Mr. Heater – Best Propane Heater for a Tiny House

The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is a portable radiant propane heater for a tiny house. It comes with a capacity of up to 9000 BTUs. The heater has been rated for indoor and outdoor use and guarantees clean burning.

Moreover, it is almost 100 percent efficient to keep your running costs under control. It consumes only 0.044 gallons of propane per hour running at 4000 BTUs and will only consume 0.099 gallons per hour if it runs at 9000 BTUs.

You can conveniently use it at lattes up to 7000 feet. And it has its safety features, such as it will automatically shut off if accidentally tipped over.

Therefore, if you have kids or pets in your house, this unit is safe to keep around. It can even automatically shut off if it detects low oxygen levels in the room.

There are various other features that it includes. For example, it comes with a swiveling-out regulator, a folding-down handle and conveniently connects with propane tanks. Moreover, you can conveniently run it for 3 hours at maximum BTUs.

Mr. Heater Portable F232000 MH9BX Buddy – Technical Specifications

Power SourcePropane
Heating TechniqueRadiant
Dimensions7.7-inch x 13.4-inch x 15-inch
Weight8.51 lbs
Capacity4000 BTUs to 9000 BTUs
Coverage225 square feet
Burn Rate0.044 gal/hr @ 4000 BTUs & 0.099 gal/hr @ 9000 BTUs
Run Time3 hours @ max BTUs

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy – An Overview

Let us begin our review with a brief overview of this propane heater for a tiny house. Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is a small compact unit that will not take much space. Therefore, it is ideal for small apartments with few free spaces.

The unit can conveniently cover up to 225 square feet when running it at full power. Its capacity ranges from 4000 BTUs to 9000 BTUs, and it doesn’t take much time to power up thanks to its radiant heating.

But with radiant heating, most units you will find on the market are not safe to run indoors for long. These heaters are not designed for all-day heating, and the same is the case with Mr. Heater Buddy here. However, it does a fine job with the safety features that it comes with.

For example, it can shut itself off when the oxygen level is too low in your room. Or it can automatically shut off if tipped over. If you have kids or pets in your tiny house, this feature will come in handy. The automatic shutting off will also keep the fuel costs to a minimum.

It can run straight for three hours, going at full capacity, and function at altitudes as high as 7000 feet. So, this tiny heater can achieve big things. Let’s have a look at some of its features in detail.

Compact unit with a decent heating capacity

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is by no scratch a bug unit. It measures to be only 7.7-inch x 13.4-inch x 15-inch, and it is pretty lightweight too. Designed for small spaces, this propane heater for a tiny house can cover up to 225 square feet running at full capacity.

The coverage might not seem too exciting, but this heater can deliver heat in its surroundings. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a small room, allowing you to cozy up in your room on a cold day.

Pretty decent altitude performance

This propane heater for a tiny house might be a small unit, but it can still deliver a powerful performance at a decent altitude. It works fine up to 7000 feet high in altitude. Therefore, you can take it on your camping trips to the mountains if you want.

You can even use it in your recreational vehicle or a tent if that is the case. But 7000 feet is the limit, and it will not work any higher. Still, it is a pretty impressive performance for a unit this size.

Radiant heater with safety features

There are not many radiant heaters out there in this capacity that come with some spectacular safety features. For example, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy can automatically shut itself down if accidentally tipped over.

In a crowded space, tripping over something with your feet is bound to happen no matter how careful you go. But the Buddy has got your back, and it will shut down as soon as it goes down. You will love this feature if you have kids or pets with you on your trip or in your tiny house.

Apart from that, it can also detect oxygen levels in your space and can shut down if the story goes down too low. These are pretty impressive features that make this propane heater for a tiny house a must-have.

Excellent fuel consumption

Most radiant propane heaters out there consume a lot of gas. But that is not the case with this propane heater for a tiny house. It can efficiently burn 0.044 gallons per hour at 4000 BTUs and 0.099 gallons per hour at 9000 BTUs.

Therefore, you will not have to carry more tanks with you if you are on the go. And, of course, it will not consume your storage space either as you don’t need to have more tanks with you to run this little thing.

Convenient to carry

This propane heater for a tiny house comes with a folding-down handle. Therefore, you can pull out the handle and carry this lightweight heater to any room you want.

And when you are done, you can push the handle back in and start using your heater. The ease in movement of this heater makes it an ideal choice for using it anywhere you want.

Swiveling-out regulator

You can use a 1lb propane gas cylinder and connect it using the swiveling-out regulator thanks to its portable design.

This feature makes it highly portable and easy to carry around. Of course, you can always connect it with a larger tank if you want to run it for longer, but you will not have to carry your heater with the tank separately with this feature.

The small cylinder is attached to the heart and becomes a part of it. The heater only weighs around eight and a half pounds, and with another pound for cylinder, you can conveniently move it around as you need.

20lb tank connector capability

This heater also comes with a connector that will allow you to connect this unit with a 20lbs tank pretty easily. So, if you want to use this unit all day long, this option will be much better because it will allow you to conveniently use the heater throughout the day in a chilly season. Plus, you can significantly increase this runtime by doing so. But, of course, you will have to carry the tank with the heater if you have decided to move it.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy vs. Other Heaters

SpecsMr. Heater BuddyMr. Heater Big BuddyMr. Heater Little BuddyMr. Heater Hunting Buddy
ColorsRed-black & gray-blackRed-black & gray-blackRed-black & gray-blackCamouflage
Power SourcePropanePropanePropanePropane
Heating TechniqueRadiantRadiantRadiantRadiant
Dimensions7.7-inch x 13.4-inch x 15-inch18.5-inch x 18-inch x 11.4-inch11-inch x 11-inch 11-inch10.25-inch x 15.5-inch x 16.5-inch
Weight8.51 lbs17.1 lbs5.0 lbs9.0 lbs
Capacity4000 BTUs to 9000 BTUs4000 BTUs to 18000 BTUs3800 BTUs6000 BTUs to 12000 BTUs
Coverage225 square feet450 square feet95 square feet300 square feet
Burn Rate0.044 gal/hr @ 4000 BTUs 0.099 gal/hr @ 9000 BTUs0.044 gal/hr @ 4000 BTUs, 0.099 gal/hr @ 9000 BTUs 0.180 gal/hr @ 18000 BTUs0.038 gal/hr @ 3800 BTUs0.066 gal/hr @ 6000 BTUs 0.120 gal/hr @ 12000 BTUs
Run Time5.4 hours @ min BTUs 2.4 hours @ max BTUs10.8 hours @ min BTUs 4.8 hours @ medium BTUs 2.5 hours @ max BTUs5.6 hours3.6 hours @ low BTUs 1.8 hours @ high BTUs

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy vs. Big Buddy

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy is a bigger version of the Portable Buddy, and it comes with a capacity to attach two 1lb cylinders. Unfortunately, it means that you will get double power on this unit. It can burn from 4000 BTUs to 18000 BTUs and is a top choice for bigger spaces of 450 square feet.

So, you can use this in your lounge area or any other bigger room. It also means using it in a bigger RV or a tent. The unit is double the weight of Portable Buddy, but it comes with all the Portable Buddy’s safety features. It is just the big brother of the Portable Buddy designed for larger spaces.

You can attach a couple of 1lb cylinders on either side and at full capacity the burn rate. But you can also make it run much longer than the Portable Buddy because it features double fuel capacity.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy vs. Little Buddy

The Little Buddy is the smaller version of the Portable Buddy. Hence, it is strictly suitable for personal or individual use. Moreover, due to its extremely lightweight design, you can conveniently carry it in your backpack or while hiking out in the cold.

The maximum output it can produce is 3800 BTUs, and it has a brief runtime of 5.6 hours. However, for individual use, it is a good choice.

But you need to keep in mind that this is not your ideal option to have in a tiny house on extremely cold days. The Little Buddy might be a better option in a small 2-person tent.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy vs. Hunting Buddy

The Hunting Buddy is the best option for all the hunters out there. All other Mr. Heater Buddy heaters come in bright red colors, or you can find grey as your second option.

However, the hunting buddy comes in camouflage, allowing you to keep yourself warm without giving away your position to your prey. It also features electric ignition and is quick to fire to focus on your aim.

It is better in terms of output compared to the Portable Buddy. The Hunting Buddy’s heating capacity ranges from 6000 BTUs to 12000 BTUs, and it is more powerful than the Portable Buddy.

It also means this unit can also provide you with slightly better coverage of up to 300 square feet compared to 225 square feet of Portable Buddy. It is half a pound heavier than the Portable Buddy, which might not be that big of a deal.

Things We Like About the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

  • You have the option of hooking it up with a 20lbs propane tank.
  • Comfortable to use in tight spaces.
  • Extremely lightweight to carry, weighing just over eight and a half pounds.
  • It doesn’t come with a large footprint allowing you to apply it in tight corners.
  • The unit comes with a decent burning capacity of up to 9000 BTUs and a coverage area of 225 square feet.
  • It can automatically shut off if tipped over or if the oxygen levels are too low.
  • This unit has a highly efficient burn rate at high and low settings.
  • Comfortable gripping handle to move it around.
  • It connects a 1lb propane cylinder with the swivel regulator.

Things We Don’t Like About the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

  • It doesn’t work over 7000 feet altitudes.
  • It does take a little time to warm up on cold days.

Final Word

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is a top choice for heating small spaces. It has a decent burning capacity of up to 9000 BTUs without overconsuming the fuel. You can connect it with a 20lbs tank or use a small 1lb cylinder to connect to it for high portability.

But you will have to keep in mind that this heater will not work at altitudes over 7000 feet. And on a cold day, it can take a while to heat things. But its portability and reliability are extraordinary.

Moreover, it comes with some safety features like auto shutting off if tipped over or low oxygen level in your room. It is an excellent propane heater for a tiny house, and you can conveniently use it on the go on your RV or camping trips.

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