Easy DIY Furniture Projects -The Most Inspiring DIY Furniture Projects

Making your own furniture is a lot of fun. But, there are also other benefits you can enjoy. Namely, you can save money and avoid purchasing off-the-shelf furniture. Often, this is generic and boring. Instead, you can be resourceful and use materials you already have in the house, as well as repurposing old furniture you no longer use. If you are interested in easy DIY furniture projects you can complete yourself, let’s get started. We have some fantastic ideas for you as part of this series.

Milk Can Table

Have you always been a fan of outdoor farmyard-style furniture? Well, it may be easier than you think to enjoy this cool design in your home. For example, we love this table constructed from an old milk can. The milk can is a large item that is going to act as the leg of the table. Then, you can use a piece of wood to create the top of the table. You can choose whether you want to use a round or square piece, depending on where you are going to position your new outdoor table.

Milk can for DIY furniture

To get started, remove the lid of the milk can. You can get one of these online for affordable prices or from a local antique store. Then you can drill a hole into the middle of the wood and this can hold an umbrella. Then you can use strong glue to attach the wood to the milk can.

In order to make your new piece of outdoor furniture last, it is recommended that you stain the wood. This is going to seal the wood and ensure that it does not rot. What’s more, it can add the finishing touches to it.

Easy DIY Furniture Projects- Outdoor Pallet Sofa

Everybody likes to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice. It does not matter whether you want to sunbathe or dine al fresco, you need somewhere to sit back and relax when you are in the yard. If you are on a budget and way to enjoy easy DIY furniture projects, you can try the outdoor pallet sofa. Just as the name suggests, you can create an outdoor sofa from old pallets.

Pallets for DIY furniture

You may already have old pallets lying around from a delivery. Alternatively, they are something you can pick up locally from stores that no longer want them. Often, you can get your hands on a wooden pallet for free. Essentially, you are going to use around four pallets in order to make a sofa. You can use two as the base that you are going to sit on, as well as two for the back. You can join them together with a drill and sand them down. Then, all you have to do is use outdoor cushions and you have a comfortable sofa you can use when you want to spend time in the yard.

Car tire Ottoman

Sometimes, it is nice to be able to rest your feet on something when you are watching television. It can also be good to have a place to put your drink when you are playing games with the family. Well, we have easy DIY furniture projects to solve this problem. Namely, let’s take a look at the car tire ottoman. This is going to be a simple project that does not require a lot of tools.

First of all, you are going to need a car tire. Then you want two pieces of MDF and to cut them into circles that fit the sides of the tire. This is going to create an even surface on the top of the ottoman. You can drill the screws into place or use glue to attach them. Next, you will need a lot of twisted cord and a glue gun. You are going to create a round of cord in the middle of the MDF and bring it out to the edges to create a swirl design. You can use the glue gun to ensure it attaches. Once you have covered the top of the MDF, you can start going down around the tire. You do not have to do the base since this is going to be the bottom of the ottoman that is on the ground.

easy DIY furniture ottoman

To preserve the easy DIY furniture projects that are like this, it is best to use a sealer. This is going to make sure your creation lasts long. You can apply a sealer using a paintbrush. All you have to do is wait for it to dry.

Easy DIY Furniture Projects – Suitcase Side Table

Are you looking for easy DIY furniture projects that are going to add some interest to your home? Well, we have a fantastic idea that you are going to love. You can use vintage suitcases to make cool side tables for your bedroom. Not only are they going to look chic and unique, but they can also double by offering storage space.

To get started on the suitcase side table, you are first going to need some suitcases. Vintage brief suitcases work well for this project and you can choose a style that you like. All you have to do is choose side table legs from a local DIY store or online and attach them to the suitcase. You will need a drill for this project to ensure that the legs are attached securely. This is an easy upcycling project that can reuse some of the junk lying around in your attic.

Plank Coat and Hat Rack

This next project is going to be ideal if you live somewhere with limited space. We are talking about the plank coat and hat rack. At your front door, you want to have your coat and hat ready to go. But, if you do not have a space for a full rack, we have a solution. You can create one yourself with easy DIY furniture projects. All you are going to need for this one is a plank of wood, nails, a drill and hooks.

First of all, take your plank of wood and paint it any color you like. You can match your home décor for this step. In addition, you can also purchase any style of hook you like too. You can get several of them to make your rack. Now, it is simply a case of attaching the hooks to the plank of wood and then screwing it to your wall. Then you can neatly hang and your coats, hats, bag and more. You can look forward to no more clutter and you do not have to spend a fortune on this project either.

Crate Dog Food Station

Raised dog bowls are the latest trend and it can help your adult dog when it comes to neck pain. But, they can be expensive to buy. Instead of buying an off-the-shelf raised food station, you can make your own when you have an old crate. This is going to act as not only the food station but as storage for all of your furry friend’s food.

Start by sanding down the crate. You can find wood to act as the lid for the crate, as well as the top of the food station. Next, you want to measure the dog bowls and create a hole this size in the lid of the crate. This is going to be where the food bowls balance for your canine. Then you can attach hinges to join the crate and the lid. You can store all of the dog food inside when it is not in use. In the meantime, your canine can eat and drink from the top of the food station.

Do not forget that you can paint and decorate the crate any way you like. You can paint the dog food station any color you want and include your canine’s name on it for personalization. This is something that you can have some fun with. You can even use the inside of the crate as storage for toys or treats too, depending on your dog’s needs. Using a larger crate will give you more space.

To Summarize Easy DIY Furniture Projects

There you have it, 6 easy DIY furniture projects you can get started on today. It can be exciting to create your own furniture and add unique pieces to your home. What’s more, it can be rewarding too. You can feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you were able to create those pieces of furniture, whether it was an outdoor table or dog food station. Of course, you are also going to save money. A lot of the easy DIY furniture projects we have mentioned include old materials you can find in antique and local hardware stores. You may even have them lying around in the garage. You can create furniture even when you are on a budget by upcycling things you have already. So, you can have fun, enjoy the accomplishment and save money. What more could you want? Do not forget to check out our earlier articles in the most inspiring DIY furniture projects series!

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