How to Make a DIY Bean Bag

There’s no better feeling than curling up in a warm, cozy bean bag chair with a good book or great movie on after a long day at work or school. These room accessories come in various shapes and sizes and are rapidly becoming staples in modern homes as furniture pieces. Their growing popularity has not only made top furniture brands pick up this growing trend and expand their value offerings, but has also given rise to specialist brands, such as Big Joe, that are dominating in this particular furniture niche.

However, if you don’t want to splash your cash on store-bought options, you can save money by learning how to make a DIY bean bag and quickly sew one yourself. Plus, taking the DIY route also opens unlimited customization options in terms of filling materials and fabrics. If you’re ready to brush up your sewing and DIY skills, all you need to do is cut out some fabric pieces, sew them together, add a zipper, and fill it with beans, foam, or microbeads.

If all this sounds intriguing to you, read on to learn more about bean bags, including their health benefits and uses, as well as our detailed guide to making a DIY bean bag chair.

The Health Benefits of Bean Bags

Bean bags offer many health benefits most people are unfamiliar with, including:

Eased Muscle and Joint Pain

Bean bags can help soothe aches and pains after a long day at work, a slip and fall, or major surgery by supporting your posture and providing optimal support from head to toe.

Fewer Tension Headaches

Most people don’t realize the impact their couch, office chairs, and other pieces of furniture have on their bodies. Sitting or lying on furniture that’s not ergonomically suited to your posture can result in a significant amount of tension, resulting in headaches and upper body pain. Bean bags allow your body to sink in and have a calming effect similar to that of floating on top of water.

Prolonged Soothing

Bean bags do more than just unwind and relax by providing a calming emotional sensation by enabling an even sense of pressure on our bodies. This makes people feel more secure and comfortable, encouraging them to sit for long periods without any negative physical effects.

Ideal for Stressful Environments

Whether it’s a tough day at work or school, life can get annoyingly stressful. Bean bags can be a great therapeutic tool to help people relax, especially those who work long hours in front of a computer while sitting on hard, uncomfortable chairs.

Popular Uses for Bean Bags

Contrary to popular belief, bean bags serve several use cases apart from their core purpose. They can be used as:


The core purpose of a bean bag is to be used as a piece of furniture people can sit on. Since they come in various shapes, designs, types, and styles, they make a valuable addition to any living space and boost the overall décor and feel.

Pet Bed

Bean bags make the perfect spot for your furry feline or couch potato to crash. You can place multiple bean bags around your house for your cat or dog to take a nap on. This can also help prevent them from damaging your bed, couch, or other pieces of furniture.

Pool Floats and Games

Many people opt for water-resistant bean bags and floatable beads so they can be used as floating devices for pools. Similarly, small bags filled with light and soft materials make excellent toys for small kids.

How to Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair


  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Measuring ruler or yardstick
  • Pins


  • 2 6ft x 9ft pieces of fabric (long cloth, linen, leather, suede, polyester, etc.)
  • 20-30 pounds of the filling (beads, shredded foam, beads, etc.)
  • Thread


Cut the Fabric

Fold one corner of the fabric over to the opposite side and cut it into a square using a pair of fabric scissors. Repeat the process for the second piece of fabric.

Pin and Sew the Pieces of Fabric

The next step is to attach the two pieces of fabric using pins and mark one side with a 12-15-inch unsewn space for the opening. Then, use the machine to sew around the same shape again. However, this time you need to sew about a quarter-inch out from the first seam or three-quarter-inch from the edge.

Fabricate the Boxed Corners

Next, open the fabric at each corner and align the two side seams with each other by folding them. Once you do that, you’ll notice that the seams are now centered and coming right from the middle of the folded square’s opposite sides. Using a long ruler or yardstick, measure and mark about 18 inches from each corner and cut off the outside following the line. Finally, pin and sew the cut edges just like before and make sure you also do a backstitch across the seam to strengthen it.

Fill Your DIY Bean Bag

Once you’re done with the bag, it’s time to fill it with your choice of material. To save time, you can ask for help and have one person hold the bag open while the other fills it in. Don’t fill the bag all the way. Instead, you should use just enough to make it comfortable so it can take the shape of your body as full bags can be hard and uncomfortable.

Add a Zipper or Sew the Opening Close

If you’re looking to close the bean bag permanently, you can sew it close using your sewing machine, depending on the size. To save you the trouble, we recommend using a needle and Perle cotton coated or extra-strong upholstery thread to hand-sew the opening with strong stitches. Lastly, make small stitches and close the gap as much as possible so the fillings can escape. Alternatively, you can add a zipper if you’d like to regularly change the filling, especially if you’re using foam.


With the amount of stress we manage these days, cozy furniture like bean bag chairs can be incredibly helpful in maintaining a balanced posture and lifestyle. While there’s nothing wrong with buying a chair from Amazon or the nearest store, learning how to make a DIY bean bag can help you achieve an unprecedented level of inner peace and relaxation thanks to the unlimited design, fabric, and material options. Plus, you can complement your custom bean bag with the rest of your furniture to improve your home décor.