A Guide to Do It Yourself Headboard and Unique Ideas

A headboard plays an essential role in making your room look attractive. If you want to spend some time and effort, your next headboard will rock the bedroom. Without costing you a lot, these simple alternatives can transform your room according to your choices and needs.

Why break your wallet for a headboard when you can do it yourself?

Change your primary bedroom into a magical area without worrying about the budget. With this do it yourself headboard guide and the ideas, you can easily do your headboard making yourself.

Let’s find out some unique and exciting ways to replace your old headboard with something creative.

10 Unique and practical Headboard Ideas for Your Bedroom

1.    Painted Murals:

Painted Murals headboards

What if you paint your headboard wall with some bright and impressive shades? A pair of sea creatures or something floral as you want at the back of your bed looks so satisfying. The perfect blend of color and art, this wall can make your room look larger depending on the mural. You can also add a touch of a forest, city, or nature as it seems natural and captivating.


  • Paint it if you are bored with the same design.
  • Affordable decoration.
  • Easy to install.
  • No holes and tools are required.
  • Transports you to the magical world.


  • Not suitable for rooms with so many objects.
  • It looks so bad if the color or design is not suitable for the room.

2.    Barn Doors and Window Shutters:

Barn Doors and Window Shutters

Do you love barn doors plus window shutters? Recycled barn doors are one of the most creative choices for your headboard. The rustic farmhouse and a chic touch at the back of your bed look attractive.

People are going crazy over such ideas these days. A traditional window shutter is also good to recycle for a custom look.


  • Mess-free because of easy cleaning
  • Long-lasting because of the vintage wooden material.
  • It gives a classical finish to your room.
  • You can mount this alternative on a wall easily.
  • Purchase them new or recycled; both look happening.


  • Requires a perfect empty wall space.
  • It looks odd with modern furniture.

3.    Wall Decals:

Wall Decals headboards

Are you a person who falls in awe with the wall decals? There is a vast range of wallpapers or decals to fulfill your desires. It depends on whether you want a creative printable backdrop or a designer headboard sticker. The headboard sticker makes it look like an actual headboard behind. At the same time, the innovative backdrop print can make your room look unique and trendy. You can select from diverse colors and designs.


  • Easily available.
  • Removable.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Convenient applying.
  • Change them whenever you want.
  • Highly affordable.


  • It can be used only once.

4.    Reclaimed Wood:

Are you an artistic and crafty person? Then reclaimed wood is the most satisfying alternative for your old headboard. When you feel the need to make a change in your room, start from the headboard. You have an easy and creative idea. Don’t worry if you don’t have that artistic skill; go for a pre-made one. Reclaimed wood looks so natural and creates a magical environment in your room.


  • Choose from different finishes and shades.
  • Easy to mount on a bed frame.
  • Buy it or make it.
  • Balances the size look of your room.
  • Provides a rustic beauty.
  • Durable.


  • It can be fake because of the high demand.

5.    Curtains and Tapestry:

Curtains and Tapestry

Want to design your headboard with something decent and attractive? Then it’s time to switch to elegant curtains or tapestries. Simple to find and make, these beauties add a lovely touch to your bed. A cute and cozy backdrop looks so relaxing. There are two or three choices but a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs. You can also hang them for classic attractions.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Easy to find and mount.
  • Take them with you when moving out.
  • Keep switching to different patterns and styles for an enhanced look.
  • You can also dye them.


  • Not long-lasting because of the materials.
  • Requires proper maintenance.

6.    Coastal Theme:

Are you a fan of the coastal theme? Nothing is better than this beach-specific theme backdrop idea. This alternative is always impressive and calming. You can customize the backdrop according to your preferences. You can use whatever you want, like surfboards, paddles to make it look like a professionally designed headboard.


  • Simple to make.
  • A classic option.
  • Can be out of used and new materials.
  • A relaxing beach-themed backdrop.
  • It gives a trendy and cool feeling.


  • Requires strength and tools to be mounted on a wall.
  • It should be cleaned appropriately.
  • Difficult to maintain.

7.    Shelves:

 Shelves headboards

Shelves are a great idea to be placed behind your bed. Are you a person who loves putting stuff on the shelves? Get your hands on the shelf to keep your stuff inside. It will also support your bed as a headboard. The shelving unit can be customized or pre-made.

It enhances the simplicity and traditional look of your bedroom. You can design it easily if you know basic carpentry.


  • Easy to make.
  • It can be mounted or placed on the ground.
  • Performs as a storage unit as well as plays a role of a headboard.
  • Elegant.
  • You can store your books.
  • Long-term investment.


  • You can’t move it regularly as it’s quite heavy.

8.    Paintings:

Paintings Headboards

Wall art and paintings are the most beautiful ways to decorate your headboard. If you own simple furniture and want to add some colors to your room, what’s more, suitable than a bright painting on your back! Hang a massive painting as a headboard or set a pattern of different pictures to fill up the wall.


  • Highly recommended for rentals.
  • You can do it yourself if you are fond of painting.
  • Choose a professional artist to do it for you.
  • Get as many paintings as you want.
  • Add a variety of colors to your room.


  • Not a durable option.

9.    Shadow Boxes:

Have you ever heard of shadow boxes? The terms may change, but this inward pushed backdrop is one of the most popular and favorite ideas for years. If you are not into decoration pieces and wall hangings, it’s time to go for a shadow box. They are too simple and affordable. You can also use the sides as a storage space. Keep your clocks and essentials on your side in the shadow box.


  • Great for girl’s room decor.
  • Can store photo frames, books, essentials, and alarms.
  • Cheap and highly convenient.
  • It can be customized in unlimited ways.


  • Seems huge for some rooms.
  • Proper assembly is needed.

10.  Wood Fencing:

If you love wood textured furniture, you must know the texture of wood with a natural shade, making it beautiful. A cute and straightforward wood fencing is loved by many of us and is trendy these days. You can choose any of your favorite wood types and make it yourself without any difficulty.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Materials are readily available.
  • Even your children can help you out.


  • If you are planning for a painted or stained wood fence, it may take longer.

How to Build A Headboard for A Bed?

The headboard represents your personality and choices as it is the focal point of your bedroom. If the headboard is not trendy and attractive, your room will look dull. Switching to different headboards is a good idea, but buying them can be costly if you want affordable change. Here’s how you can build one.

Step 1: Using the Right Material

Gather all the materials: Once you have planned to dive into headboard making, you should start picking up materials and the supplies.

First, choose a suitable, giant piece of wood or the base. It can be plywood, rehabbed shutters, recycled doors, and chalkboard, etc. You can also go for metal to have a back of the metal. Well, wood is preferred for headboard making as it makes the rest piece comfortable.

Don’t want to buy wood or have nothing like that to use for a headboard? Time to use your creativity. There are abundant ideas for a headboard; you can use fabrics, paintings, decals, artwork, vintage masterpieces, and more. You can utilize any of these as your backdrop, but they won’t work as a headboard. They’re good to add beauty and magic to your bedroom.

Step 2: Cutting to Achieve Perfection

When you are done with the materials, begin with the cutting. Measure the dimensions of your bed and cut the materials accordingly. Cutting should be done with precautionary measures as it requires strength and attention.

You can also ask a store to do it or you. Set the width as per your choices. Some headboards are wider than the bed, whereas some are equal. Both look good, depending on the room size and design.

Step 3: Padding to Make It Comfortable

Now comes the padding. No one wants to rest on a hard rock surface. So, it’s time to add padding to your headboard for a cozy backdrop. You can use polyester, egg crate mattress toppers, or simple foam that can cost a bit more.

So, go for the other two if you make an affordable headboard. Cut the selected material according to the headboard size. Cut it slightly larger than the headboard because you will staple the padding edges behind the headboard.

Step 4: Decoration

Want to add a classy and elegant touch? Give your headboard a tufted look with a monochrome fabric and drill holes of ¼ inches to make space for the button to fit inside. Choose from a grid or diagonal pattern for the button placement.

Use a fixative spray to attach the padding to the headboard but don’t forget to do this in an open space. Make sure to buy the appropriate fixative spray for the padding material. Now, place the padding on the headboard front and staple the edges on the back, using an electric staple gun.

To set the fabric on the padding, you need to iron the fabric first for incredible finishing. After that, place the material on the floor and put the headboard front downside. Staple the fabric properly, even if you need to staple it multiple times. Be careful on the edges and rounded sides. Keep checking the headboard front frequently to prevent any mishap.

Slide one needle through the headboard from the backside. Use another needle to insert the button from the front and start pulling the button taut from tufts. Staple the string and needle firmly on the back.

Step 5: Setting the Headboard

Here comes the final step, which is about setting the headboard with your bed. There are two ways you can do it:

  • Slide the headboard between bed and wall if it’s long enough to touch the ground.
  • Use headboard hangers or flush mount hangers to hang it. Flush mount hangers are cost-effective but not durable and long-lasting. Whereas the headboard hangers are two metal pieces, making your hanging headboard sturdy and reliable for years. It can be a bit expensive.

You are done with your trendy and attractive headboard.


What Can I Put Behind the Bed Instead Of A Headboard?

There are plenty of unique ideas for headboard alternatives. You can use wall decals, paintings, mirrors, shelves, barn doors, reclaimed wood, shadow boxes, curtains, a variety of woods, and anything you want which is sturdy and comfortable. You are free to choose any of your favorite materials, color, design, pattern, and size.

Is It Ok to Have A Bed Without A Headboard?

Yes, it’s ok, to have a bed without a headboard. But it’s not comfortable. It would work well if you had a backrest when reading books or watching tv. No one wants to rest the head on a rock-hard surface or wall. Therefore, a soft and trendy headboard is a clever idea. Customize your headboard accordingly to match your needs.

Why Do Beds Have A Headboard?

Headboards play an essential role, and there are many reasons to have an elegant and classy headboard. It makes your room look vast and impressive, provides support to your bed, prevents the wall from abrasion, gives you comfort and satisfaction. Hence, it’s vital to get a headboard for your bed now. You can easily make one at home.

Can I Use A Headboard with Adjustable Beds?

Yes, headboards are suitable for adjustable beds too. Isn’t it amazing? The size of the headboard is standard mainly to fit any bed. And if you love to customize or do it yourself headboard, you can easily use it with an adjustable bed. The height may vary, which you can change if you want.

Wrapping Up

A good and reliable headboard will enhance the beauty of your room while giving you a cozy place to rest. You can use wood as the standard material for headboards; don’t forget to have patience as making a headboard won’t end in minutes.

You are free to make your headboard with whatever material you want with any impressive design. Once you are done, you will know the worth of all the time and efforts you put into making it.

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