Rotorazer Saw Reviews

When anyone is thinking of starting a new woodwork or DIY project, they need to be sure that they have the right tools and the saw is one of the most critical tools when it comes to woodwork.

In fact, with any project — getting the right tools is essential to success, not only through its reliability and durability — but you also want to confirm your and your family’s safety.

We’ve been searching the market, and we came across the Rotorazer saw, and we decided to try to test it to see if it holds up to the others available.

As a bonus, we’ve also decided to share our findings with you — giving you all the specifications and features, but also the pros and cons of the saw, topped off with what we thought of the tool when we used it!

So, take a seat and get ready for our review of the Rotorazer saw.

What Is The Rotorazer Saw?

Part of the Ideal Living LLC company, the Rotorazer saw is a useful saw product that aims to help out budding DIY enthusiasts and professionals with their everyday woodwork needs.

The company has been successfully operating since the early 90s and continues to offer some fantastic products. This Rotorazer saw offers a high-powered version of a handheld saw that can mirror, and to some extent, better some other cutting tools on the market.
It is of professional grade and says it can cut through most materials that it is faced with.

What To Think About With Saws

There are so many types of saws on the market and many customers aren’t entirely sure what they need when it comes to their particular task. We’ve given you some handy tips below before you get carried away in the saw market.

The Job Size

Not all types of saws are the same. Some saws can perform certain tasks much better than others, so always be aware of what you want your saw to do before you start your project.

Full-sized saws for example are pretty much good for most projects but can fall down when it comes to smaller, more difficult jobs. Whereas, a compact saw can handle the smaller areas much easier — but it cannot be easily used for larger jobs.

The Blades

Think of blades and woodwork in the same way you would with kitchen blades. You wouldn’t use a butter knife to cut a steak because it wouldn’t do the job as easily or at all. The same applies to saw blades.

A diamond blade, a tungsten carbide blade? There are many types and you need to be aware that not all blades can cut the same type of material. Even if they do, it may take longer or give the wrong finish.

The same applies to the diameter of the blade. A smaller diameter blade will cut much smaller areas whereas a larger one is better for the tough jobs. Always think of your blades with your materials.

The Ease

Prior to using a saw, you should look at how easily you’ll be able to use and move the saw around. For example, if the saw says in the specifications that it is relatively heavy — you have to think about whether you’ll be able to move it around with ease.

If you can’t, you might want to look for a saw with a lower weight or different materials.

The Power

This is an area that many people forget about when it comes to buying a saw. Is it powered? Is it corded or cordless?

Depending on your availability of a power source, you might need to think about getting a cordless saw. It will all come down to where your workstation is, so always bear this in mind before purchasing.

The Rotorazer Saw

Now that you know of the importance of checking the specifications of the saw before you use it, it’s now logical that you read the specs for this Rotorazer saw. There are many products on the market that make claims about their usage that they simply cannot hold up to.

Luckily, we’ll give you the information you need for an informed purchasing opinion.


  • Weight = 5.3lbs
  • Dimensions = 14.2″ x 9.8†x 4.6â€
  • Capacity of the motor = 400 Watts

Included Items

  • Rotorazer saw
  • 3 blades (diamond, steel and tungsten carbide)
  • Extraction hose (5.3 feet long)
  • User manual
  • Blade guard

What Blades Should I Be Using?

When doing any job, as we said — you need to be sure you’re using the right blades:


  • Hard surfaces
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Masonry use


  • Metal
  • Steel

Tungsten Carbide

  • Wood
  • PVC

The Best Features Of The Saw

We found this saw had so many positives and one we were very impressed with was the dust extraction system. It’s incredibly powerful and allowed for a simple clean-up process and left little sawdust and debris lying around.

Where this saw has large advantages though is its versatility of it. Have you ever bought a number of saws because you needed them for different jobs? You don’t have to do that if you buy this one!

The Rotorazer saw acts as a number of different saw types, including a hacksaw, jigsaw, bandsaw, tile saw, miter saw, and circular saw. There are very few saws that we have found on the market that can offer such a versatile range of use.

Is The Saw Safe?

As with most power tools, you should always practice good safety precautions and hygiene. There are some safety features with this saw though.

The saw has a protective safety switch that will lock the blade and stop it from further movement when you press it. Handily, the switch is right next to the thumb when you’re using it.

Upon first inspection, we wondered if it would be easy to accidentally knock the switch — but it isn’t. It only works when you operate the switch, and you can’t accidentally pull it during work.

These safety features were very good to see with a saw in order to prevent needless accidents. But of course, you should always be wearing protective equipment when operating this saw.

What About Its Use?

This handy tool goes through nearly all types of materials (when you choose the correct blade of course!).

We found this saw was so easy to use, and its weight was perfect for maneuvering around. Even changing the blade was simple.

If you’ve got some challenging angles — this saw can accommodate. We found some areas of our project quite tricky at a glance but managed to easily finish the job with this saw.

If you’re wondering about the initial set-up process, that’s as easy as the rest of the saw. You simply do the following steps:

  • Select your blade of choice and apply it to the saw
  • Power on the protective safety switch
  • Select your depth with the control lever, depending on your cutting needs
  • Slide and then hold on the power switch

Due to its high-powered 400-Watt motor, cutting most materials is as easy as turning on a light. We found very few downsides to this saw!

What Did We Think?

The Rotorazer saw certainly held up to the bold claims that it made. Upon use, we found it was incredibly easy to move around and use, and it felt natural to hold.

The safety features are a great sight to see, and the switch functions correctly and works every time.

Upon clean-up, we found that the dust extraction made the process so much easier, even with the dust sheets that we placed in the area.

Speaking of cleaning, due to the design, this saw is easy to get back “good as newâ€. As long as everything is safely set, you can easily clean the saw and get rid of any leftover debris that could slow down the life of your saw.

Having said this though, there are a few cons that we discovered, but they did not detract from the outstanding positives that this saw provided. Below, we’ve listed our pros and cons for you to see for a quick overview.


  • Safety in mind
  • Good weight
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly


  • Although easy after doing so a few times, it was difficult to change the blades and took some time initially
  • There are some less costly items on the market
  • The manual fails to explain how to change parts in case there is a need for replacement


To summarize, we would recommend this saw. We found a few drawbacks upon trying and testing it, and you will find it difficult to find a saw with such versatility, durability, and ease of use on the market today.

We hope this review has been helpful for you and gives you an insight into buying saws. Happy shopping!