news is, you do not have to spend a lot of money bringing in the professionals to get rid of your mole problem. Instead, you can try do it yourself yard mole removal. Let’s take a look at the signs of moles in your yard, removal techniques and how to prevent these pests from coming back to your property.

Signs You Have Moles in Your Yard

Are you not sure if you have moles or not? There are going to be some common signs you can look out for to identify if this is the problem you are experiencing. Often, this does not include actually seeing the moles. So, let’s take a closer look.

Mounds of Soil

Moles are known to create molehills and they present themselves as fresh mounds made out of soil. They dig them themselves and create tunnels underneath to get to their den. This is something you are going to notice on your lawn. They do not have to be big. Some of them are going to be simply raised ridges. A lot of people wonder why moles are choosing their yard over someone else’s. The truth is, your soil must be rich with things they can eat, such as crickets and ants.

Uneven Ground

Sometimes, you will just notice that your ground is uneven when you walk on it. This happens due to the activity of the moles under the ground, when they are creating their tunnels, this is going to make the ground uneven if they are close to the surface. This can also mean that roots and plants are disturbed. Do not worry; moles should not come into your house. They live underground and are scared of humans and a lot of noise. But, they can make a mess of your landscaping.

Molehills Growing Overnight

The most common sign is that new molehills are going to pop up in your yard. These are going to be mounds of earth that appear on your lawn. You will see the damp soil and over time, this will compact. Beneath the surface, the moles have created tunnels under your yard. You may be surprised to know that moles can work quickly during the night. In fact, they can create up to six new hills in just 24 hours. Note that if there is enough for a mole to eat, this is not a problem that is going to go away on its own.

Benefits of Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal

So, you have discovered that you really do have moles in your yard. You are panicking and want the problem dealt with. Well, you can try do it yourself yard mole removal techniques. Here are the benefits you can enjoy.

Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal Is Cheaper

Bringing in professionals is often thought of as the best way to get rid of moles on your property. But, while it might seem like it will solve the problem, it is a very expensive way to go about it. In fact, it can cost you a lot more money than you think. A professional company will have to your property to see if moles are actually the issue, as well as finding the best way to get rid of them. This soon adds up.

With do it yourself yard mole removal, you can ensure that you stick to a budget you are comfortable with. You can keep the process cheap and at the same time, you can solve the problem.

You Can Avoid Upheaval

If you get professionals to remove moles from your yard, they can make a lot of mess. Their priority is to solve your problem. It is not to save your lawn or the aesthetic of your yard. This can mean that you are left with a lot of work once they have left. If you try do it yourself yard mole removal, you are going to avoid this upheaval. You are going to take a lot more care of your yard and you can avoid causing a lot of damage. You will only do what you have to do and you can be mindful of the mess you are making.

Choose Humane Methods

A mole hill on a lawn

A lot of people do not want to have moles in their yard. But, they do not want to kill these living creatures either. The good thing about trying do it yourself yard mole removal is you can choose humane methods you are comfortable with. These techniques focus on deterring moles and making them want to move on. It is not going to kill or harm them in any way. This can allow you to feel comfortable with your decisions and give you peace of mind. Indeed, humane methods can work just as well and achieve your goal of having no moles around.

Ways to Complete Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal

Would you like to try to remove moles from your property by yourself? Now, it is time to take a look at some good techniques that can be effective at moving on moles from your yard. Let’s get started.

Create Noise

Did you know that moles are quiet creatures that do not like noise? This I something that is going to make them move on and choose a new home. For example, you can add simple things such as wind chimes to your yard. This is going to be something that they do not like as they like peace and quiet. If you can think of anything noisy that you can add to your yard, this will also do the trick.

Use Your Pet’s Waste for Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal

Using pets for mole removal

If you have dogs or cats, this can be enough to scare away moles from your yard. There are a few techniques you can try. First of all, you can let your animals run around in the yard and see if this is enough to move on the moles. They will not want to share their home with other animals that can be a danger to them. Another popular technique is to use your pet’s waste as a deterrent. You can take some of the cat and dog waste and place it at the entry and exit of the molehills. This is going to make the moles think that their tunnels and den are not safe and they will move on.

Affect the Food Source

The main reason why moles will be attracted to your yard more than others is that yours is a good source of food. In other words, it is easy for them to find grubs and insects that they like. So, in other to get rid of the moles, you want to disrupt this food source so that they have to go somewhere else to eat. Eventually, this is going to mean they move on and choose to call somewhere else home. You can have your yard back!

Improve Drainage for Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal

Another thing that attracts moles is that the earth is soft and damp. This makes it easy for them to dig tunnels, as well as attracting the food they like to eat. This can often happen if you have damp soil or you are over-watering your lawn. Thus, you want to ensure that the drainage is good in your yard.

Mole emerging from a tunnel

First of all, try watering your grass less. The general rule is 1 inch of water is sufficient each week unless you live somewhere very hot. This is going to allow the soil to be drier and to repel moles. Next, if you think that your lawn or yard is holding water, you can improve the general drainage of the area. For example, you can add more plants that are going to love damp conditions, which can dry up the lawn. Other options include:

  • Spiking the lawn
  • Using bark chippings
  • Installing land drains

Do you want to start growing plants and vegetables but do not want pests to get to them? Check out this guide for building a greenhouse.

To Summarize Do It Yourself Yard Mole Removal

Moles may seem like harmless creatures. But, they can cause a lot of damage and disruption in your yard. The common signs that you have moles include seeing mounds of soil appearing on your lawn and there being uneven ground. This indicates that there are tunnels under the ground and the mounds of soil are the exit and entry points. New molehills can spring up overnight too, with up to six appearing in just 24 hours.

Trying do it yourself yard mole removal has a lot of benefits. Namely, it is a lot cheaper and you can save money compared to bringing in a professional company. You can also avoid the upheaval and mess that this can cause and you can choose how you want to deter the moles from your yard. What’s more, you can choose humane methods that do not harm or kill the moles.

There are some easy do it yourself yard mole removal techniques you can try. This includes creating noise since this is something that moles do not like. They are also not going to appreciate hearing your pets or finding waste around the molehills. As a result, they will move on to a new home. You can also try disrupting their food source and improving the drainage in your yard. All of these methods are humane and mean that the moles will no longer desire to live underneath your lawn. Instead, they are going to find a new place that they feel is safe and offers them the food they want to eat.

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