Top 10 Best Table Saws [Reviews and Buying Guide]

The best table saws are a great addition to your DIY arsenal. They allow you to make different cuts at various angles with ease. If you are looking for a professional touch in your work, you need to have a table saw that handles wood and metal both.

There is an overwhelming range of table saws available on the market. With every brand claiming to have the best table saw, making the right decision becomes irksome. Therefore, we have developed this guide for your assistance to make sure you buy the right tool.

So, let’s get to it!

Best Table Saws Reviewed

1.    DeWalt Table Saw – Best Overall

If you are serious about your DIY projects and want to go for a table saw best in quality, you must consider the DeWalt table saw. This 10-inch table saw comes with a 32.5-inch rip capacity. The length of the blade is 22-inch.

With this corded electric unit, you won’t have to worry about your battery running out in the middle of your assignment.

The blade has 24 teeth and a rolling stand. It also comes with a miter gauge, pushes stick, and rip fence. You’ll get 2 blade wrenches with an assembly manual for the blade guard.

This table’s rolling stand has been designed for quick setup and is easy to take apart. The telescoping lens system makes fence adjustment quite easy, precise, and fast. The table saw is powered by a 15-Amp torque motor that has the power to cut any pressure-treated hardwoods and lumber as well.

You can comfortably use it to make those narrow cuts as well. Plus, an onboard storage system will provide you with easy access to your blade assembly, riving knife, fence, wrenches, miter gauge, cord wrap, and push stick when you are not using them.


  • The telescoping fence system is fast and accurate.
  • Adjustable Tac & Pinion mechanism.
  • 32.5 rip capacity for more extensive materials.
  • Comes with a rolling stand for quick setup.
  • Narrow rip cuts are accessible with a flip-over ripping fence.
  • 2.5-inch dust collection port for dust extraction.
  • A large-sized table provides excellent support for different materials.


  • The blade’s parallel adjustment can be troublesome.

2.    Rockwell Table Saw – Best Value for Money

Rockwell comes with a portable design and features a rip fence that is made of steel. This is one of the best options for you to consider if you don’t want to indulge in a table saw’s installation process. If you like to get it on the way without much hustle, this should be your choice.

This machine cuts as if it is a full-sized table saw. It comes with a standard guard along with a riving knife mechanism. Therefore, you can rip, scroll, cross as well as make those miter cuts with ease.

You can comfortably take your table saw to your table saw and move it around according to your preferences and requirements. The design also features a carry handle for your convenience.

You can change the blade effortlessly without using any tools. You will only need a T-shank from any brand, and it should be 4-inch in size. There are five blades present in the box, and they are great for cutting wood, aluminum, plastic, ceramic tile, and metal.


  • Features an adjustable gauge, and you can make 0-60 degrees miter cuts.
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Anti-skid feet prevent any slippage or sliding.
  • It’s a workbench and comfortably holds around 350 pounds.
  • It can effortlessly cut as a full-sized table saw.
  • Very easy to install and work.


  • Not suitable for large-scale projects.

3.    Skil Table Saw – Best for Portability

The Skil table saw is available in three different configurations. You can either go for the 10-inch table saw or the 8.25-inch one. A 10-inch heavy-duty model for commercial use is also available if you are looking for one.

This also comes with fence rails that have a rack & pinion design. It means the fence will remain parallel to the blade to ensure the cuts remain accurate, smooth, and quick.

The machine also comes with a foldable stand design to fold the legs and store the table saw quickly. Portability is at its best when we talk about this table saw. But portability is not the only feature it has to offer.

It features parallel blade alignment with available micro-adjustment to stay parallel to the miter slot and rip fence. It also comes with a 4 by 4 cutting capacity and can cut materials up to 4×4 at 90 degrees.

This machine also has a bevel capacity that ranges from 2 to 47 degrees and can cut between 2 positive tops at 0 to 45 degrees using the quick-release lever. There is a dust port elbow present on it, and it can redirect any dust straight to the container. It ensures easy cleaning and causes a lesser mess.


  • It comes with a rack and pinion construction.
  • The fence stays in place for easy blade deployment.
  • Comes with a foldable stand for portability.
  • Parallel blade alignment.
  • The dust port can keep the mess under control.
  • It runs on a 15-Amp motor.


  • Assembly instructions are pretty weak.

4.    Worx Table Saw – Best for Budget

If you’re looking for a budget tool but still want to go for quality, consider buying the Worx BladeRunner. This is another portable tool you can consider if you like to move around your saw as you want. It weighs less than 15 pounds and is quite comfortable to carry around.

This table saw can handle those cross and rip cuts comfortably. It comes with a steel rip fence and a riving knife mechanism to perform various broader cuts and longer and straighter cuts.

You can either work with it at your job site or take it to your workshop. It also comes with an adjustable miter gauge that can make 0-60 degree miter cuts from both its left and right sides. You can make those common miter cuts as well as in-between angle cuts without any problem at all.

It also comes with a safety switch along with a safety key to provide you with an additional layer of security. You won’t have to worry about any of those accidental starts. 

Your purchase includes five different blades to handle a variety of materials as well. It means you can cut aluminum, ceramic tile, and steel with it apart from wood pieces. It also features a dust extraction port to keep the mess under control.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • It does well when it comes to ripping and crosscuts.
  • Fully adjustable miter gauge.
  • Comes with a safety switch.
  • Five additional blades included.


  • Not for large-scale projects.

5.    Bosch Table Saw – Best for Premium Quality

Want to go for a powerhouse or a table saw to handle various jobs without any problem! Consider Bosch. It still isn’t a full-scale table saw but can handle many jobs that you put it through.

It comes equipped with a 15-Amp motor that can produce up to 3650 RPM for powerful rip cutting and crosscutting. And you can use it on rough as well as refined materials with ease. It comes with a large top of cast aluminum and ensures to provide you with an increased workspace along with great material support because of its 30-inch rip capacity.

This premium-quality table saw comes with soft starting circuitry, which means you can conveniently manage the starting up of your table saw and its intensity. It won’t trip your circuit breaker. 

It also features constant response circuitry and assists in maintaining the cutting speed well in heavy load. This machine also comes with restart protection and helps avoid accidental startups out of nowhere.

Though you can’t say it’s a portable design if you compare it with the same models, it still manages these features quite well with its gravity rise wheel stand for a better mobility worksite.


  • Smart guard system with kickback protection and riving knife.
  • Portable design with gravity-rise wheeled stand.
  • Accidental restart protection.
  • Constant responding circuitry.
  • Large-sized cast aluminum tabletop.
  • Soft starting circuitry.


  • Not for beginning DIYers.

6.    Goplus Table Saw – Best RPM Output

Want to go for the best RPM power? Consider going for the Goplus table saw. It’s a 10-inch table saw that comes with a 15-Amp motor and a powerful cutting capacity. The portable table saw produces a cutting speed of 5000 RPM to handle various materials comfortably.

It can also manage 45-degree double bevel cuts, and you can easily maneuver the workpieces on its aluminum table. However, you should only use it for cutting different types of hardwoods.

The heavy-duty stand allows the saw to hold its position comfortably. This machine’s blade features 36 teeth and can deliver a powerful cut with accuracy and speed.

The aluminum table top is tough and comes with a rip capacity of 26 inches. Therefore, you can comfortably rip through a variety of materials without any issues. So, you won’t have to deal with any friction while working on your workpiece.

You can conveniently manage double bevel cutting with this machine. It comes with an adjustable height, so there are plenty of adjustments you can go for according to your project’s needs. It can manage crosscuts at 90 degrees up to 3 inches and bevel cuts at 45 degrees up to 2.5 inches.

What is more important here is, it comes with a big handwheel to control the blade lifting. This feature is convenient for various needs such as cutting, ripping, and slotting.


  • Ergonomic design with an onboard storage system.
  • Excellent cutting capacity.
  • Can manage cross and rip cuts with adjustable heights.
  • Features a 36 teeth blade and an aluminum tabletop.
  • The 15-Amp motor can produce 5000 RPM.


  • Doesn’t come with a connector to a vacuum.

7.    Metabo Table Saw – Best for Rip Capacity

Want to go for a larger rip capacity, consider going for the Metabo table saw. It features a rip capacity of 35 inches, which means you can easily handle larger materials. The 10-inch table saw features a carbide-tipped blade so it can make fast and precise cuts through a variety of materials.

This machine can easily produce up to 4500 RPM with ease, and the blade features 40 teeth for accurate cutting. Your purchase will include a push stick, a blade guard, a carbide-tipped abode, wrenches, kickback outfit supporter, and miter gauge assemblies too.

The tabletop material is made of aluminum, so you won’t have to deal with friction when moving the workpiece into the blade. It handles a variety of different blade cuts. This machine also comes with an electric brake for an immediate stop and soft-start to prevent putting any extra load on the circuitry when starting up.

It can conveniently manage bevel cuts ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees in size ranging from 3 ⅛ inches at 0 degrees to 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees. The worktable’s size is 28 ¾ inches in length and 22 inches in width and provides you with comfortable support to work around different materials with ease.


  • Comes with an electric brake and a soft start.
  • Large table capacity to support different materials with ease.
  • Ranging cutting capacity for more versatility.
  • The 15-Amp motor can produce 4500 RPM.
  • Aluminum table top reduces friction significantly.


  • Assembly instructions are pretty tedious, especially for a beginner

8.    Tacklife Table Saw – Best for Durability

This Tacklife table saw comes with a powerful 15-Amp motor to guarantee full-size performance. It can produce up to 4800 RPM of cutting power and conveniently handle various materials without any issues. These include the likes of hardboard, plywood, wood, chipboard, and blackboard.

This machine allows you to handle flexible bevel cutting ranging from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. With the help of a bevel tilt angle, the handle will enable you to manage a left bevel cut from 0 to 45 degrees quite conveniently.

The maximum cut depth can be 2 â…˜ inches at 90 degrees and 2 inches at 45 degrees. This machine comes with a 10-inch carbine tripped 24T blade that stays aligned with the riving knife and delivers a powerful cut with accuracy.

The extension table present is extendable and is made of aluminum. So, it will not create any friction when you are working around a piece. You can conveniently place the fence on both sides as per your need. This machine can provide you with a maximum rip capacity of 16.5 inches on the left and 12.6 inches on the right. Moreover, you can alter from -45 degrees to 45 degrees.

The blade guard is made of transparent materials to keep the visibility without jeopardizing your safety. It also features a metal stand to ensure the unit maintains its stability. This unit also comes with a 2 ¼-inch dust collection port to keep everything at your workplace mess-free.


  • A powerful 15-amp motor can generate 4800 RPM.
  • Handles a variety of hardwoods.
  • Aluminum extension table.
  • A decent rip capacity.
  • Comes with a dust collection port.


  • Doesn’t have a portable design.

9.    Evolution Table Saw – Best for Blade Material

If you have to cut different types of material on your job site, you need to go for a good quality cutting blade made of durable material. The Evolution table saw’s blade is made of tungsten carbide and comes straight from Japan.

This blade can conveniently cut through aluminum, wood, steel, plastic, and much more. This machine comes with a 15A motor that comes with a highly optimized gearbox and a blade system.

With this system, the overall life of the blade and motor significantly increases. And it will continue to perform for many years to come. This machine can manage precise rip cutting, which can be assisted with a full-length parallel fence. Therefore, you can conveniently cut through a variety of materials with ease. Its 45-degree bevel tilt and 60-degree miter can cover a variety of cuts with ease.

It also features a sliding table with an anti-vibration clamp so that you can make a secure and clean cut with high accuracy. You might not find it a portable design, but it still manages a fine job when it comes to foldability. It comes with a variety of inbuilt table extensions to accommodate larger pieces as well.

The machine is pretty easy to transport thanks to its casters, and its dust extraction is at its best as well because it will keep your workshop clean.


  • This is an easy to transport table saw.
  • The table comes with inbuilt extensions.
  • Effient dust extraction.
  • Can handle a variety of materials.
  • Features a powerful 15-Amp motor.


  • It should have come with more RPMs.

10.  Oliver Table Saw – Best for Safety

For more safety features, you should consider going for the Oliver table saw. It is also one of the most expensive models you will find in this category.

First of all, it comes with soft start features to prevent any accidental starts or the machine from tipping over. It also reduces the noise that comes out of the motor significantly. With this feature, vibration also gets a curb. This feature significantly improves the overall motor life as well.

This machine also features rapid blade elevation for faster setup. But the table is made of aluminum, so it still is pretty lightweight to lift. There is a magnetic switch that prevents any unwanted starts in case of a power interruption. The machine also features a variable motion speed motor for easily adjusting and can provide consistent torque throughout the RPM range.

Its stand comes with a foldable design to ensure easy transportation. The unit is pretty versatile and can conveniently handle different types of materials. It can also handle different types of rip and crosscuts with ease.


  • Soft start features.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Long motor life.
  • A lightweight aluminum table ensures low friction.
  • Magnetic switch that prevents any unwanted starts.
  • Constant torque throughout the RPM range.


  • RPMs could have been more.

Buying Guide

Choosing the right table saw according to your needs can be challenging. You can make an informed decision by keeping the following important points in mind when buying a table saw.

Blade size and materials

If a blade doesn’t cut anything well, the entire purpose of its existence is destroyed. You need to consider the number of teeth that are there on that blade. You also need to look for kerf size, application, speed, arbor size, materials, and diameter.

A standard blade needs to be around 10-inch because it will give you around a 3.5-inch cutting capacity at approximately 90 degrees. You can also find 12-inch blades if you are looking for more cut capacity. 

These blades are either made of carbon, diamond, or carbide-tipped teeth. These days, you can conveniently find table saws that can easily cut through other materials than just wood. So, consider the applications that you will be going for with your saw.

Rip capacity and fence

A fence or rip fence serves as cutting guidance for the user, and it goes from the front of the table right towards the back. It is exactly parallel to the blade’s cutting plane. Die to this rip fence; this design and model has a unique advantage over other types of saws like the circular saw.

With this reliable rip fence, you can lock down the materials, and it won’t move while the blade is cutting through it. Therefore, it should be straight to guarantee a clean cut. Most of the models come with an accurate T-square rip fence that is excellent for regular users. Without this rip fence, any kind of rip cut is extremely difficult.

Some models don’t come with a rip fence, and they allow you to customize your cut fully. You also need to consider rip capacity. You have to measure the distance from the saw blade and then measure the greatest distance from the finest that travels to the blade’s right. This is the rip capacity. For a job site saw, you need to go for a 24-inch rip capacity because it’s half of sheet material’s total width.

Additional features

These include the miter gauge, which is what holds and guides a workplace for a precise cut. Motor and drive configuration is also important. You either go for a direct drive that you will see in a portable table saw, and it can produce up to 2hp.

You can also go for a belt-drive which is more powerful and works well in stationery ranges. These motors can produce 3hp to 5 hp. The on/off switch needs to be easily accessible.

You can also go for a storage compartment if you want and some alleviation and tilt wheels based on your requirements. Safety features like bland protectors and hand protectors or automatic shut-off features shouldn’t be ignored either.

Types of Table saws

Portable table saws

These tables saws come with a compact design, and they are lightweight as well. You can conveniently palace them on a table. There are further three sub-categories of portable table saws.


As the name goes, you can conveniently palace them on your table or a workbench. They do come with a support stand too. These table saws are pretty lightweight in design and are frequently used by DIYers, hobbyists, and homeowners. They are equipped with blade-driven or direct drive motors and are fully portable. As they are versatile, so they offer value for money as well.

Compact table saws

These models are slightly bigger than their benchtop counterparts, but small-toothed belts drive their motors. They have a similar look to a contractor saw but with a small size of a table.


These table saws come mounted on a stand; they are pretty significant, especially if you compare them with your benchtop models, and they are a preferred choice of a trade professional. These models are rugged and can withstand a lot of abuse, thanks to their durable construction. But they also have a light frame design and offer portability.


Professional woodworkers generally use these saws for cabinet making and various other projects involving woodworking. This type of table saws includes hybrid, contractor, as well as cabinet table saws.


The original contractor was developed for pros, but they are rarely used in the modern age. Most people confuse them with jobsite models. There is a difference between them, plus the models that were developed in the past were larger.


These models provide different features that you will find in any high-quality cabinet saw. They might also look like some old contractor models from the earlier years when the contractor saws were introduced to the market.

Most of these models have a closed cabinet construction, but some also feature an open-leg construction. The latter can help for dust collection, just like the one you see in a cabinet saw.


These are some of the best designs that you will find in all table saw types, and hence, they are expensive. These saws are heavy, and most of the units are built from steel or cast iron. Quality materials are used to construct these saws to reduce any vibration and ensure that you get a lot of accuracy in each cut.

These saws are meant for professionals, and they have a robust design. Cabinet table saws are going to last for many years to come. They come with a base that collects dust, and there is an induction motor in them that can produce anywhere between 3 hp to 5 hp.

FAQs for the Best Table Saws

Do I need to use any personal protective equipment when using these table saws?

A machine can come with only a few features to keep you safe on a worksite, but there is always a chance of a mishap or an accident occurring. So, you need to be more responsible and use personal protection equipment (PPE) to meet industry standards. You will need eye protection, hearing protection, spandex sleeves to keep your arms safe, as well as respiratory gear.

Are there any safety requirements that I need to keep in mind when using table saws?

These table saws can rotate at around 4000 RPMs which can cause serious damage to anything not intended to be cut. Some models come with inbuilt safety features so you can avoid any devastating incidents.

But going through a safety checklist before you start using the saw can be helpful. For instance, when setting up the saw, you need to make sure that the switch is off and unplugged. Also, have a look at the miter slot and that if it is parallel to the sides of the slot or not. Plus, make sure that your hands are 100% clear for the blades working distance


DeWalt is the best table saw you could find on the market. This tool can handle a variety of cutting jobs involving different materials. It is meant for serious DIYers and can manage a variety of cross and rip cuts with ease. It is pretty convenient to install and use and offers a lot of versatility. Its blade is made of quality materials, and it will stand the test of time quite well.

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