Do It Yourself Outdoor Privacy Screening

Everyone loves to have a patio or sitting area in their backyard. This is a spot where you can sunbathe, socialize with friends and family and enjoy dining al fresco. But, one common problem that a lot of people have in urban areas is that they do not have a lot of privacy from neighbors. This can be because of gaps in a fence or due to homes overlooking the yard. However, this is not something that you have to let affect you. Instead, you can try do it yourself outdoor privacy screening.

The Benefits of Do It Yourself Outdoor Privacy Screening

Yard renovations can be exciting. But, you may be thinking; is do it yourself outdoor privacy screening really worth it? A lot of homeowners would say yes. Here are the benefits you can enjoy from this project.

You Enjoy Privacy from Neighbors

You may get on and are friends with your neighbors. But, this does not mean that you want to see them every time you are in your yard. This can be due to having gaps in your fence or it is a low design. Instead of boarding up the fence and making a big deal of it, you can simply try do it yourself outdoor privacy screening. This is going to allow you to have some privacy when you are in the yard, whether you are having dinner with the family or wanting to read a book. It can allow you to feel more comfortable and sheltered away from prying eyes.

You Can Save Money

If you are renovating your yard, you will know how expensive outdoor furniture and décor can be. This includes having to pay a fortune for outdoor privacy screening. This is particularly true if you need a lot of it for a large yard. But, this is the great thing about do it yourself outdoor privacy screening. You are going to save a lot of money gathering the materials yourself and building it. Of course, it is a fun project. But, a lot of people enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project on a budget too. Then you have more money for other things you want.

You Can Improve Your Yard

Let’s not forget that you want your yard to look good. This is particularly true during the summer and warmer months of the year when you might have family and friends around for barbecues and gatherings. Some do it yourself outdoor privacy screening is not only going to give you privacy, but it is also going to look great. You can easily add color and interest to your yard. What’s more, since you are making it yourself, it is going to be unique for your décor. Everyone is going to be asking you about it. You can tell them that you built it yourself and impress your visitors.

You Can Have Protect from the Elements

Privacy from neighbors is important and it is going to make you feel more comfortable on your own property. But, what a lot of people do not realize is that do it yourself outdoor privacy screening is great for protection from the elements. Having screening up can be a good wind blocker and provide a peaceful and comfortable spot to sit in in your yard. You will be surprised just how much of the wind you can remove from your patio or resting spot with do it yourself outdoor privacy screening.

Some Do It Yourself Outdoor Privacy Screening Ideas

If you finally want to upgrade your yard and enjoy some privacy from neighbors, here are some do it yourself outdoor privacy screening ideas that you can try.

Create an Evergreen Wall

If you are looking for a do it yourself outdoor privacy screening idea that is going to also add color and décor to your yard, we have a great one. We are talking about creating an evergreen wall or hedge. This is going to give you the privacy you are looking for but without having to build something that looks like a monstrosity.

Evergreen hedge for privacy screening

To get started, you want to dig up a part of your yard near to the neighbors and your patio. Choose a spot that is going to give you privacy. Often, this is going to be near to where you will be sitting or relaxing. You can create a bed for the plants and fill it with quality soil. This is something you can do on a budget.

Then you want to pick the evergreens that you love. This is going to be plants that keep their color all year round and do not lose their leaves. This way, you are going to enjoy privacy through screening. What’s more, they are often fast growing, which means the evergreens will grow taller and spread out. Make sure you plant them with space in between so that there is room for them to grow. What’s more, this is going to provide wind screening too.

Choose Lattice Screens for Do It Yourself Outdoor Privacy Screening

Lattice screens are not just good for supporting growing plants. They are also going to work well for creating your own privacy screens. They are going to offer you some shade, as well as making it difficult for neighbors to see you. You can feel a lot more comfortable when you sit next to the lattice screens.

All you have to do is use screws and attach the lattice screens to each other. You can then attach them to wooden posts so that it can be a freestanding privacy screen. You can also choose to attach lattice screens to a fence in order to create some screening. What we like about using lattice screens for do it yourself outdoor privacy screening is that you can paint them whatever color you want. You can also use them for climbing plants to create a lot of privacy. You can even use hanging pots too.

If you already have large planters in your yard, you can also attach lattice screens to the back of them. This is going to allow you to use it as screening. You can even attach wheels to the bottom of the planter so that you can move it around depending on where you are sitting in the yard.

Use Old Shutters

Do you have old shutters lying around? If not, this is something that you can easily pick up at junkyards and repurpose for this project. You can create a do it yourself outdoor privacy screening by joining old shutters together on a frame. This is going to allow you to create a fence and it can be freestanding with posts. Behind this fence, you can place your tables and chairs and enjoy some privacy from prying neighbors.

Again, you are going to be free to decorate the shutters however you want. If you are using old wooden shutters, it is best to sand them down first. Then you can apply the paint you want and seal them. This is going to ensure that they last a long time outdoors and in different weather conditions. Would you like to build a porch swing for your yard? You can read this article.

Attach Curtains for Do It Yourself Outdoor Privacy Screening

Do you have a porch that does not enjoy any privacy during the day? Well, there is a simple way you can change this and create a relaxing space for you and your family to enjoy. Simple, you can use a curtain.

All you will need is a curtain rod that you can attach to the top of your porch. Then, you will be able to attach curtains to the rod and pull them back and forth when you want privacy. This is also going to create a shady and cool place to relax when it is hot outside during the day. This is an easy and inexpensive way to create a do it yourself outdoor privacy screening. Of course, if you want sunshine, you can also keep the curtains open. You have a lot of freedom with this option.

Build a Slat Wall

A lot of people assume a slat wall is only a design for the inside of your home. However, this is not true. It can also be used for do it yourself outdoor privacy screening. This is something that you can build on a budget when you use plywood. First of all, you will have to create a frame for the slat wall. Make this a size that is going to offer the amount of screening you need. You can always attach wheels to the slat wall so that you can move the screening around your gardening.

wooden slats for screening

Once you have used wood to create a square or rectangular wall, you can simply use slats of plywood to make this screening. You can decide the spaces between the slats depending on how much privacy you want. You can use power tools to cut the plywood into slats, as well as sanding them down for smoothness. Then it is a case of using them to the wooden frame.

Of course, you have the freedom to paint the slat wall in any way you want. This can be green to add some color to your yard or you can enjoy natural wooden shades. Either way, it should be easy to paint in an afternoon. To make sure that your do it yourself outdoor privacy screening lasts in different weather conditions, you can stain it. this is going to protect the plywood from the elements. Some people find it easier to paint the slats before they are secured to the frame. This is going to be your decision. You have the freedom to design your slat wall in whatever way is easiest for you.

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