3 Easy DIY Outdoor Furniture to build


There is plenty of easy DIY outdoor furniture to build and create a wonderful space in the backyard, while summer is approaching. Who doesn’t love spending time outside on a sunny day?  However, sometimes backyard furniture is quite expensive, and it doesn’t seem like a realistic choice to buy something beautiful for the outdoor space. … Read more

How To Design a Tiny House Shipping Container: 5 Projects

stacked shipping containers

When people think of how to design a tiny house, they usually think of the traditional tiny-house-on-wheels or a smaller version of a traditional house. But there are many ways you can build a tiny house, both conventional and unconventional. One of these options is container homes. Recently, old shipping containers have become immensely popular … Read more

Easy DIY Furniture Projects -The Most Inspiring DIY Furniture Projects

Easy DIY furniture projects

Making your own furniture is a lot of fun. But, there are also other benefits you can enjoy. Namely, you can save money and avoid purchasing off-the-shelf furniture. Often, this is generic and boring. Instead, you can be resourceful and use materials you already have in the house, as well as repurposing old furniture you … Read more

How To Build A Tiny House With Plenty Of Storage

Storage for tiny houses

Living in a tiny house has many benefits – whether it’s the low costs to build or maintain them, or the ability to move from place to place with ease. But not every aspect of tiny house living is perfect. And sometimes there can be difficulties. One of the most talked-about issues with tiny house … Read more