In recent times, the flooring world has seen a lot of technological advancement. Due to these advances, do it yourself flooring has become a real thing. And you can get the job done irrespective of your skill level.

Managing things is the need of the hour due to the current situation caused by the pandemic. And you might be able to get a few more hours if you’re busy schedule to get it all done with your undivided focus.

Here are the top 5 do it yourself flooring solutions to give your home a new look.

Top 5 Do It Yourself Flooring Ideas  

1.   Carpet tiles

do it yourself Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the most comfortable flooring solutions to give your living a new look in no time. Installation is not a big deal, and there are plenty of customizable options available.


When it comes to basics, and you don’t have much experience, carpet tiles are one of the easiest things to install. Those regular broadloom carpet tiles that require a thick pad right underneath should be left to a professional.

But if you have a room that you are looking to quiet down and soften up a little bit, carpet tiles will work for you the best. You can either go for budget-friendly options here or luxurious ones.

Required tools


Carpet tiles are very easy to install, and you don’t need to have do it yourself skills either. These tiles come with peel & stick backing, or you can use some adhesive or double-sided carpet tape.

And if you don’t want them to adhere to your floor underneath, you can tape them together on the bottom. Some low-quality and cheap carpet tiles can be cut with scissors, while others can only be cut with a utility knife.

2.   Peel & Stick Vinyl Tiles

do it yourself Vinyl Tiles

Peel & Stick vinyl tiles are also very similar to carpet tiles in terms of their working. The best part is you can use these in any room and on any floor. Many modern homes come with these tiles already installed in the laundry rooms and bathrooms.


There were not many options available in terms of design and quality in the past. There are many beautiful accents available, with the most beautiful of them all being the wood-look vinyl designs. These planks are relatively easy to install, and you can quickly give your space a new look in no time.

Required tools


There is not much difficulty in technicality associated with the installation process here. You only need to peel off the backing and stick them to the subfloor according to your needs. You have to ensure your subfloor doesn’t transpose through these tiles.

A highly recommended practice is from the center of the room when using square tiles. If you are using those panels, begin from one corner of the room. You can cut thinner tiles with the help of scissors.

But you will have to use a thicker straight-edge blade or utility knife with a ruler to cut those thicker tiles. You can always go for atile cutter if you are looking for fine efficiency, but this tile cutter is not mandatory.

3.    RevoTile

do it yourself Revo tiles

RevoTile is one of the modern and greatest innovations introduced by DalTile. It is available in two different designs. One is stone visual while the other one is wood visual. DalTile is well known for the products, so quality is not going to be lackluster here.


Installation of these tiles is fast and convenient. If you are adventurous, do it yourself go-getter, you will have plenty of fun completing this project. If you are looking for some exciting projects, this will work the best.

Required tools


Don’t worry!

It is not going to be something like dealing with those ceramic or porcelain tiles. This project is not going to take much time either. The most challenging part will cut the tile itself because you’ll need a power tool for that, like a tile cutter or a tile saw.

Outside of cutting the tiles, this job is not much difficult at all. You will have to lay down some underlayment for these RevoTiles over a level and clean subfloor. You can start from one corner of your room by laying the tile and use those spacers to leave some expansion gaps at the wall.

From there, you can start locking the tiles together. These tiles lock with each other and feature a click-lock system. With this system, they can leave a perfect gap letter for grouting. These tiles do not adhere to the subfloor underneath. The final step is grouting which is not that difficult.

4.    SPC/WPC vinyl flooring

This do it yourself flooring method is the most popular one at the moment, and the reason is there are various options you can avail. This flooring solution involves wood-plastic composite (WPC), stone-plastic composite (SPC), and rigid flooring on the core.


This flooring type is entirely waterproof, which is why this flooring solution is gaining a lot of popularity. Moreover, it is entirely dimensionally stable not to contract or expand when exposed to high-temperature differences.

Therefore, you don’t need to go through a lot of maintenance. Another feature of this flooring type is that they come in various wood look and stone looks.

Required tools


At the moment, this is the easiest wood-look flooring solution you can go for getting done on your own. Before it, laminate flooring was the one considered to be the easiest of them all.

The reason was laminate flooring had a tongue & groove system. You don’t need much skill to install them, like adequate measurement and proper sawing of all the pieces to fit well. You can also similarly install modern-day planks. But now you don’t need a saw. Now you can cut them with the help of a ruler and a utility knife.

5.   Vinyl sheet flooring

This is a classic flooring method and has been around for many years. This vinyl flooring comes in those rolls around 6 to 12 feet in width. So, you can go for any design you need in them.


These sheets look great in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms and hence are used frequently there. They will work very well anywhere you need waterproofing.

You might be thinking this type seems to be similar to that old linoleum floor that used to be in your grandparents’ house. And you are right up to some extent because it is identical, but it looks far better than those old patterns.

This is because printing technology has improved significantly over the years. You can order some samples before you get to the installation process and assess their quality yourself.

Required tools


You can conveniently install these sheets in just a few hours. To ensure your floor is completely leveled, you will only have to prepare your subfloor well.

Once you are done with all of that, you will only need a utility knife along with a double-sided tape that you use for carpets. The most challenging part would be cutting for the furniture in your room.


Is it tough to do your flooring?

It all depends upon the method you are adopting for installation. You might have a lot of fun looking at these do it yourself flooring solutions. But they are not that easy to handle if you don’t have a significant amount of exposure to such projects before.

You will have to deal with many calculators and cut accuracy to ensure all the patterns are right. This is especially the case when you are cutting around for your furniture.

Which do it yourself flooring solution is the easiest of them all?

The Peel & Stick vinyl tiles come with self-adhering vinyl tiles that you need to attach to your subfloor like a sticker. You can easily install them.


You have to be very careful when handling these do it yourself flooring solutions. Make sure you are doing everything on a level subfloor, and don’t rush through your calculation. You will end up making a huge mistake that will cost you your time and the tiles.

Do it yourself flooring has become significantly more comfortable over time with the introduction of new technology. But you still need to be watchful. If you think you can’t handle it, you can always call an expert to take the project for you.

The easiest of them all is the Peel & Stick vinyl tiles because you can use these tiles as a sticker. Just make the right calculation. But make sure to begin from the center of the room or from one corner to make things a lot simpler.

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