15 Unique Do It Yourself Fence Ideas

Do it yourself fences are somewhat easy to construct on your own. These fences can add value to your property besides security and giving it a refreshing look. Even if you are new to these do it yourself fencing projects, you will find them convenient and safe for your property.

If you are looking for some great do it yourself fence ideas, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best fence design concepts to modernize your property’s fencing.

15 Unique Do It Yourself Fence Ideas and Concepts

1.    Classic picket fence

Classic picket fence

This traditional picket fence will look lovely no matter what. Whether you have Tom Sawyer in your mind or are just trying to emulate that cottage you saw somewhere in a fairytale movie, this picket fence design will provide you with the perfect look for your garden.

It’s kind of a design that will make your fence building project very simple, and it is ideal for you if you are a beginner at these projects. Such a fence can add that cheerful touch to your yard. Moreover, these waist-high fences will keep any unwelcome critters, and you will be able to wave your neighbors too.

2.    Corrugated metal fence

Corrugated metal fence

Want to add a little bit of statement to your patio or any other outdoor section of your property? You can go for a corrugated metal fence with a southwestern industrial style. You might have to wear your shades on those sunny days due to the intense brightness caused by reflection.

But the industrial corrugated metal will add plenty of durability. The results are exceptional as well because this fence looks extraordinary.

3.    Wooden panel fences

It’s more of a design-driven by character, and the best part about their design is that they feature a panel design. You can warp the size panels that are different in size right around the space you want to protect.

These paneled fences are great for properties that don’t have a regular shape. The black framing of the panels works very well against the light brown finish of the wooden planks. With the slats, you will get increased privacy for your space too.

These fences look quite sleek, but they cannot withstand high winds, so you need to be careful when installing them and provide proper support.

4.    Recycled screening fence

A recycled screening fence is another creative way that will make use of the shutters in your house. Those shutters do need to be replaced eventually, so you don’t have to throw them out. You can recycle and use them as your screening fence outside your home.

It means you will be using a matching color with your property’s trim. You will get that color pop in your yard, and it’s a great way to ensure privacy as well.

5.    Dark wooden garden fence

This kind of fence can add a lot of value to your garden. Not only it protects your garden from any prying eyes, but it is also best for growing vegetables and fruits.

You can also paint the fence black or any dark color, especially if you have a dark-colored property. It will ensure your fence doesn’t look odd-one-out from any angle.

6.    Painted cinder block wall

If durability and protection are your utmost priority, you need to go for a painted cinder block wall to do it yourself fence project. Cinder block walls don’t look great, and to give them a better look, you need to paint them with a color that goes well with the surroundings.

It’s better to paint them white because your yard will look far more spacious. It will lend your entire property a far more cheerful air. You can always go for a pop of color if you think that will look good.

7.    Latticework panel fence

This do it yourself fence design makes use of a panel and some simple latticework. There is nothing out of the ordinary involved in this design, but it still looks special.

The design adds to your property’s overall look as it matches your property’s rustic aesthetics and will complete them. This latticework gives your privacy while you still be able to look around. You can make the planks broader as well if you want to go for more privacy or sleeker panels. So, design options are there.

8.    Stained plank fence

Have you ever thought about staining your fence for that rough look? Many homeowners go for this type of fencing because it doesn’t need much cleaning and maintenance due to its rough and stained look.

These fences, due to their stains, are somewhat protected from exposure to their environments. So, the design not only adds to the looks but also provides some protection. The natural and burnished look will perfectly complement your yard or any other outdoor space.

9.    Cedarwood plank fence

This wooden fence is made from cedarwood, and it looks fabulous, thanks to its reddish-brown texture. You can go for wood paneling if you like because they are great for doing it yourself fence projects. This fencing is not only durable but looks very elegant too.

You can conveniently make these panels on the ground. Cedarwood looks relatively fine, and it is durable as well. These slats offer excellent privacy, but they won’t completely block the sunlight either. The grainy texture that cedarwood has is extremely fine to touch and feel.

10.  Bamboo cover for a chain link fence

If you are looking for a creative and great-looking camouflage cover for your chain link fence, there is no better option than the bamboo fence. It’s a very unique and creative idea you can use, especially in an area with high critter activity and vandalism.

The chain-link fence provides solidity, while the bamboo fence makes it more close to nature. But this fence might not fit the taste of all. However, these bamboo roll-out fences are very easy to adjust, and you can use them to wrap around the entire fence pretty conveniently. It will allow you to add a greater to your property and bring a piece of Chinese culture to your home.

11.  Straight natural wood picket fence

We talked about the classic picket fence earlier on. Well, this one has a similar design but only features natural wood. Its height allows you to contact your neighbors while the posts are well anchored within the ground.

The peachy color of the wood will add a bright tone to your outdoor space. This is a look that will evoke your childhoods that you spent climbing trees and playing around in them in your garden or your backyard. Installation is simple, and the overall design extremely solid that can handle harsh weather up to some extent.

12.  Easy bamboo fence

Did you know? You can use bamboo material in do it yourself fence projects. The bamboo is more bendable than wood and can conveniently wrap the stalks throughout your yard just like a piece of fabric and doesn’t need to use any rigid adherence either.

Installation is simple, and it gives a look to your property that is much closer to nature. You can use it in your patio area or garden because it goes very well with the plants and grass. This type of fencing looks great in any area on your property.

13.  Solid wooden plank fence

This solid wooden plank fence design looks extremely professional when you will get it done, and no one will ever be able to guess you have done it by yourself. You can use different woods here, and keep in mind that this design will give you complete privacy as there are no gaps in-between.

This design takes a hint from the conventional fences but features polished wood salts combined to make a wall and are adequately supported with cross beams. Different grains of wood are used to make those variable eye pulsing designs and textures.

14.  Contemporary wooden garden fence

These modern-styled wooden garden fences have a very sleek design, and they look interesting. The wooden slats are spaced accurately, and they have a very tiny gap in between them.

Such fences give you a look at a state-of-the-art building that comes with a wooden room partition. These fences are very neat looking, and they will be a striking addition to your yard, greenhouse, or even your beautiful Zen garden. These fences give you enough privacy, and you still can see through them. You won’t have to do any metalwork as they only require wood.

15.  Horizontal plank fence featuring metal posts

Wooden planks always create that rustic appeal. But with the metal posts, you can add a degree of sturdiness and durability to your do it yourself fence design. This is something very important for anchoring as well as security purposes.

There have been several examples of torn-up fences in the areas where heavy winds blow. If you live in an area prone to storms and high winds, you need to consider this do it yourself fence design. Because with the help of stealing posts, anchoring stays in place firmly.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Deciding

There are so many styles and designs you can go for, but there are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing as well. The most important of them all is your skill level. Ensure you don’t involve yourself in something that you couldn’t handle in the first place.

If you don’t have enough skill sets, you might find it difficult to install a basic fence that looks beautiful and functional. The design might feature different angular cuts or architectural elements you might know nothing about.

Also, consider your neighborhood and climate when choosing the best design. For example, in some regions, wooden fences can deteriorate very quickly, and you should go for a metal fence. You also have to consider the building codes of your county and homeowners’ association when choosing what type of fence, you can go for.

Cost is another detrimental factor based on the size of the fence you need to build. With a tight budget, you can even go for pallets that can be recycled to create a wooden fence.


How much is it going to cost?

It will depend upon the materials and type of woods you will use in do it yourself fence. Are you going for any metal posts, and how high is the fence going to be? Before finalizing your options, make sure you have got everything covered within your budget.

How high can a wooden fence be?

Your fence needs to be tall enough for a privacy fence, but most towns and homeowners’ associations have rules for this, and you need to go through them before you decide how high your fence needs to be.

In most regions, the height of a privacy fence in the backyard needs to be 6 feet. At the same time, the height of the front yard fence should be around 4 feet. But it would be better for you to check your local codes.

Which type of stain should I consider for a wooden stain fence?

It’s better to go for the best stain that keeps your wood protected from the environment and adds to the looks as well. You have to reapply the stain every couple of years for the best results. Solid stains will cover the natural look of your wood slats but will provide weather protection.

Transparent stains will make the wood pop out’s natural beauty but won’t last long for weather protection. Therefore, it is better to go for a translucent or semi-transparent stain with both features.

Can I go for mixed fencing types? 

Yes, you can undoubtedly go with mixed fencing types, especially if your budget is tight. You can add a wood picket fence in the front and a steel or cinder block wall or a chain-link fence at the back. Repair and maintenance will vary across different types that you have used, of course.

How long do these fences last?

The longevity of a fence will strictly depend upon the materials that you have used. Chain link and vinyl fences can last a lifetime. However, Odeon fences last for about 12 to 15 years, depending upon the type of wood.


There you have it. We hope these unique do it yourself fence ideas might have given you an insight into how you can go about your fencing project.

Metal and concrete fences are very durable and can last a lifetime. On the other hand, wooden fences can last up to 15 years, but they give your property a much more natural and rustic look.

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