Best ideas for a DIY Valentines Day gift

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, ready to fill the air with sparks, love, and romance. With sweet kisses, warm hugs, and tightly held hands, couples will rejoice and celebrate their love on this special day. And this day of romance cannot be complete without a candle-light dinner and a precious gift.

Speaking of gifts, most of us are absolutely confused about what to get for our significant other. What would they like or not like? How can it be special enough? Is it an unforgettable gift? Is it even practical? So many questions can devour your mind while you endlessly think of gift ideas for your partner.

This Valentine’s Day, why not whip up a DIY gift – now that you got your DIY toolbox assembled?

With a do-it-yourself gift, you can show your sweetheart how much you adore them. After all, handmade gifts stay unbeaten. Your special someone will know you poured your thoughts, creativity, and heart into making this gift. And it would be something they’d cherish forever. 

Apart from being oh-so-special, a DIY Valentine’s Gift is also going to be much easier on your pocket. You do have to roll up your sleeves and invest some valuable time into it but trust us, it will be worth it. 

So, let’s go through some swoon-worthy DIY gift ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Day. All of these ideas are affordable and under $50- using materials that are easy to find. Keep reading; we’ve got you covered:

A Photo Collage

photo collage for valentines day

This is an idea anyone can pull off easily. Scour through all of your favorite memories, and pick your favorite photos.

All you need to do is get these pictures printed and buy a large canvas to stick them on. You can take your art to another level by adding stickers, one-liners, trinkets of memories (like old movie tickets), glitter, paint- you name it.

If you are feeling feisty, you can create this collage on a wall too.

Phone Cover

Everyone loves to accessorize their phone from time to time while protecting it. One unique idea is to make a phone or iPad cover for your significant other. Every time they use their gadget, they will instantly think of you. 

There are many ways you can make a DIY phone cover. The easiest way to do it is by grabbing a plain, transparent cover first. Now you can paint or embellish it to your heart’s desire. You can use items such as nail-polish, pearls, jewels, or buttons to decorate it. You can also hand-paint your and your partner’s initials together.

One cute idea is to get a small print-out or polaroid photo of the two of you, write a note on the back, and place it inside the cover. 

You will find DIY phone cover sets also on Amazon.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bomb

bath bomb for valentines day

Your partner deserves a soothing bubble bath for a relaxing and luxurious night. Why not arrange this bath for them, complete with candles, scents, and your own DIY bath bombs? We promise you, they’ll never forget this experience and the effort you put into this idea.

Creating your own bath bomb is actually easy. You will need these essential ingredients:

  • Two cups of baking soda
  • One cup of citric acid
  • One ounce of shea butter or coconut butter
  • Two tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 5-6 drops of any essential oil of your choice
  • 1-2 drops of any food coloring (optional)
  • Witch Hazel spray bottle
  1. Now combine the baking soda, cornstarch, and citric acid and mix them in a bowl. Make sure there are no lumps.
  2. Add in the essential oil and food coloring and mix it some more. For a romantic night, choose a scent to go with the mood, with a color like pink or red.
  3. Spray some witch hazel into the mixture and keep adding it until the mixture seems to hold together and keep its shape when pressed.
  4. Now place the mixture into molds. We suggest you go for heart-shaped silicone molds to complement the occasion. Allow it to dry in the mold for 12 hours and then take them out.
  5. Now give your bath bombs an additional 24 hours to dry completely.

Voilà! Your Valentine’s Day gift is ready!

Wooden Coasters

If you believe in gifting practical and functional gifts, DIY coasters are another sweet option. All you need is a couple of plain wooden coasters from any store. Now paint on them and let your inner artist (and romantic) go free!

Snack Jar

Surprise your loved one with a jar filled with favorite snacks to satisfy their cravings and a cute message on top.

snack jar for valentines day

We recommend you buy a large mason jar for the best-looking snack arrangement. Now stock up on your partner’s favorite candies, chocolates, jellies, and more. Fill up your jar with the assortment.

Finally, complete the snack jar with a handmade card and message hanging on top. This one is mouthwatering and memorable!

Floral Letter Monogram

A pretty floral arrangement of your partner’s name or simply their initial is sure to pull at their heartstrings. This floral display can be a forever gift and a permanent home-decor addition too. 

All you need is:

A paper mache letter is your best option, but you can also use a thick cardboard cut-out of your partner’s name letter. 

  1. Spray the letter with paint and let it dry for a couple of hours.
  2. Once it is dry, cut the flowers from their stems, so they are completely flat from the back. 
  3. Using hot glue, start applying the flowers on the paper mache letter until it is filled.
  4. Fill in any empty spaces with petals or leaves using the glue.
  5. Let the glue dry completely, and your beautiful masterpiece is ready.

Sharpie Mugs

sharpie mugs for valentines day

One of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas this season is sharpie mugs. A personalized mug is one of the most special yet practical gifts for your beloved. They will start their day with a cup of tea or coffee in the same mug and instantly be reminded of you. In short, the warmth of this DIY mug practically goes unmatched.

All you need is a white or black plain mug, and some oil-based sharpie paint markers. Use one color or multiple ones and start writing or drawing on them. Express your love to your partner; you can add meaningful quotes or drawings too. 

Now allow the cup to dry overnight for the markers to stay intact. Finally, bake the mug to keep everything in place. Put it in at 350°F for 30 minutes. Leave the mug in the oven until it has completely cooled to prevent cracking. One tip to set in your sharpie art is to bake the mugs twice.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these heartfelt DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas and drew some inspiration from them. Remember, whatever you make with your heart will mean everything to your love; it’s always the thought that counts.

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